The Creative World of Art

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One way through which people can express themselves is through art. Art holds an essential position in the in the history of communication, messages that range from political, spiritual ,educational and such like have been conveyed through art over the ages. At the foundation of any artistic work is the intention of passing a message and making sure that the receiver understands what you intended to be understood. While art has passed some of the heaviest messages what is essential is that it does pass them in a softer manner. Since my child hood I have developed creativity when it comes to art and the person who has been my inspiration is Leonardo da Vinci.

Social interactions have been at the center of my interest for art and since my first desire, I have never looked back. I remember when I was young I would often see a friend draw some pictures that were amazing and would get attracted. At first, we would identify someone in class who we thought had some funny appearance and try to draw them. I remember our day couldn’t be complete unless we had drawn a teacher; we loved drawing teachers. We made sure that we drew every teacher that we interacted with. As we continued drawing some of our classmates and teachers, I realized that the images were not as perfect as I would wish them to be .As for me, this kept me thinking and I started to find out how to bring the best of the images. Therefore, it was through learning to share with others our various materials that I gained the interest to perfect my art. Some of my friend’s pieces of art were so excellent and every day my desire would be how to make perfect drawings like those of my friends, something that was close to what they had.

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As I grew older I got hear of the famous piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci, and that is the Mona Lisa drawing. I never imagined that a drawing could make it to the halls of fame, since I knew that one could only draw for fun. However in as much as one drew for fun I came to realize that art could become a source of living. My desire to be creative and come up with a work that is out standing was fueled by the realizations that I had about the work of the great artist Leonardo. I would hear how some of his works would be highly priced. To help me reach the standards that I wanted was a cousin of mine who was perfect in drawing.

While my cousin helped me lay the foundation, art education has been essential in enhancing my creativity. My cousin engaged me in art activities and this was essential in my development. Through him I was able to learn eye and hand coordination. I remember I started out with crayons but through his efforts I later moved on to use markers and later paint brushes. At the initial stages, my cousin was helpful in mentoring me and I was able to develop control and this would turn out to help me even in writing later in life. Despite that, art education has been essential in helping me improve my creativity.

Throughout my journey to creativity, education is something that I have highly appreciated. After my desire being boosted by the success of Leonardo’s works, I started to seek to learn about art for I knew that it would in the long run help me achieve full creative and economic potential. With the little education that I had now started to seek, I was now able to put things together and in new ways. Through this I now started to become an artist who could value the role that productive failure started to play in my progress. With Leonardo being my inspiration my magic words has always been what he said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. By climbing the ladder of education I can witness that I am daily improving my skills, and just like Leonardo I wish to enter and era where my drawings will be a part of my legacy. What I do not wish to grow into is an artist who will be credited as a master of producing Leonardo’s works but I desire to be an inspiration to another person who will come after me by remaining original. Through education, I can agree that I have moved from being an active observer of any art work to a point of being able to mix paint and prepare surfaces.

While creativity might not necessarily be art, on the other hand art is creativity. From being triggered by small plays that we had when we were growing, something that can be said to be the most useless of reason for someone to love art, I have never looked back when it comes to art. Since that time I have developed to appreciate and get inspiration from the world of men like Leonardo da Vinci. Artists who have grew to be a sensation to the world. From crayons to paint brushes through the help of a cousin, I have continued to hold the paint brushes never to draw back. The creative world of art has got no boundaries it can stretch as far as ones thoughts can stretch and I am ready to stretch.

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