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In the 21st century, such a great variety of things exist on the Internet. You can do almost everything here: visiting courses, seminars, travelling, studying, buying food, clothes and other stuff for a living. Talking about online shopping system, we can say that this business is spread in the best way because web sites you visit can propose you to buy everything. If not on their website, so by the advertisement they will recommend you to buy in another. The scheme is easy.

The definition of this activity of buying and selling of products on online service or over the internet is called e-commerce, and people who do it are ecommers.

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E-commerce businesses may also employ some or all of the followings:

  • Shopping by online retail directly to consumers via Webshops and mobile apps, and conversational commerce via live chat, chatbots,voice assistants, and other applications.
  • Providing or participating in online marketplaces, which process third-party business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer sales.

But of course, as if it started developing not so far ago today e-commerce has an essential need to improve its business processes through online communication. It will increase the effectiveness of the business relationships between vendor & customer.

1. Introduction

1. 1 Back Land: I am doing an e-commerce online store call ruhionline. co. uk website the propose of this web site define characteristics visitor can see the publically available characteristics such a browse merchandises ( Dressing for work forces & A ; adult female and accoutrements ), position inside informations of merchandise ( Size. coloring material and monetary value ) and able to look other content of site. Registered user besides able to see all publically gettable characteristics and in add-on to make this they able to buy the merchandises by adding them into shopping cart. Admin besides manage the web site from admin site ( Back side ) .

Types of Users of the web site are:

  • Visitors
  • Customers ( Registered Member )
  • Admin

1. 2 Aim:

  1. View Home Banners or Slide Show Gallery
  2. Browse Merchandises
  3. View Product Details with ( HD Photos gallery. rapid climb in and whizz out ) .
  4. View FAQs
  5. Become a Member through Registration procedure.
  6. Add to haul
  7. Payment.
  8. Security.
  9. Delivery the merchandise.

2. Feasibility

It is really important to make feasibleness survey before get downing a undertaking. Now 21 century people would love shopping online. Particularly clouts points are really chap in online and client wanted make certain the merchandises colour. size and points are accurate for them. When I doing this e-commerce web site I have to do certain that visitant or purchaser are able to see everything absolutely before purchase the merchandises. Aim of this web site:

The chief intent of this e-commerce web site to making user friendly web site for client and easy to purchase merchandises like they are buy form ain store. To finish this undertaking successfully I would wish to speak some factors. A feasibleness survey aid undertaking director happen out positive and negatives consequence of the undertaking before puting clip and money.

2. 1 Schedule feasibleness:

I have started this undertaking center of April. I am the lone one individual who will give single attempt in this undertaking. so after careful computation I would wish state this undertaking will complete successfully first hebdomad of November 2013.

2. 2 Fiscal Feasibility:

To finish this undertaking I have need PHP. MYSQL. Photoshop. CSS3 and Dreamweaver. Already I have downloaded all of toots which I needed for in order coating this undertaking. Merely I need pay for to purchase ZEN CART to add to my site to able to add their shopping points to basket and hosting etc. Very little sum of will be for this undertaking.

2. 3 Market feasibleness:

If client would wish purchase any merchandise from this lone they have wage for these points. There is no dealing charge and this site will non hive away client bank inside informations. This web site will be really easy to utilize and will able to purchase merchandise simple twosome of chink. I am anticipating many of clients would love this site purchase their merchandises.

2. 4 Technology and system feasibleness:

This is e-commerce based online store web site to selling cloths point and accoutrements. I have to utilize assorted sort of engineering in order to successfully completing the undertaking. I have need PHP. MY SQL. PHOTOSHOP. DREAMWEAVER ETC.

  • PHP: PHP ( Hypertext Pre-processor ) most likely popular scripting linguistic communication on the web and besides used as a general intent scheduling linguistic communication. With PHP I am able to make like login pages ( username and watchword ) . image galleries. and inside informations from. a whole tot more. PHP is known as a server side linguistic communication. On the computing machine you request the page from but PHP does non executed on the computing machine.
  • MY SQL: MySQL is a relational database direction system. MySQL database direction system used on the web. Basically. MySQL database allows to make a relational database in order to hive away informations. MySQL hold all of the tabular array. PHP acts Acts of the Apostless table question and signifier are basically web page with Fieldss with them. With PHP and MySQL I am able to make genuinely impressive undertaking on the web.
  • Photoshop: Photoshop is an application for pull stringsing image. form. vector. effects and form. Not many yearss age they used electronic image images. As I developing c-commerce merchandising web site I have used many exposures and artworks. So that about every page I have used exposures store. Photoshop is really functional toots in order make my toots. In this site I am traveling to utilize Photoshop CS3 for Making HD exposure. design etc.
  • Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is a physique and development web site which is most popular application web development since 1988. Dreamweaver is easier to utilize.
  • Open Cart: Open will utilizing my web site in order purchase more merchandises in one shopping. Customer will take points select to purchase and point will add to the basket and client will do payment in entire.
  • CSS3: Cesium utilizing this web site in order to layout the papers and background images. border. line advanced places. tallness. breadth. founts. coloring material of the web site.
  • AJAX: AJAX will use this web site for faster respond the pages. Ajax isreally powerful and working combine with PHP. JavaScript and others.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript will utilizing for the site in order devising same external map such Zoom-in or rapid climb out. or position replacing exposure in same topographic point of the pages. JavaScript is really powerful and popular toots.

2. 5 Hazard characteristics:

Get downing any undertaking it’s really ideal to make hazard analysis. There are some issue that can hold on consequence on the web site. User friendly web site is ever been really disputing. Besides database are really disputing on back terminal. Customer will be login and purchase their merchandises. Customer may bury their watchword and user name in the web site there is full client service these sorts of jobs are face is really ambitious.

3. Resource

3. 1 Technology:

  1. HTML/ HTML 5
  2. CSS/CSS 3
  4. PHP
  5. MY SQL
  6. JQUERY Riding
  7. AJAX

3. 2 Tools:

  1. Notepad ++
  5. Illustrator
  7. Electronic mail: Smart electronic mail constellation
  8. Hosting upload /FTP salute: FileZilla

3. 3 Payment Getaway:

  • PayPal
  • Debit/ Credit card
  • Western Union

2. 3 Design deign:

  • Merchandises
  • Products name and catalogue figure ( Unique )
  • Item inside informations or specification
  • Size chooser ( Drop down ) .
  • Quantity chooser ( Drop down ) .
  • Colour Picker ( Drop down )
  • Availability
  • Gallery
  • Zoom View
  • Customer reappraisal
  • Delivery Options.

Once client decided to purchase item they can add to Cart ( Zen Cart ) . When client goes for check-out procedure enrollment required. ( PHP & A ; MSQL ) .

Registered Member

  • Login to site
  • My Profile
  • Manage Account
  • My Orders
  • Buy Product ( Checkout )
  • Logout


  • Login
  • Administrator User Management
  • Product Attribute Management
  • Product Management
  • Price Chart Management
  • Banner Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Shipping Management

3. 4 Datas

Home Page

Positions Website Logo. Banners or Slideshow which are integrated with Home Page. View list of Latest Products available with inside informations like.
Product Title & A ; Image.
View links for Login and Sign Up.
Snaping on any nexus. User will voyage that peculiar Page.

Product Display page

  • Displaies merchandises
  • Product Name & A ; Unique merchandise figure
  • Click on image will expose information of merchandise every bit good as pick of different sizes if available
  • View the inside informations of the merchandisesбwith Image on Product.
  • Product size. Image besides client able to whizz in and rapid climb out the merchandise.
  • Add to haul.
  • View Cart: After added to the shopping cart with little merchandise image. subtotal and shopping sum. In position carts link to Update and check-out procedure. nexus to see full shopping cart. take merchandise from cart and update measure and recalculate subtotal.
  • Registration: This subdivision allows New Users to make new enrollment history on the Site Fill the enrollment signifier with all needed Fieldss Enter Profile inside informations like name. electronic mail Idaho. watchword Enter reference inside informations like Country. State and Zip Code Submit Form.
  • User Login

This subdivision allows User to come in the web site by adding login inside informations created during enrollment. Enter authenticated Email Address and Password to login. Forgot Password Link. Recover watchword through mail

New User? Sign up nexus available

  • After making login. the Customer enters the history with attested username and watchword and can execute the undermentioned undertakings:
  • My Account
  • Personal Information
  • Change Name. Login. E-mail Address. or Password
  • Manage Address Information
  • My Orders
  • View all Orders
  • View order no/ order date/ amount/ measure
  • Position Status ( In Process. Shipped. Open. Rejected )
  • History/Receipts
  • View Details of all the orders made
  • View order Idaho. position. day of the month ordered
  • Associate to re-Order.
  • Last Orde
  • Displays the last order made
  • Link to reorder and reset measure
  • View Order Tracking
  • Enter Order Number
  • View Shopping Cart
  • Delete Account
  • Sign out
  • Check
  • Continue to Shipping Details
  • View/ Edit Shipping Details
  • Select Shipping Method
  • Continue to Billing Details
  • View/ Edit Billing Details
  • Review Order

View Total Order Summary. with Shipping and Billing Details Proceed to Payment Details
PayPal Payment Gateway Integration
Order Confirmation
Show verification of order with order inside informations on the screen * FAQ
Displays a list of often asked Questions

Shipping Information

Detailss sing Transporting information and coaction with any spouses which will be confirmed with client for more inside informations

3. 5 Dynamic Pages

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaime
  • Footings & A ; Conditionss

3. 6 Back-End

  • Login
  • Administrator User Management
  • Product Attribute Management
  • Product Management
  • Price Chart Management
  • Banner Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Shipping Management

4. Procedure Model

I have chosen in iterative and increment procedure theoretical account. This undertaking will develop followed by this theoretical account.

Iterative rhythm

The procedure has three stairss.

  1. The low-level formatting
  2. The loop
  3. The Project Control List

Iterative and incremental procedure fundamentally one procedure theoretical account and the end and measure are different. Iterative and incremental development theoretical account ( IIDM ) development is a method of undertaking development form slow addition in characteristic add-ons and a cyclical release and better theoretical account. The IID development begins with planning and continues via iterative development rhythms associating continues user feedback. Iterative and incremental development theoretical account ( IIDM ) is one of the methodological analysiss of “Agile” development theoretical account.

Iterative and incremental development is a method for developing system based on doing deliverables. In incremental development assorted clip been used for different parts of the system. The rates and are mobilized based on their accomplishment. User feedback is discuses with to modify are aims for consecutive deliverable. The iterative and incremental development theoretical account ( IIDM ) came approximately in response to blemish in the waterfall theoretical account and a consecutive design procedure in which development flows calmly downward. The waterfall theoretical account different so IIDM because it is cyclical instead than unidirectional.



The iterative and incremental development theoretical account ( IIDM ) can be grouped into the undermentioned stages.

* Inception stage: Requirements. hazards at higher degree and trades with the of the undertaking.

* Elaboration Phase: satisfies non functional demand and present operational architecture that sensible hazard indentified in the origin.

* Passage Phase: The production runing environment delivers with system.

* Construction stage: production ready codification fills with a architecture constituents incrementally which is produced the testing of functional demand design. execution. and analysis.

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