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The Demerit Point System

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    The Demerit point system is a system when points are added to your drive era’s license, when you are caught doing illegal actions while driving. On you r driving record you don’t lose demerit points, you instead begin with zero a ND gain points depending on the illegal act. The points stay on your driving record for 2 years from the date you received it. The repercussions for gaining these demerit points reflect on how much you have on your driving record With a full driver’s license and you have two to eight points, you will be s .NET a warning letter.

    Nine to fourteen points your license could be suspended d. When you end up with nine to fourteen points you may have to attend an interview to review your driving record. You will have to explain why you license should not be suspended. Fifteen points or more your license will I be automatically suspended for thirty days. The consequence nieces of new drivers are different when you add demerit point . From two to five points you will be sent a warning letter.

    Six to eight your license could be suspended and you may have to attend an interview. Nine or more your license will be suspended for 60 days. In my opinion on I find that the Demerit system is smart and stupid at the Sam e time. It is smart because it is a good way to track down the e bad drivers, to help make the streets of Canada a better and more safer place. The stupid part about the system is that after the two years of avian your demerit points, they get removed.

    This causes bad drivers to r mom the streets again, creating more opportunities for accidents. 2. “Impaired driving means operating a vehicle (including cars, trucks, boats, sin mobiles and afford vehicles) while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. ” I impaired driving is a crime in Canada and there are many consequences. You can lose your license, have your vehicle impounded, need to pay an administrative

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