Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Women Empowerment
Gender divide had long been evident in the pages of history. Yes, we were then boxed in a culture where women are just but silhouette behind a pro- male gender society. Women were never regarded to be equally capacitated, strong and able as compared with men. Women were irrationally born as servants and die as servants for the benefit of men.

We have reached a milestone for a breakthrough paving the way for gender parity. There no longer exist “man over women” standard; and if there still is, that will just be upon individual choices. Today, it is just a nightmare from yesterday’s dream.

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We are in a millenium where women excellence is rapidly outgrowing in any field of specialization. Shining in every facet of human experience, women are definitely surviving in their struggle for gender equality. Gone are the days that women are just limited in the private spheres watching the society move its own feet; we are in the age where women drive the wheels.

Our society, in its continuing progress and development, is simultaneously abound with more and more problems popping out in a heartbeat. Thus, relevant to the state of nature where we belong today, where majority of the people are striving instead of living, where poverty, disasters and crimes are what decorate our society, it therefore requires citizens well- equipped with all competence to deal with the complicated society. Thus, women empowerment is deemed necessary for everyones’ survival in this world of struggle.

It is for everyone to realize, not exempting those who disregard the abilities of women, that we are all born with distinct- structured yet equally important skills and abilities designed by our Creator that befits best with our society. Women, for fairness’ sake, must never be taken for granted. Each of us has our own share of blessing and is not limited only to man.

As soon as the world openned its doors for women and as soon as they
unwrapped their capacities, women empowerment was unstoppable. All it took was for the society to provide a way for them to discover what they can do and how far they can go. It proved its worth as it reached its height in the actualization of performance. Its importance is evident on how women made use of the opportunity to be a part of the society. They come affront when it comes to involvement either in private or public life- in leadershship in particular . They never fail, as early as the society accepted their role, to show that excellence is defined as women. They created a force which contiunuosly help the society rebuild when it needs rebuilding and strenghten when it weakens.

Surprisingly, women are far more than what one has expected. Their value has not been limited to self- satisfaction. In fact, the unified numbers of them is proved to have been a great help in the alleviation of human life. They gave birth to a brand new way of leadership which was then least expected of them. In the past we were bound to believe that physical strenght is all it takes to attain good governance, that women are never capable of doing any significance in the world. However, after a long fight in the part of women of proving self- worth, who would have thought that we will reach this age of women leadership where the whole world depends upon their excellence?

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