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Gender Equality Solution



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    It’s exhausting for a person to have multiple roles on daily basis, it is difficult to balance work and your home duties if you are a woman. Sharing house load is extremely important to having a successful marriage, for example, I and my husband share our house chores equally depending on how many hours he works, and it works perfectly fine. Sharing house chores equally is very helpful because not only we have a successful marriage but also it helps us not get stressed out. Balancing home and work together we both manage to have more time to our children, ourselves and as couples, which is very important to have when being married.

    This is an example how difficult for a woman to stay in the workforce because women’s have multiple jobs which are home, attend our children, attend our husband, and house chores plus cooking how exhausting to come home do all this after work. Not only are your drained mentally but also physically what personal time do a woman have for herself none. This is one of main reasons why women sometimes don’t last in workforce is tiring to continue with the same routine every day.

    She states there is “190 heads of state, nine are women. Of all the people in parliament in the world, 13 percent are women.” (pg. 1). In other words, she is saying that statics prove there is not enough women that make it to the top. In article Sheryl Sandberg state “we also have another problem, which is that women face harder choices between professional success and personal fulfillment.” “A recent study in the US showed that, of married senor two-third of married men had children and only one-third of married women had children.” (pg.1) she means as I mention above mainly women have multiple jobs besides work that is one of the reasons women don’t make it to the top knowingly that top jobs are more demanding, long hours and it will be more difficult to be able to take care of home duties and be a nurturing mom and wife.

    Women also face discrimination at work with pay gap according to Nikki Graft in the article “The narrowing, but persistent, gender gap in pay” she states “In a 2017 Pew Research Center survey, about four-in-ten working women (42%) said they have experienced gender discrimination at work, compared with about two-in-ten men (22%) who said the same. One of the most commonly reported forms of discrimination focused on earnings inequality. One-in-four employed women said they have earned less than a man who was doing the same job.” In other words she means there is inequality between women and men even when we do the same job and duties. There are multiple solutions to fix this overload women have so we be able to and share top positions and have more women making it to the top and have power.

    To achieve for women to make it to the top and have equally share house chores and have equally at work first solution is we need to change mentality and view the workforce and how we view women. Solution two creating equally at home with others and at work, solution three changing our daughters mentally different than from the past, making them stronger and be tougher and not to worry about anyone’s opinion to speak their minds, being less sensitive. According to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie book “We Should All Be Feminists” she says we spend too much time teaching girls to worry what boys think of them. But the reverse is not the case. We don’t teach boys to care about being likeable. We spend too much time telling girls that they cannot be angry or aggressive or tough, (pg. 24).

    Solution one first we need to change the worlds mentally and view of women we are still equal with men for those women who are in the workforce. According to Rosa Brooks in the article “Recline” she states, “If we truly want gender equality, we need challenge the assumption that more is always better, and the assumption that men don’t suffer as much as women when they’re exhausted and have no time for family or fun.” (pg.7). She claims that to have gender equality, she is saying that we need to change our perspective that men and women struggle equally and so they both need make their family. This solution helps with how women are view, and we change this by women advocating equality between men and women,

    Second solution; another thing is we need to have partners at home and work to be fair. According to Rosa Brooks in the article “Recline” “If we’re going to fight the culture of workplace ubiquity, and parallel and equally pernicious culture of intensive parenting, we need to do it together, and we need to bring our husbands and boyfriends and male colleagues along, too” (pg.8) What she is saying here is we need to create true partnership, by sharing equal responsibility at home and at work. We need to be team players at home and work, being a team

    Helps us work efficiently better and being successful not only at work but anywhere. At work it can be working on the same goal and home helping one another with chores and having the goal to be stressed free and living a healthy lifestyle.

    The final solution is that we need to raise our daughters stronger and carless about anyone’s opinions to be less sensitive and have more confidence in their selves so when they grow to be young women they will be strong and confident. According to article “Why There Aren’t More Women Leaders” Sheryl Sandberg says “Believe in yourself and negotiate for yourself. Own your own success” (pg. 3). What she means that we need to be strong and be able to feel confident and secure of ourselves to be able to have power, this again leads to raising our daughter stronger and confident, so they can be powerful as they get older. Why we women need to be powerful and stronger and confident? Because women need to surpass all this inequalities that is happening at work and anywhere in the world of men and to find a partner that she can have equal partnership, so she can also be successful in a workforce. Not being afraid to advocate for equally at work.

    Some people think that women are not being discriminated, there are women who make it to the top. Which I admit is true because there are powerful women that run business and have good careers and get paid well. In the article “Women in the Work Force” George Guilder states “From 1972 to 1985 women’s share of professional jobs increased from 44 to 49 percent and their share of ‘management’ jobs nearly doubled growing from 20 to 36 percent. According to George Guilder article he is saying that women’s opportunity has increased and there are management jobs that women can work. Women can work the same long hours as men be able to make decisions as men do. But sometimes its difficult for women to take challenging jobs not because they are unable to do it but because they may be single moms or have multiple jobs and its tiring for them. According in the article of “The narrowing, but persistent, gender pay gap” she states “Family caregiving responsibilities, particularly motherhood, can lead to interruptions in career paths for women and can have an impact on long-term earnings. “once again this lead to women have multiple jobs and its challenging for a woman to take demanding jobs due to all this jobs woman have besides work.

    Women can achieve their dreams, by finding solutions, with having or creating equal partnership, raisings our daughter differently and making them stronger and confident, and changing the way women are viewed. Ladies I proposed to you to follow this solution or find a solution to empower yourselves and live a healthy life styles stressed free we all deserve it we work hard and have earned.

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