Online Shopping Has Greatly Improved Life for Consumer

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Nowadays, social networking sites are quite popular, because a lot of people think that this is the easiest way to connect with friends, to share their interest in a particular topic, doing business and so on. There are a lot of social networking sites, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster and so on. This bar chart shows the percentage of most popular social networking site. As you can see on this bar chart, we know that Facebook is the most popular social networking sites. Now let’s move on to the advantages of using social networking sites.

First of all, the main advantage of social networking sites is to help others to find and meet new friends in social networking sites. Undeniable, young people nowadays are using the social networking sites to increase their new friends, enhance and strengthen their social relationship. Facebook has provided a platform for people to socialize with one another and even decide their meeting place in advance. For example, you can be friends with the “strangers” through your mutual friends in Facebook. Since both of us have a common friend so it is not necessary to feel unfamiliar with each other.

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This photo shown the way we add friends on Facebook. First, we click in the profile and then send friend request to the person that you want to add. Through the sharing of information in the chat box or messaging services of social networking sites, you can understand others more such as their interest and it may end up with a closer relationship. Next, the benefit of social networking sites is to lower the cost of advertising for businessman. Social networking sites cost less if compare to traditional advertising such as printing, radio, or television and it can be just as effective as if advertise properly.

You can always update and post your advertisement on Facebook. It can let more people to know your advertisement and it do not cost any money from you. For example, you can create a page for the news about your company, or an “Events” for business activities, or even a “Fan” page on Facebook. Furthermore, the social networking sites also provide a lot of entertainment for young people to fill their time. They can control their emotion more easily and feel more relax after they played some games or listened some songs.

The pressure of young people suffer today can be more easily release through the mini games, for example, Restaurant City, Pet Society, Tetris Battle and so on. They can also understand the meaning behind “unity is strength” because some of the games need to rely on the spirit of cooperation for getting more “checkpoints”. Besides that, you can get the latest information, knowledge and news through social networking sites to improve your own knowledge. The social networking sites will provide some of the latest news or share the travel information to a friend.

Sometimes, if you forget to buy newspaper or magazine, you can check out the latest news from social networking sites. Through the information we can avoid being deceived by others especially in this era full with difficulties and competitive. Lastly, you can also use social networking sites to get feedback of your idea or question immediately. For instance, if you are developing a product or an idea, you can post it on Facebook and find out what do they think about it . You can ask questions and receive answers in near-real-time, if and only if your friends know the answer or you are a student whom keeps in touch with teachers.

Social networking sites have a lot of advantages but it can bring a lot of disadvantages at the same time. Nowadays, many people especially the younger generation are addicted to social networking sites. They spend a lot of time on computer; this might affect their education and working performances. Sometimes, they spend their sleeping time with playing computer, this might affects their health. Besides that, this might cause them to lack of sleep, feeling tired and sleepy while studying or working. Being a student, if they are lacking of sleep, they couldn’t concentrate when teachers are teaching.

Eventually, they couldn’t do well in their examination and get a bad result. Other than that, spend too much of time on social networking sites is wasting their time, they spend their time on computer instead of doing their work. Social networking sites can also lead teenagers to being isolated from the real life because they think that social networking sites have been an important stuff of their life and they couldn’t live without it. For example, they rather to lock themselves in the room to play computer instead of going out to do exercises which are good for health.

Eventually, they might find it hard to communicate while they meet up face-to-face with the others. Although they stay at home everyday, but they lock themselves in the room and didn’t communicate with their family members. This might affect the relationship between them and their family members. Let’s talk about risks of using social networking sites. Nowadays, there are a lot of hackers whose hack the others’ accounts and steal date from social networking sites. As i mentioned just now, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in human life.

Many of the Facebook users had noticed that there are some activities updated on their profile while they are not logged in. This is because hackers have hack their accounts and send viruses to others by using their accounts. Moreover, clicking on unknown advertisements or links that sent from strangers is very dangerous because there might contain viruses. Social networking sites are very valuable to viruses. Once your computer got attacked by viruses, it will cost a lot to repair it. In addition, everything on social networking sites is public which not really a good thing.

For example, while you are leaving comments on the Facebook, you must be very careful about your words. If you have leave some comments that offensive without your realizing, this might cause people to have a bad image of you and your friends might started to dislike you, gossip about you or worst, stab you back. Lastly, social networking sites can be very dangerous, because nowadays there are some perverts trying to cheat people especially young girls on social networking sites. They lie about who they are and try to hurt you in their own way.

Here is evidence which can prove my statement. A 14years old girl received a Facebook friend request from a guy that she didn’t know and she accepted it. After that, they started to chat with each other and exchanged their phone number. Then, the guy convinced her to meet in a mall. When they met, she found that he was a charming guy. After the first dating, the agreed to meet again and the girl lied to her mother that she was going to visit a friend, because her friend was sick. Then she climbed into the guy’s minivan that near her house.

The guy drove her an hour to a place and locked her in a small room inside a house with at least 5 girls aged 14-17years old. She was being drugged and raped repeatly and she lost her virginity. After a week of torture, her captor told her that she was being sold and shipped to a seedy brothels and child sex tourism. Well, this brings us to the end of our presentation. Lastly, there are more and more advantages and disadvantages of using social networking sites. Thus, I recommend people to be very careful in order to avoid negative effects. Thank you for listening.

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