Elizabeth The Film Research Paper Film

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Historical Time of the Film: 1552 – Mid 16th century.

Historical Place Setting of the Film: England

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Subject of the Film: How Elizabeth managed to derive the throne through convulsion, and so keep it through even greater struggle and resistance.

Greatest Surprise of the Film: The attending to item and the symbolism employed to do the narrative richer than any other period piece. The book was besides really good written, and really good paced doing the film much more gratifying to watch because it was interesting and did non drag.

Historical Fictional characters Prioritized: Elizabeth I, Duke of Leicester, Sir William Cecil, Walsingham, Duke of Norfolk, Mary Queen of Scots, and the Vatican, assorted possible suers to Elizabeth I.

Understanding Clarified Which Would Not Be Achieved Through Reading Alone: Elizabeth ’ s political battles greatly affected her personal life. Bing a passionate adult female did non do this easy, and she was forced to give up much, even love, for her regulation and her province.

Drumhead: The movie Elizabeth is set in 1552, mid 16th century, when a displacement in power is about to happen in the British Empire. The girl of Henry VIII and one of his many headless brides, Elizabeth was non merely outcast because of this, but because of her Protestant spiritual beliefs and associations. Her half sister Mary, along with her sister ’ s hubby Philip II of Spain, ruled the English Empire at this clip. They were both rigorous to the Catholic religion and when they felt the menace of their Protestant relation. They had her arrested and brought to the Tower of London for question, and hopefully a confession of faithless unorthodoxy. But in a bend of events, Mary dies without giving manner to subscribing Elizabeth ’ s decease warrant. Suddenly a “ Protestant heretic ” is upon the throne of England. So Elizabeth I, of the house of Tudor, begins her regulation of the English Empire on a rickety terms. With the likes of the Duke of Norfolk and up even to every bit high as the Vatican itself, plotting against the new Queen, and Elizabeth ’ s personal enterprises perplexing her regulation, Elizabeth must take sagely in her actions so non to lose her throne or her caput. Biding by the advice of her sure advocate including her lover, the Duke of Leicester, Sir William Cecil, her lone existent male parent figure, and her adviser and escort Walsingham, Elizabeth tried to convey her regulation and her province to order. In the terminal, Elizabeth has to give her love and her personal life to hone her regulation. She becomes “ The Virgin Queen ” and does non get married, alternatively get marrieding the province and governing the state with all her concentration.

Review of the Film: I thought Elizabeth was an astonishing movie, portion period piece, portion power battle, portion love narrative. This movie has the elements of a authoritative movie. It is, as a whole, concentrating, accurate, and educational.

Play the Role of a Reviewer for the New Yorker: Consider:

( a ) What was left out? Much of Elizabeth ’ s latter regulation was left out, alternatively the movie opted to state the narrative behind her rise to power, and he she finally gained a bridgehead on her power, procuring herself as “ The Virgin Queen ” of England. Other things that were left out were Elizabeth ’ s formative old ages as a kid, although both of these truly had small significance or bearing on the narrative that was being told in this movie.

( B ) What was inaccurate? Nothing that I saw was non basal

vitamin D on facts or wholly accurate. The book was extremely researched as good all of the elements to the movie were. Costumes and sets were absolutely in cheque with the clip period. Language was besides really accurate with the times. I would state that much attending to detail and truth was paid towards all elements of this movie. This gives the movie a historical unity while besides doing it really interesting and entertaining. This did non experience like a deadening Merchant – Ivory film. To me, this movie was a sort of Goodfellas of the 16th century.

( degree Celsius ) Were decisions drawn non warranted by the facts? Yes, as a character, Elizabeth wanted to govern England every bit passionately as she ruled her ain personal life old to the throne. She besides thought that the really same personal life would stay during her regulation. Elizabeth learned that this was far more hard than she had of all time imagined, in the terminal doing the hard determination to go “ The Virgin Queen ” to procure her regulation, and unluckily stop her personal life.

( vitamin D ) How would you “ do ” the movie? I don ’ t know that I would alter from this movie really. I am pretty certain, in my sentiment that this movie plant and is approximately every bit perfect as it can be. It has the balance of narratives in it between ; her love life, her spiritual beliefs, her battle against suers, and her opposition to disdainful “ nobles. ” I loved the lighting and the filming. The duologue was fantastic, as were the sets and costumes. The playing was faultless, the performing artists pulling really magnetic public presentations. Particularly Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth. She was everything the sovereign was written to be and more.

( vitamin E ) Did the Positives Outweigh the Negatives in Footings of:

1. Techniques of Presentations? Yes, the techniques employed in this movie were really adept. The filming and lighting were perfect, both dark yet rich. The screenplay placed importance on maintaining the secret plan stop uping along, every bit good as giving the characters true deepness. The symbolism was heavy but non bumbling, adding nuances to scenes and doing the movie more explainable.

2. Substance? The substance was good and really interesting, and made for a fantastic movie presentation. The movie was at no point drilling or dull, and at every minute you cared about what would go on to the sympathetic characters as a consequence of their battles. That ’ s what makes a movie good.

3. Consequences? A great book, concentrated way, superb lighting and filming, etc. all helped do the movie really good. But the nucleus of this movie is decidedly the emotion. The playing was fantastic and the narrative was nil short of great. These were the Black Marias of the movie.

Recommendations for Future Use of this Movie: This films gives astonishing penetration into what royalty have to travel through. It was enlightening about the spiritual battles in Europe in the 16th century, every bit good as the overall battle for power the throne causes. The movie brings much attending to the thought of corruptness and treachery, particularly those you really much love and trust. The movie focuses on the thought of forfeit. Elizabeth had to give her ain personal life in the terminal in order to procure her regulation and remain queen of England. She symbolically cut her hair and became “ The Virgin Queen, ” make up one’s minding to ne’er once more allow adult male or love affair get in the manner of the throne. Did she genuinely want to make this, or was it merely a necessary immorality? All that we are told is that she remained at the throne for another 40 old ages after this movie ends, and that her regulation is considered England ’ s “ Golden Age. ”

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