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There are more than 200 national economic systems involved in the competition of finish market and as of 2006 universes authoritiess have exceeded its outgos US $ 1,480 billion to do their provinces as finish trade name ( Balakrishnan, 2008 ) . This literature reappraisal aims to place and analyze the positive impact of the touristry in Dubai with exceptional position of cordial reception industry. Historically Dubai is important touristry finishs for universe category comfort to tourers ( Steiner, 2010 ) and touristry in Dubai has farther impacted the cordial reception industry in Dubai. It is reported that touristry is an built-in portion for economic growing of Dubai ( Lee & A ; Jain, 2009 ) as this industry accounts for 1.2 per cent of entire GDP and the combined impact is expected to number 11.6 per cent in 2005 ( Ryan & A ; Stewart, 2009 ) and the development made in Dubai is assisting the authorities to pull more tourer to go to Dubai ( Henderson, 2006 ) . This survey has aim to place touristry as turning industry in Dubai while besides discoursing the increasing importance of the sector and its positive impact on the cordial reception industry caused by increasing publicity of touristry.

The Importance of Turning Tourism Industry in Dubai

Tourism as an Industry

Tourism is comprised of persons ‘ activities to go and remain outside their usual lasting topographic points for one consecutives twelvemonth ( Steiner, 2010 ) . In the broader term the industry of touristry means all socio-economic activities that are straight or indirectly involves the proviso of services to tourers ( Henderson, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to the World Tourism Organization ‘s Standard Classification of Tourism Activities, different other sectors are besides associated with the development of touristry industry including Lodges, transit agencies, nutrient and drink, civilization and amusement and finance ( Ryan & A ; Stewart, 2009 ) .

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Tourism Industry in Dubai

The latest study of World Travel and Tourism Council has highlighted Dubai as the most first finish for touristry and besides reveals that the industry of touristry in Dubai has grown to 14 per cent yearly ( Stephenson & A ; Knight, 2010 ) . Over 100 touristry and leisure undertakings are afoot and now the touristry sector histories for about a one-fourth of the Emirate ‘s one-year GDP. To analyze this figure there is demand to measure the touristry industry in Dubai. Dubai is the capital metropolis of the UAE and one of the fastest developing metropoliss ( Walker, 2009 ) . With figure of singular and outstanding tourers ‘ musca volitanss, Dubai has been the most popular finish for tourers. In add-on, Dubai is besides considered as hub of all touristry activities in Gulf while economic system of Dubai majorly depends on touristry ( Henderson, 2006 ) . Since big figure of tourers and travellers from different portion of the universe through Dubai for leisure intents, this inclination of tourers has of course led to increase the demand for the services of cordial reception industry and supplying different occupation chances in Dubai ( Richard, 2008 ) . However, the industry of touristry and cordial reception is already good developed as a consequence of big figure of travellers sing the metropolis the authorities is strategizing to more develop these industries ( O’Connor, 2010 ) . Furthermore, the strategic execution made by the authorities for the development of touristry has unusually impacted the cordial reception industry and this impact has been observed as positive ( Weiermair & A ; Mathies, 2004 ) .

Development in the Tourism Industry in Dubai

The industry of touristry is an of import portion of Dubai ‘s economic growing as consequence of addition flow of foreign hard currency into the state ( Boniface & A ; Cooper, 2009 ) . Dubai possesses a important place in the universe touristry and to keep this place the authorities of Dubai has strategized to more develop and hike other bureaus and industries related to tourism such as cordial reception, banking and finance system and transit ( Marcus, 2010 ) . The authorities realized that in order to reshape the industry the authorities has to mean the wholesome attack for development of Dubai ( Henderson, 2006 ) . To Walker ( 2009 ) , the development of Dubai as tourer finish and concern centre has attracted the cordial reception operators. Furthermore, Dubai besides allures the tourers for its shopping promenades, architectural edifices and Islamic architecture, the authorities besides focuses on the above sectors of the metropolis so that it could keep the sustainable involvement and attending of the tourers for going. In the development of cordial reception industry the hotels and resorts are developed as major portion that helps to advance the touristry in Dubai ( Eisen, 2008 ) . The program of Burj Dubai in Dubai has globalized its cordial reception services by spread outing its housing trade name globally to identify finishs in the Middle East ( Dunbar, 2009 ) .

Impacts of Tourism in Hospitability Sector of Dubai

Social and Cultural impacts

It may be possible that touristry influences the societal and cultural facets of life in specific country depending on the strengths of cultural and faith. The relationship between the cordial reception sector and the tourers can be considered as the chief factor impacting a community as tourers may non be sensitive to domestic clients, traditions and criterions. The positive impacts on the country include the benefits which include:

Domestic community can mix with persons from the different backgrounds with distinguishable life styles which might take through the presentation consequence towards the development of enhanced life styles and executions.

Wide scope of cultural and societal events available for domestic people which include exhibitions, amusement etc.

Enhanced installations for athleticss and leisure developed for the tourers which might be in usage by domestic people

Promoting the young person exchange plans, voluntary work overseas, etc.

Under the visible radiation of above cardinal points, it can be said that Dubai is one of the best tourer finish ( Stephenson, 2010 ) where the constitution of touristry has positive effects on societal and cultural life of the part ( Balakrishnan, 2008 ) .

Economic Impacts

The chief beginning to the success of Dubai is the ability and anticipation of good chances, along with the avoided impregnation of touristry industry by making more beaches, tourer activities etc. The touristry in cordial reception sector within Dubai is increasing at a faster gait without demoing any mark of diminution. The cordial reception industry is assisting in fulfilling the demand of touristry in order to vie across the universe efficaciously. The majority of tourers are accounted for about 20 per centum of hotel invitees and during 2007, cordial reception industry of Dubai received 92,328 tourers from China which was about a 30 five per centum addition per twelvemonth. The economic consequence on the cordial reception sector in touristry of Dubai includes the increased employment degree ( Sharpley, 2008 ) with the increasing development of hotels, increased gross in footings of tourers ‘ reachings in Dubai.

Environmental Impact

In most general footings, the environment has the important and outstanding consequence on the touristry in cordial reception industry within Dubai. There have been major hotel developments in Dubai which widely include the Palm, Dubai Tower, Burj al Arab hotel etc. Furthermore, Dubai has evolved into the major shopping finish along with the Arab traditional civilization which is intended to be expanded ( Sharpley, 2008 ) . The touristry within cordial reception sector means to supply a comforting and comforting environment to the tourers while remaining in hotels of Dubai. The planning construction of Dubai has been working on this position and brought assorted betterments in cordial reception industry which attracts tourers on broad graduated table every twelvemonth ( Lee & A ; Jain, 2009 ) . The positive impacts on environment in Dubai within cordial reception industry may include increased income for saving of assorted installations, promoting the preservation of characteristics etc. Furthermore Dubai land is considered to be the largest subject park across the Earth which is twice the size of Disney land existed in Florida.


This literature reappraisal examined the touristry industry in Dubai and found that with increasing rate of tourers the authorities of Dubai has taken inductions to more develop the sectors and industry associated with the touristry industry ( O’Connor, 2010 ) . Furthermore, in the reappraisal it is found that cordial reception industry is the most wedged sector and this impact has been observed as positive. Dubai offers tourers a absorbing escapade along with five-star leisure installations, attractive beaches, Arabian cordial reception and cultural blend of old and new civilizations ( Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. 2005 ) .

However, there are other sectors that provide growing to tourism but cordial reception has become anchor of the touristry as largely tourers are attracted going to Dubai due to its well developed and appealing cordial reception. It is found that touristry has greatly affected societal, cultural, economic and environment facets of cordial reception. However, the alterations caused by changeless development in the touristry has given new chance to different Fieldss of life, development of hotels, shopping promenades and others have expanded the Arab traditional civilization. As a consequence of such development societal and cultural life of Dubai is besides impacted and due to increasing touristry domestic community gets an chance to mix with people from different backgrounds. Since broad scope of cultural and societal events is arranged in Dubai it leaves a positive impact on the local people of Dubai. Furthermore, increasing growing of touristry has besides impacted the enhanced installations for athleticss and leisure musca volitanss developed for tourers.

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