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The Contemporary Vision of Gender and Equality

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  • Pages 4
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                In the current state of today’s era, the society is seemingly facing different issues which are confronting by different individuals’ everyday. There are issues with regards to gay marriages, animal rights, life threatening diseases, stress, family, school and etc. However, people are seemingly conquering these issues one by one in order to create a much better society which would not cause aggravation to the next generation.

                One of the most relevant topics which must be given proper attention is the timely issue which is facing the gay community. It is known that equality is what a democratic country must uphold. It is the rights of every individual that is being prioritized. However, the issue of equality and ethics is one the most important questions which must be answered by the society today. During the time of the late sixties, Harvey Milk was able to go through the needle in reaching to a respectable position in order to represent the gay community. Currently, the gay community is slowing provided the right to be open to the public thus, they are given the freedom to express their selves without being judged or terminated from their work. It seems that the society is very open with the thought that gay people are equal to individuals who chose to be heterosexuals. Therefore, many officials and civil organizations, non-governmental organizations and the likes pursue that the rights of the LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, trans-genders) are serious with regards to bringing equality to legality. Moreover, the government of the United States and basing on the speech provided by President Barack Obama is currently seeing the need for equality attained for every person in the United States what ever kind of gender the person prefers. (Cahill, 2009)

                Gender equality is an issue which must be given focus by the society at this current day of age for the reason that gender is in the middle of being the context of equality and social morality. For many conservatives and traditionalists, the only genders they see are male and female. Although technically there are only two types of genitals known to the people, physicality of the individual is first viewed but the deeper reasons for homosexuality is viewed similarly. As many of the popular sociologists as well as psychologists stated, homosexuality is not sickness but a condition which still confuses many but through the enlightenment of many studies it is found out that it is not a disease.

                With the different views and opinions of other people around many had been confused of what or what should not be done by the authorities regarding gender equality with the LGBTs. They are known to have the same issues as well as concerns as heterosexual individuals except that they have different sexual preference therefore; they all have the same emotions and needs like other people have. Therefore, the research is intended to make people understand the view of homosexuals with regards to equality while understanding the perspective of the heterosexuals. (Baker, 2002)

    Research Design

                In the study which will be conducted by the researcher, qualitative method will be utilized to be able to explain the society’s view on the issue of gender equality. While in the process of capturing the perspective of the people, recording of the data gathered will be documented. The documentation such as conversations with other individuals will be utilized in order to form a valid questionnaire that would encompass all the true statement of each individual. In addition to this, various studies from the past and future would screen such that the information that was known in the past would be utilized in order for the new study to be supplemented by historical facts and the progression or the regression of developments with regards to the topic.

                A quantitative method of the study would be inappropriate for the reason that the view of the society could not be fully equated by computations but rather an explanation of their side is needed. Different views of the issues are known to be present thus; such will be explained during the course of the research. Different data from different organizations such as the government and private organization is presented for the study of this subject to be unbiased.

    Research Methods

                In order to recognize that the current status of the society regarding the matter of gender equality, the researcher will be creating a questionnaire concerning the issue of gender through the view of different individuals as they answer the forms. The forms would be analyzed mostly on the comments which willing individuals to answer. In addition to this, interviews with the significant individuals must be done such as the leaders and members of the LBGT community. The most important persons would be the individuals who chose to live and face the daunting eyes of the society. This research is in need of real stories from individuals who had known the feeling of being rejected and hated by the society due to their chosen life style. The interview would be recorded and transcripted in order for the readers to read the exchange of words that the researcher and the interviewee.

                Accordingly, other studies with regards to such topic will be viewed. Different writings of Judith Butler, Michel Foucault and other writers would be utilized to view the contemporary vision of gender. The media is also seen in this research as the most important factor such that its influence and its message to the people of what gender equality will be analyzed. Different television shows, movies and the likes would be investigated as a proof of the power of media with the views of people with homosexual relationships. Thus, interview with a media personality could be a good option for the researcher.


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