The Development Of A Conceptual Framework Commerce

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Harmonizing to Ranjit Kumar ( 2005 ) our conceptual model can really be derived from the theoretical model because it is in fact a portion or part of the theoretical model. The theoretical model contains the theories, facets or issues related to your subject of involvement.

However the conceptual model which we derive from the theoretical model is in fact a little part of the theoretical model that we choose to concentrate on since it is our country of involvement or expertness.

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For illustration if we province all the factors which theoretically set up the relationship between birthrate and mortality so it ‘s the theoretical model but if we plan to prove merely one peculiar facet of this theory which is the fright of non endurance so that would be our conceptual model.

Taking my thesis subject in head the theoretical model would be how brands manage to impact client gross revenues and purchasing forms which in itself is a reasonably big country to be explored. It may include the assorted schemes that the trade name uses to sell its merchandises such as particular offers, price reductions, and gifts during a gay season and so on.

Hence how the trade names maintain a loyal client base over a long period of clip such as 5-10 old ages would organize our conceptual model.


Harmonizing to Burns ( 1994: 2 ) “ research is a systematic probe to work out a job ” . If we cite Grinnell ( 1993:4 ) “ research is a structured enquiry that utilizes acceptable scientific methodological analysis to work out jobs and creates new cognition that is by and large acceptable.

Dr C.R.Kothari ( Research Methodology-Research and Methods ) besides mentions the assorted aims and actuating factors for research in his book. Harmonizing to him some of the aims for research may be as follows

Descriptive Research Study – To accurately picture the features of an single, group or state of affairs.

Exploratory Research Study- To go familiar with new phenomena or to derive new penetrations into it.

Diagnostic Research- To find how a thing is related to another or to find the frequence of its happening.

Hypothesis-Testing Research Studies-In this instance the hypothesis of two variables being related is tested.

Of the assorted factors that motivated me to set about research in this subject some of them can be stated as wonder, to derive cognition and to acquire some rational satisfaction.


As we have seen research by definition is a systematic procedure. Hence before undertaking work on my thesis I would wish to name the assorted research schemes as cited by Taylor ( Research Methodology: A usher for research workers in Management and Social Sciences 2006 ) and the research scheme that I plan to set about for the intent of my thesis.

All types of research schemes can be classified into the undermentioned types

Case Studies – A instance survey is non peculiarly easy to specify in a few lines because it incorporates a batch of things and besides some other research schemes such as studies and questionnaires sometimes form a important portion of instance surveies.

Harmonizing to Yin ( 1993 ) “ a instance survey is appropriate when a phenomenon under probe is non readily separated from the context ” .

A instance survey normally involves a batch of inside informations and normally may take a long period of clip before it gets completed. The clip frame may be several months or old ages itself.

A instance survey would normally affect executing extended research or in depth analysis of an organisation or on a smaller graduated table it may affect transporting out research on two or three different sections of the same organisation.

The instance survey may besides include one or all of the other research schemes that we are traveling to hold a expression at now.

Surveys – A study is a technique or scheme of research where the research worker separates out a little part of the full population so that he can transport out a complete study on the sample. The research worker carefully selects the sample maintaining in head that it is the sample that he has chosen that represents the features of the whole population and that the sample would act similar to the population under any circumstance. The intent of study may non be merely to roll up informations about the population in general but besides to place the assorted influencing factors. Questionnaires and questioning techniques are besides employed while set abouting a study. Hence to happen out why consumers prefer a certain trade name over another and why they maintain trueness towards a peculiar trade name is something which could be clarified via personal interviews and questionnaires.

Action Research – Harmonizing to Elliot “ in action research theories are validated through pattern instead than being validated independently and so being applied to pattern ” . An action research is good suited to a individual environment of work where the focal point is largely on turn toing certain issues and bettering work patterns. The most distinguishing characteristic of action research is that in this instance the research is in coaction with the people who are the topics of the research.

Experimental Research Strategy- This scheme of research is used largely in a scientific experiment where the trial topic is made to undergo assorted alterations in environment or may be exposed to other elements to detect the alterations in it. Such sort of research scheme is besides carried out in a societal scientific discipline experiment where the research worker takes the topic and topographic points it in an environment where a few factors at least are in his control so that he can analyze the consequence of a new environment or other such factors on the topic.


Research methodological analysis can be loosely classified into two types which are as follows

Quantitative Research Methodology – Harmonizing to Ranjit Kumar ( 2005 ) it is a research technique which is stiff, structured and predefined and is applicable to phenomena which can be measured in measure. For illustration spelling word trials, numerical trials and so on are quantitative trials.

Qualitative Research Methodology – It is a technique used to mensurate phenomena which can non be measured quantity wise. It is a flexible, unstructured and unfastened research technique. For illustration motivations of a consumer to purchase a peculiar trade name can non be measured in footings of measure and is called motive research which itself is a sub subdivision of qualitative research.

Mixed Methodology – The assorted method methodological analysis as the name suggests is a mixture of the qualitative and quantitative methodological analysiss. It is really normally used in instances where utilizing merely one of the methodological analysiss is non rather possible and where the research schemes used are a mixture of qualitative every bit good as quantitative attack.

As my thesis subject trades with the grounds due to which a consumer stays loyal to a peculiar trade name over a long period of clip hence a assorted methodological analysis attack to research would be more suitable since it deals with human motivations which can non be measured every bit good as aggregation of informations from consumers in the signifier of questionnaires, personal interviews, detecting consumers which are a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research methodological analysiss.

Hence I would be utilizing a assorted methodological analysis research for my thesis.

Therefore now I would wish to briefly depict the informations aggregation methods that I plan to utilize for the intent of research to be carried out for my thesis.

Questionnaires – Harmonizing to Saunders ( 2007 ) “ questionnaires can be used for descriptive or explorative research but non where the research requires a big figure of unfastened ended inquiries ” .

Types of questionnaires could be loosely classified into two types which are

Self administered questionnaire – It includes Internet mediated questionnaire, postal questionnaire and manus delivered questionnaire.

Interviewer administered questionnaire – It includes telephonic questionnaires and questionnaires via structured interviews.

A batch of factors related to my research inquiries would hold to be taken into consideration before make up one’s minding which type of questionnaire to utilize, such as

Features of respondents used to roll up informations.

Respondent ‘s personal prejudice and bias.

Types of inquiries which need to be asked to roll up informations.

Sample size and age group of respondents.

Number of inquiries need to be asked.

Importance of a peculiar respondent with regard to the research.

We should besides retrieve that the resources at my disposal would besides impact my pick of questionnaires such as

Available clip to complete the informations aggregation.

Fiscal status at the clip of research.

Handiness of interviewers and field workers.

Observation – Harmonizing to Saunders ( 2007 ) “ observation is a slightly ignored facet of probe ” .

The two types of observation that we can see are

Structured Observation – It is a quantitative sort of observation and depends on the frequence of the actions performed by the topics under observation. The advantage of utilizing a structured observation is that it is good at explicating societal state of affairss, it heightens the research worker ‘s consciousness and virtually all of the collected information is utile. However on the impudent side it is really clip consuming, sometimes entree to informations may be hard, it may be affected by the research worker ‘s prejudice and it may besides take to assorted struggles amongst co-workers.

Participant Observation – It is more of a qualitative attack and its chief intent is to unveil the purpose of users behind their actions. Participant observation is non used as often in concern or direction research since fundamentally its roots lie in societal anthropology.

Interviews – Harmonizing to Kahn and Cannell ( 1957 ) “ an interview is a purposeful treatment between two or more people ” . Interviews vary in nature and may be really formal and structured or informal and unstructured, depending on which we can sort them as

Structured interviews- They use preset indistinguishable set of inquiries. They are besides called quantitative research interviews because they are used to roll up quantifiable informations.

Semi structured interviews – In such interviews the research worker has a brief thought of the subject of the interview and the inquiries to be asked but depending upon the respondents the interviewer may add or cancel a few inquiries. The order of inquiries may besides be varied depending upon the flow of the conversation.

Unstructured interviews – Such interviews follow no peculiar construction or format of oppugning and are fundamentally free manner interviews depending upon the nature of the interviewer and the flow of the conversation.


Hence I would wish to reason this research proposal by stating that I am thirstily looking frontward to making my thesis in how brands manage to keep a loyal client base and good will over a long period of clip and how branding affects consumer behaviour.

I have besides listed the assorted research schemes and the methodological analysis ( assorted methodological analysis ) that I plan to utilize during the class of my thesis.

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