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The Glass Castle Extended Paragraph

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Maureen, living in New York was surrounded by her parents holding her back and she was not accomplishing what she expected of herself, running out of options, she was f arced to leave to California for new opportunities, Jennet explaining to the reader a bout Maurer’s predicament said, “The boyfriends never lasted any longer than the e jobs. She talked about finishing college and going to law school, but distractions eek apt cropping up. ” Mom and Dad leached off Maureen made her adopt the life style of her parents.

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The Glass Castle Extended Paragraph
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The people surrounding her were going nowhere; surrounded AR mound people like that it’s hard to achieve what is expected of you. Opportunities we presented in front of her, but lacking the solidification to follow through sq endeared her chance of being successful, forcing her to move across the country for nee opportunities. Jennet, unlike Maureen took the chance to move on when it was first presented in front of her.

Needing to get out of the cycle of problems created by her family, she left for New York as fast as possible saying to her dad, and,’ I said soon as I finish classes, I’m getting on the next bus out of here.

Fifth buses SST pop running, I’ll hitchhike. I’ll walk if I have to. (238) Jennet was desperate to b successful, and finished with being manipulated by her father, so when Dad made his last plea for help, she had to turn him down and do what was best for her an d not her father. She left Dad because it was the only way to be truly independent and breaking her dad’s heart was an inevitable tragedy that she had to face to move on and prosper. The reaction to possible opportunities can turn someone’s life around. Even if moving away from your past is the only way to efficiently progress forward, sometime s it’s necessary.

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