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The First Line to Launch Digital Advertising

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According to Black, Joanna Huddersfield University. (2020), there are 4 types of social media marketing metrics: campaign testing, forward tracking, synchronous tracking and reverse tracking. Before building metrics, we need to understand business needs. As EcoForest is the first line to launch digital advertising, the main goal is to allow customers to use and search on any online platforms of EcoForest (website and social media) to make it visible and convenient. Therefore, according to objective 1 (add new customers), the main focus will be brand awareness.

According to objective 2 (increasing website queries), the goal of EcoForest will be to maintain or increase sentiment. Due to objective 3 (increasing sales revenue), EcoForest should provide the best customer service. Better customer service, better earn customers and sales. Therefore, EcoForest will focus on meeting customer needs and providing the best customer support.

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The First Line to Launch Digital Advertising
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The current market analysis of EcoForest is that there are few customers as new company. However, the official EcoForest website will provide additional information so that customers can make more informed decisions about their subscriptions or display brand awareness or other people’s opinions about EcoForest.

In developing a website, the only money spent on the site is the hosting fee because the hosting fee is managed by the developer while development and design are free. Recently, EcoForest launched their first unique website online tool that enhances their website with information analyzed from social networks. EcoForest’s current marketing is based on traditional print media and word of mouth. The EcoForest site is designed to be easy to use and display services interactively.

The aims to increase the popularity of the EcoForest website and arouse people’s interest in brand concepts and services provided by EcoForest. Therefore, it is best to use pre-campaign testing. Therefore, the evaluation will start from social, search and website. As already mentioned in the action plan, EcoForest will mainly use social media to build ‘brand awareness.’ Therefore, the metrics will be Cost-Per-View: consider the relationship between CPVV and the duration of different content, Reach the Target Audience: how effectively ads will attract the right users for EcoForest ads, Frequency: run ads to someone through different channels, View thru rate: measure the percentage of video / content watch and Earn a Positive Average: where people actively share brand content and Buzz: relative to the number of conversations between brands participating in the campaign. Llewellyn, Gavin Smart Insights. (2019).

EcoForest’s digital marketing campaign search will focus on marketing campaign messaging and creativity. Therefore, the point is to influence consideration and take action (Objective 2). Thus, the metrics will be Quality Score: the quality and relevance of the EcoForest search landing page, Click through Rate (CTR): the effect of EcoForest keywords and ads is measured by the number of visitors who actually clicked on the ad, The Number of Impressions: the number of clicks on the EcoForest ad is viewed by the searcher, Average Position: determine the typical position and Conversion Rate of the ad relative to other ads: the number of users who clicked on the EcoForest ad to perform the required action on the website. ColintSoft. (2016)

The EcoForest website can be the center of the campaign, bringing together key messages, ideas and conversion points for potential customers. According to objectives 2 and 3, if we can develop a well-designed website, we will be able to achieve these goals. Therefore, the focus is on promoting action and engagement. Therefore, the metric will be: Total Visits: a macro view of how the campaign attracts site visits, Traffic by Channel: site visits on the main channel of the campaign, Bounce Rate: ratio of visitors who leave before the action, Conversion: a quantitative measure of how visitors perform the expected actions and Data Capture: the quality of data obtained from visitors visiting the EcoForest site. Llewellyn, Gavin Smart Insights. (2019).

The next step is to provide key tips after viewing the performance on the channel. As shown in Figure 4, this is the most interesting part for senior leaders and non-digital experts. Therefore, I recommend EcoForest to follow this process as it is very easy to do and understand for every startup digital marketing campaigns.

After all progress, the final process will be the recommendations for next step. We will have to examine all the results in relation to the plan. Then analyze all the knowledge about step changes. Finally, write down all the experiences and plan for future campaigns. Llewellyn, Gavin Smart Insights. (2019).

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