New Product Launch Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Learning Team A has shown in the first two stages of the selling program that persons exercise for a assortment of grounds including fleshiness. addressed mark markets ( recreational. fittingness. and professional jocks ) . determination incentives and purchasing behaviours ( single demands and wellness concerns ) . the Product Life Cycle. the four P’s. and the merchandise mix. Within this concluding stage. Learning Team A will be discoursing situational analysis. market growing possible and competitory analysis. cleavage. mark market. and positioning. pricing and distribution. and marketing communicating. Besides discussed will be the fiscal facet. intended market aims for twelvemonth 1. twelvemonth 2 and twelvemonth 3. execution mileposts. and eventually. rating and control prosodies and methodological analysis to mensurate public presentation.

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Situational Analysis

My Run Buddy offers a new invention in fittingness engineering as the first voice commanded treadmill. Its merchandise selling on extraordinary combination of powerful design and characteristics are the cardinal factors for its merchandise trade name development and market growing in the fittingness industry. Enhancing and implementing strategic selling program will besides be indispensable to the success of My Run Buddy.

Market Growth Potential and Competitive Analysis

There are so many treadmills out on the market today. persons try to happen merely the right 1 that will give them merely the right exercise for their life style. With the advanced characteristics that are installed on My Run Buddy. such as the Voice Command option. Learning Team A believes that this will intensify My Run Buddy to the top of everyone’s list of treadmills. Learning Team A estimates that with these advanced characteristics. gross revenues will be high and net incomes will be generated.

Learning Team A compared My Run Buddy with two different treadmills that are out on the market today. the LifeSpan Treadmill and the Life Fitness T5-0 Treadmill. After reexamining both of these. the 1 that comes closest to My Run Buddy is the Life Fitness T5-0 Treadmill. The Life Fitness T5-0 Treadmill has many of the similar characteristics. guarantees and monetary value scope ; nevertheless. it does non hold the Voice Command characteristic. The Voice Command characteristic is what is alone to My Run Buddy and everyone that uses this machine. whether it be at place or in a gym. will experience comfy with the characteristics and bask the relaxation of programming it to their several demands.

Selling Schemes

The major schemes to market My Run Buddy are aimed toward wellness and fittingness industries. Harmonizing to Wellsource ( 2014 ) . in the following five old ages. an addition of at least 4. 2 per centum within five old ages is projected for the demand in services and equipment for the multibillion-dollar wellness and health industry. My Run Buddy will make out to male and female clients largely between the ages of 20 to forty old ages old. which does non restrict clients who are 50 old ages of age and above because of the turning demand to advance active wellness life style for all ages. In add-on to the market mark stated. a little per centum of clients who may utilize My Run Buddy include professional jocks fixing for competitions such as endurance contests or the Olympic games.


My Run Buddy focuses on its ability to go as the first voice commanded treadmill supplying extraordinary combination of powerful design. comprehensive merchandise characteristics. and positive wellness and fittingness consequences to its clients. Its major advantage compared to other bing treadmills is its capacity to offer individualized fittingness exercises to guarantee safe exercises based on each user’s wellness position. critical marks. and strength of exercise.

Marketing Plan

Kotler and Keller ( 2012 ) mentioned that consumers frequently make the determination to buy certain merchandises based on how they perceive the monetary value of the merchandise is instead than the marketer’s stated monetary value. The car may be $ 100. 000. and if some clients perceive the peculiar monetary value to be sensible monetary value for the car. they will buy it based on their perceptual experience and non because of the fact that sellers set the monetary value of the car as $ 100. 000. Same client may experience that $ 30. 000 for different car is excessively expensive even though he or she felt that $ 100. 000 for the car was sensible for them because they perceive each merchandises otherwise. Kotler and Keller ( 2012 ) besides mentioned that client are less sensitive to monetary value of the merchandise when they believe that 1 ) there are non excessively many similar merchandises in the market that can replace the quality of the given merchandise ; 2 ) the high monetary value of the merchandise can be justified ; 3 ) stated monetary value of the merchandise is merely a little cost of obtaining alone merchandise for the life clip.

Learning squad A intends to put the monetary value of the voice commanded treadmill to make the perceptual experience that the monetary value of voice commanded treadmill is sensible plenty for a client to buy the customized treadmill that can heighten their wellness position for the remainder of their lives. Rather than fiting the monetary value of the treadmill to another company’s lower monetary value of the treadmill. Learning squad A believes it will be good for the company if the company can warrant that clients are paying for superior quality of the voice commanded treadmill. and they are salvaging money for more value on the voice commanded treadmill by paying the stated retail monetary value.

Kotler and Keller ( 2012 ) stated that companies need to see four different aims when they are trying to find the degree of effectivity for their market logistics: 1 ) How should the company handle orders from clients? 2 ) Where should the company store their merchandises? 3 ) How much merchandises should the company shop in the designated storage infinite? And 4 ) How should the company distribute the merchandise to the client? Learning squad A believes it is best for clients to be able to order the voice commanded treadmill from the company’s internal web site or the electronic commercialism company. such as Amazon because clients do non ever have clip to see the local retail locations to order the merchandise.

Learning squad A believes the company should hive away voice commanded treadmill in warehouses located in west seashore. east seashore. and southern provinces and utilize the fast transit method. such as FedEx. UPS. and USPS to hasten the cargo procedure. Learning squad A does non urge the company to hive away inordinate sum of voice commanded treadmill in their storage locations. but they suggest that company’s logistic professional and gross revenues professional should work together to find the jutting sum of gross revenues for the given period and effort to unclutter out the sum of stock list if they become excessively inordinate by advancing clearance gross revenues events.

Marketing Communication Plan

Multiple methods of advertisement and publicity for My Run Buddy will be used as portion of selling program for making out to its mark market. Kiosks will be installed in shops and retail merchants selling the merchandise. where its shoppers will see free merchandise presentation. Discount vouchers. drawn-out guarantee. free merchandise bringing. or free test offers are besides few publicities to be considered for clients. Other than booths in shops. My Run Buddy can besides be offered for free test or trades to different fitness locations such as LA Fitness or Gold’s Gym. Furthermore. advertisement through multiple media such as print. online. telecasting will be utilized to distribute information about the merchandise.

Fiscal Information

Our cost construction allow us to go through some nest eggs and still hold a solid 200 % part border which means that even if we start with low net income. we can prolong the operation adequate to see the merchandise set up in the market. Our Policy is to hold certain allowances and price reductions for jobbers tie to our AR so our Promotional Pricing follow the followers: Entire Cost ( Including Labor. Overhead. and Transportation ) per unit: $ 2. 000 US Direct Cost ( Parts. electronic constituents. etc… ) per unit: $ 1. 250 US Contribution Margin Goal ( Floor Price ) :

$ 2. 500

Sensitivity on Entire Net income without marketing disbursal:Monetary value 1: $ 3. 600 ( 80 % Net income ) P unitMonetary value 2: $ 3. 200 ( 60 % Net income ) P unit.

We will sell the Unit to the Wholesale at $ 3. 600 with a contractual allowance to regenerate each twelvemonth of 5 % prompt wage price reduction ( less than 30 yearss ) . and an extra volume ( more than 10 Unit of measurements per month ) price reduction of 7 % of the pronounced monetary value. This will let the jobber the possibility to pay merely $ 3. 181 per unit if they pay on clip and order 10 units per month. A nest egg of $ 419 per unit or 11. 64 % price reduction.

Our closest competition based on the eyeglasses ( 4. 0 Motor. Absorption tablet. Monitor. etc. . but without the voice activation is the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. treadmilltalk. com/treadmill-comparison-chart-5. hypertext markup language ) with an mean monetary value in the US of $ 5. 500.

Fiscal AimsTo get down gross revenues with a lower limit of 60 % Net incomeTo increase gross revenues by 2 % in Year 2. and another 5 % Year 3To maintain program under budgetBreak Even AnalysisCost to bring forth a treadmill unit ( Direct Cost ) : $ 1. 250Fixed Cost ( Annual Overhead ) : $ 9. 000 ( $ 750*12 )If selling for $ 3. 200. so we need to sell 5 Unit of measurements to interrupt even! ( $ 9. 000/ ( $ 3. 200- $ 1. 250 ) ) If selling for $ 3. 600. so we need to sell 4 Unit of measurements to interrupt even! ( $ 9. 000/ ( $ 3. 600- $ 1. 250 ) ) If selling for $ 3. 181. so we need to sell 5 Unit of measurements to interrupt even! ( $ 9. 000/ ( $ 3. 181- $ 1. 250 ) )

Selling Expenses

We are gauging a selling disbursal ( publicity. preparation. etc… ) of $ 500 on Year 1. $ 400 Year 2. and $ 280 on Year 3 Per Unit ; these figures are considered in the budget.

Forecasting Demand

We are gauging a sum of 200 Unit of measurements gross revenues on twelvemonth one with an addition of 2 % in Year 2. and another 5 % Year 3. We will maintain the monetary value the same for the first 3 old ages ; therefore we expect the undermentioned each twelvemonth: Year1: $ 636. 200 in gross with a 64. 7 %

Net income

Year2: $ 648. 924 in gross with a 64. 7 % Net incomeYear3: $ 681. 370 in gross with a 64. 7 % Net incomeMarketing AimsYear 1: Establish the Product in the industry: To be one of the top 5 trade names in the fittingness equipment industry among the jobbers and the consumers.Year 2: Addition Gross saless on a steady gait: To increase the figure of jobbers buying our merchandise by 7 % .Year 3: Brand Management: To guarantee consistence between our trade name licensing scheme and the overall concern goal” and to concentrate on maximising purchase of the trade name.

Execution Milestones

Milestones during this undertaking will be the chief ushers to merchandise patterned advance and success. In order to find whether the merchandise development and launch is on path our squad has decided to put in topographic point milepost or timeline Markss to remain on path. Our merchandise will hold 4 major mileposts with different bombers sectioned ends. The first milepost will be placing client demands and within this major class we have to carry through the undermentioned ends ; concern jobs. client demands. concern chance. aim application and engineering requirements/abilities. The 2nd milepost will be to carry through apprehension of the market chance. Within this we plan to carry through industry tendencies. market size and growing. mark market and eventually market channels.

The 3rd milepost will be come ining the market. Within this 2nd major milepost we will carry through merchandise placement. competitory schemes. pricing. selling program. gross revenues scheme. gross revenues tools and client support. The 3rd milepost will be a uninterrupted procedure during the length of the merchandise. The concluding milepost is bring forthing gross and the ends accomplished will be set uping spouses. channels and leads. The last milepost will besides be a uninterrupted procedure for the length of the merchandise. Milestones may be introduced and revamped depending on the displacement of the merchandise lifecycle. Since our squad is taking for uninterrupted growing and success. we are cognizant that mileposts need to be in topographic point and besides rhenium introduced so that a rhythm does non neglect and we continue to win.

Evaluation of Prosodies and Methodology

Elrod. Susan Murray. and Bande ( 2013 ) mentioned that there are four different classs of public presentation steps supply concatenation companies consider when trying to find the degree of effectivity for their supply concatenation direction system: fiscal cost. quality. clip. and flexibleness. The cost to bring forth the merchandise. the cost to administer the merchandise to the client. and the cost to hive away the merchandise in warehouse are some of the cardinal factors impacting the fiscal cost class of the supply concatenation direction public presentation prosodies ( Elrod et al. 2013 ) . Customer’s perceived value of the merchandise. degree of truth of the merchandise. and the ability for a company to administer the merchandise safely to the client without any harm autumn under the quality class under the public presentation prosodies for supply concatenation direction ( Elrod et al. 2013 ) .

Learning squad A intends to integrate similar set of public presentation prosodies by measuring production cost and stock list cost against the sum of gross the voice commanded treadmill generated for given period of clip to find if the cost of merchandise is exceeded by the gross the merchandise generates. Learning squad A will besides measure how fast the company can administer the voice commanded treadmill to its clients without damaging the merchandise and how good the voice treadmill can execute harmonizing to the specific characteristics on the merchandise to obtain client trueness.

Eventuality Planing

Harmonizing to Mindtools. com ( 2014 ) . “The demand for eventuality planning emerges from a thorough analysis of the hazards that your organisation faces. It is besides utile in believing about new and on-going undertakings: what happens when ‘Plan A’ does non travel as expected? ” . Contingency planning is extremely of import to our squad and will be the foundation we follow for hazard appraisal and planning. We will minimise mistake and failure by anticipating the worse. What if the consumers do non desire to purchase our merchandise. what if it doesn’t sell every bit much as we thought it would.

By fixing for the worse we will be puting up for successful hereafter. Our eventuality program will be to continuously carry on hazard appraisal regardless of how good our merchandise is making. Communicating issues and good thoughts will be a changeless end within the merchandise squad and stockholders involved. If at whatever point we need to retrain or develop forces our squad is equipped with the information to make so. We will maintain certification of successes and failures no affair how large or little. Finally we will measure public presentation and implement ends so that we are able to measure how good the merchandise is making.


In decision. Learning Team A has shown. within their selling program. that the Voice Command treadmill is a alone merchandise that will bring forth big net incomes for the proper company in today’s society. Learning Team A has besides shown how this type of treadmill is more advanced than those on the market with the add-on of the Voice Command characteristic and how it will be accepted in the long term by consumers looking for the proper exercise equipment to keep their wellness. With this new characteristic. Learning Team A feels that consumers will be drawn to My Run Buddy for their wellness demands as the advanced characteristics lets them experience more comfy working out and they don’t have to worry about naming anyone if there is a medical status that arises. all they would hold to make is state the machine to reach the infirmary.

MentionsElrod. C. . Susan Murray. P. E. . & A ; Bande. S. ( 2013 ) . A Review of PerformanceProsodies for Supply Chain Management. Engineering Management Journal. 25 ( 3 ) . 39-50. Kotler. P. . & A ; Keller. K. L. ( 2012 ) . Marketing direction ( 14th ed. ) .Upper Saddle River. New jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.Wellsource. ( 2014 ) . Market trends undertaking more growing for health industry. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wellsource. com/company-news/Market-Trends-Project-More-Growth-for-Wellness-Industry. hypertext markup language Mindtools. ( 2014 ) . Contingency Planning. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mindtools. com/pages/article/newLDR_51. htm

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