Film Analysis “The Cider House Rules”

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The Cider House Rules takes place during World War II. The story opens in a New England orphanage in the early 1940s, where Dr. Wilbur Larch takes a particular interest in young Homer Wells after he is returned for a second time by adopting parents. Because His first foster parents thought he was too quiet and the second parents beat him. Knowing that a twice returned orphan has no chance of being selected again, Larch starts teaching Wells the basics of the medical profession.

Under Larch’s instruction, Homer comes to be a very competent doctor, delivering babies and performing abortions. Dr. Larch will only perform abortions to women who were rape or some other unwanted form. While Homer will perform an abortion to anyone with no discrimination of age, the abortions need to seem morally and justly right. However, Homer refuses to assist Dr. Larch with the illegal abortions that he performs on the side. This caused Homer to leave from the orphanage. Lt. Wally Worthington, an air force pilot, brings his girlfriend Candy to St.

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Cloud for an abortion. Homer, not so sure he wants to live out his life at the orphanage or be a doctor decides to go with them when they leave, hoping to see the world. Leaves with them and goes to work on Wally’s family apple farm picking apples, living in a shack with migrant workers. Then later on Wally leaves to fight in World War II Homer and Candy have an affair. As for the result for that Wally’s plane is shot down and he is paralyzed from the waist down. When he returns home, Candy takes care of him and leaves Homer.

Then later in the movie Rose, a field worker at the orchard who works with Homer, becomes pregnant and her father, Mr. Rose turns out to be the father of her unborn child. And then Homer must perform an abortion for her because Rose doesn’t want to have the baby. Later on Mr. Rose makes another move toward his daughter trying to rape her again that she stabs him and runs away. Then Homer finds Mr. Rose dying and asks the other workers and him to tell the police that his death was a suicide.

At the end of the movie Homer decides to return to the orphanage after Larch’s death from inhaling an ether overdose, and works as the new director. Also Homer learns at the end of the film that Larch had faked his medical record to keep him out of the war, and later made fake credentials for Homer in order to convince the board overseeing the orphanage to appoint him as the next director. Conclusion For me the movie The Cider House Rules was a really sad movie. It showed me how little children suffer and go through with out their parents.

Showed how back in the days abortion was illegal. The way I felt about the movie is that I found it interesting and inspirational. While watching the movie it made me feel sad because in the movie it shows you all those children in the orphanage, adultery, war, and the abortion. This movie is really great it shows you how back in the day abortion was illegal and how dangerous it was to do if you didn’t do it with a professional. I would recommend this movie to everybody especially the women’s who want to go through abortion.

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