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The Crucible And Guilty By Suspicion

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Essay, Research Paper

The Crucible & A ; Guilty by Suspicion Essay Imagine the experiencing 1 must hold if all they of all time knew or loved was torn off from themin an blink of an eye as a consequence of an untrue edict. This is the feeling that John Proctor, the maincharacter from the drama, The Crucible, experienced as he was doing of import decisionsaffecting his life during the Salem Witch Trials. Another character, David Merle, from the film, Guilty by Suspicion, experienced the same feelings as he became involved in the American RedScare.

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The Crucible And Guilty By Suspicion
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Both of these characters underwent a crucible, therefore they both experienced a terrible test ortest. In my sentiment, I believe that John Proctor faced a more hard battle compared to DavidMerle. In John Proctor s state of affairs, John was convicted by the theocracy, a authorities ofofficials regarded as divinely inspired, of holding traffics with the Satan.

He was subsequently given achance to salvage his life by squealing to holding traffics with the Satan. John now had two choicesto make, this was his crucible. He could either attest to the authorities that he had traffics withthe Satan, which would be a prevarication, or he could attest to the authorities that he was guiltless tocompacting with the Satan, which would be the truth. Consequences of Proctor lying would be hislife saved, his household being saved, maintaining his ownerships and occupation, but losing his dignity.Consequences of Proctor stating the truth would be a hanging to his decease, but being done withkeeping his unity. In David Merle s state of affairss, David has been called upon by the House Committee onUn-American Affairs to attest about his dealingss to the Communist party. David now had twochoices to do, this was his crucible. He could either attest to the American Government thatcertain friends of his are Communists, which would be a prevarication, or he could attest that he is non aCommunist, and non imply his friends by giving their names out. Consequences of Merlelying would be maintaining his normal life, occupation, and ownerships, he would be directing a new movie, passing more clip with his boy, but non maintaining his unity. Consequences of Merle stating thetruth would be traveling to imprison, loss of occupation and ownerships, being

denied the right to work and gain a

life, a loss of friends, but all with maintaining his self-respect. Both of these characters are now being faced with a hard state of affairs ; they both need tomake determinations that will impact the result of their lives. What factors will these two characterstake into consideration while contemplating their determinations. Some people will take their familyand calling over award, while others will make frailty versa. In turned out that John Proctor decided totell the truth ; he was hanged to his decease and lost all that he loved. David Merle made the samedecision ; he was sent to prison and lost his household, friends, and calling. Both of these characterstold the truth because they thought of their unity to be paramount over all other factors. John Proctor faced the more hard battle in my sentiment because he had to do agreater forfeit to maintain his unity, his life. But why is it of import for an person to keeptheir unity? To understand unity, one must besides understand faultlessness. Impeccabilitymeans that every action one takes, every communicating one says, must be with the purpose toperfectly align with the individual that one wishes to go or are in the procedure of becoming.Impeccability so leads to unity. Integrity is the byproduct of faultlessness. Integrity meansthat one s actions are aligned with this absolutely balanced facet of who one is. Integrity is theidea of walking one s talk, remaining in the bosom, and non being afraid of being one s full ego even ifone thinks it may ache another. Integrity is of import to maintain because it is the lone thing that onepossesses that defines their full life ; it is the prototype of pride. If one loses their unity, theirlife is non deserving life ; the definition of their being has vanished. Society can profit whenthey observe a quandary like John Proctor s or David Merle s. When an happening like thesehappen, the results serve as a tool to reenforce the unity of all citizens. When people see thesacrifices these people made to maintain their pride, they develop an grasp for them becausethey want to be merely like them, being confident about their unity.


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