The Controversy of the Debate on the Importance of Multicultural Equality and Intellectual Quality

By the end of the cold war, a new topic arose that sparked debate and controversy everywhere throughout the world. The Canon Wars, which split between the two sides, diversity/equality and bias/quality It asks the question whether the past fifty years has contributed to intellectual life efficiently enough as in the past as we delve deeper into multicultural diversity in mediums such as books and literature I believe that evolving into a more diverse and accepting society and community is worth the slowing down of the white man‘s biased intellectual advancement. “ The Closing of the American Mind, “ by Allan Bloom, spoke about how multiculturalism and abandoning the Western canon has dumbed down many universities.

Talking about how things such as rock music and other unnecessary activities has slowly destroyed the perfect universities in the past. This statement gave way to one of the largest controversial debates for university literature in the world. This is the battle between equality and quality, Traditionalists believe that the old ways were best and there was no need for any of these social changes. They think that when we put all of our effort into these kinds of unneeded things, that we lose our hundreds of years of continued quality advancement on true intellectual life However, as time goes on we see that the traditionalists start losing the fight.

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Multiculturalists believe that the new ways are improving our “ old, biased, white rich men’s only,” system in the past. The evolution of equal standings and equality outweighs whatever slowed intellectual life advancements the traditionalists thinkt Our world is turning more and more multicultural and freedom and we should keep it that way. Multiculturalism is not about the ultimate halt of intellectual life but that equality is priorityt Both arguments can more or less be seen as a right answer because neither of them have purely bad intentions, Recently, it seems that the multiculturalists are outweighing the traditionalists and that’s a good thing Although I think that constant intellectual advancements in literature is great, I still believe that the new multiculturalism ways are one of the most important aspects a society and community should prioritize as we head into the future.

One of the main criticisms of multicultural education is that it can lead to a dilution of academic standards. Critics argue that educators may be more focused on promoting diversity and inclusivity than on teaching rigorous academic content. They also argue that multicultural education can lead to a “watering down” of curricula, as educators try to incorporate as many cultures and perspectives as possible. Proponents of multicultural education argue that it can actually enhance academic rigor and intellectual quality. They argue that exposure to diverse perspectives and cultures can broaden students’ understanding and critical thinking skills. By understanding different cultural perspectives, students can develop a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the world.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the debate on the importance of multicultural equality and intellectual quality continues to be a contentious issue in education and society. While some argue that multicultural education is essential for promoting equality and combating racism, others argue that it can be divisive and may undermine academic rigor. Ultimately, it is up to educators and policymakers to strike a balance between promoting multiculturalism and maintaining high academic standards.

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