Film Narrtive and Film Form Analysis on Gridiron Gang

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This essay was critically analyzed on the aspect of narrative and couple aspect of form based on the film, “Gridiron Gang”.

A narrative is a form of message that tells in particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events and presented in writing form, drama, cinema, radio programs and television programs. A narrative are often build together in a linear fashion way, giving the audience better understanding on the reason why it happens, the cost and effects and also the behaviour of the characters in the story.This particular film that I would be analyzing is based on a true story, “Gridiron Gang” and was directed by Phil Joanou and was written by Jeff Maguire based on the documentary film which also known as Gridiron Gang (Levy 2008). This particular film was released at the following year of 2006.

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The first original documentary film of Gridiron Gang was made by a filmmaker, Lee Stanley (Levy 2008).The plot of this film has given a standard cinematic iconography which portrait a message how a world would prefer that a young offender would not darken their pristine public school doorways and facilities. The entire film is mostly based on only one perspective view of the story which is through the eyes of Sean Porter, the main character of the film, this format is also known as Film Noir. The director tries to tell the whole film in a different point of view, which is Sean Porter’s loving and believing towards the kid’s view.

The development of plot within the film was well organized; it has a decent construction of a conflict, leading it up by a climax and then a conclusion. Taking the character Willie Weathers for an example, his story began while his was out with his cousin Roger Weathers. As for the first conflict, he joins his so call friends who are in gangs to steal something at the first starting scene. Follow up by the climax which is when he tried to redeem him self for the mistake he had done and got him into juvenile by playing football.

As for the conclusion, he then make into a famous football team and have full scholarship to play for them. This film has done well on the classic Hollywood narrative mode demands, which is the development of characters, the clarity of the story, the unity of connections between the cause and effects and especially the closure whereas the film tend to loosen up and answer all the unresolved question. As for this film, it uses a very basic Hollywood Narrative film style structure.At the beginning of the film, the narrator also known as diegestic narrator (narrated by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as his also an actor within the film itself) has stated indirectly about the main point of the film and the certain conflicts that would happen through out the film which in this case is Act one of the narrative structure, as his statements were about how many teenagers have involve in gang members, some got kill and got them arrested and sending them to juvenile.

The protagonist of film was mainly focus on the young teenagers that as they believe that they are not guilty to begin with, and they are just kids that have made several wrong decisions in life. On another hand, the film has directed the antagonists play by the society itself. This is because the films hints the audiences saying that it was not the child that is bad in actions but it was rather the society that forces them and influences them to becoming one that murders, steals, assaults and batters. As for the introduction of characters, the director has deliver it in an indirectly order.

As an example, the character Willie Weathers was slowly indirectly introduce right after the getting together with Roger who turns out to be Willie’s cousin. As for the act two of the narrative structure, the film has presented it during the opening crimes on the stolen bike and during the football matches. The opening stolen bike scene is a major hint of impact upon the development of character Willie Weathers, as he has turn out completely 360 degrees in end in terms of the development of the character, changing himself from the murdering gang member into a flawless football player.Act three of the narrative structure within the film was presented at almost the end of the film which was during the last football practice when Willie Weathers manage to knock down Sean Porter.

This scene was one of the series events that bring to a conclusion saying that Willie will successfully tackle his opponent next time. Besides that, there was another scene which is also a series of events that bring to a conclusion. This scene was when Willie Weathers chose to save his team-mate rather than the one he calls “hommie” or “brother”.Therefore this event has showed clearly also that how his character would develop into a better man.

As for narration, certain dialogs that were repeated throughout the film, like “you all now are losers… but if you were to accept The Mustang challenge, I promise you by the end of this, you would be winners” and etc, was actually the real dialogs that have been use overtimes in the real life during Sean Porter’s coaching.

As always these words are important in either life or during sports, the right motivation words would really make a different towards the outcome of game or future.As for the composition of the film, through out the film the director tends to capture the film by using an urban town area to portrait how the teenagers are grew up and what are the possible influences that might have made them for what they are today. The lighting and the colour of the space was constantly using a plain deserted kind of look, giving the audiences a sense of emptiness. The mood that the director was tend to create for this film were the sense of pity for the teenagers, and wanting us to give them another chances in life.

Surprisingly the flaws, imperfections and glitches of the young offenders was all deserted aside consistently throughout the film and rather their strong points were heavily emphasize bringing a sort of superficial saying that “Everybody has goodness inside and everybody should have a second chances”. There was also another point where shows how the young offenders were downplayed in the film were that not a single comment has mention about the dangers of dealing or taking crack and drug. There wasn’t much relation towards studying and schooling.The whole effects film has practically editing well through slow motion captures and also silent out all the other sounds, leaving the selective character have his moment to shine.

As for the non diegestic elements which here in this film the music that are constantly played to fill up the mood of hope, suspense and tears for the audiences. The director has composed it well in terms of the narrative – fabula and syuzhet as the entire film was delivered through 125min; yet it still manages to tell whole the important life changing moment in the Camp for the selective teenagers.As for the background of the characters within the film are told indirectly towards the audiences through out the film. For an example, review of the character by the name ‘BUG’ was shown indirectly as Xzbit the actor within the movie describe how he got himself arrested while having a conservation with Dwayne the actor.

Back to basics of this film, “Gridiron Gang” was actually all about an experimental football program at a California youth detention centre.The aspects of editing and compositions were rather common but yet the storyline and the plot were delivers well by giving a positive impact towards the audiences. This film was not really much a grand statement about sports but it’s rather a mirror that reflects the real life and also to remind the real world’s responsibilities. This film would describe how our real world is, while stating that nothing is can be perfect.

As the main message within the film “Gridiron Gang” serves its purpose saying that is not the failure or success that counts, it is the attempts to try and learn its mistake that counts.

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