The Disadvantage of Shopping Online Essay

The disadvantage of internet With the rapid development of science and technology. The internet is becoming more and more popular among us and playing a more important part in our daily life. Meanwhile it is changing the world and has lots benefits. But it has its disadvantages. Up to now,the internet condition is rather complicated. As we all know,it can help people search the information that people need and provides a lot of convenience and entertainment with the people.

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The Disadvantage of Shopping Online
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However,there is a great deal of junk information spread through the internet, which disturbs our life terribly. Some information which spreads in a viruses-like model is harmful and we are easily influenced and cannot distinguish what is right or real and what is wrong or unreal. Surfing the internet too much is a waste of time and energy. For instance,sometimes we would like to shop on line for saving money and time,but from my own experience, it often turns out exactly the opposite.

We may be attracted by fancy goods we really donnot need,we may shop around more and wait for the best deal ,and even we may be snared when we visited websites seeded with booby-trapped advertisements and links. Cyberspace shows us a virtual world where we can not see others’ expression, feel others’emotions, hear others’ terms. We usually communicate with our friends by using the Internet, however when we meet ,we just donnot know what to say . That shows another disadvantage of the internet- -interpersonal communication obstacles.

What’s more,internet will also have an influence on people’s life and work. Especially many students are addicted to online games and don’t study hard,which makes their parents very sad and worried about them. They spend all of their time playing online games and are tired of life and study. Even some students killed themselves in despair. As a matter of fact. one coin has two sides. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But we should make the most of the internet properly.

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