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Populating in Poverty: “We were ever making the skedaddle. normally in the center of the night” Jeannette Walls’ household was populating in poorness. so it is common to get away at dark to acquire off from measure aggregators and bulls. However. Jeannette’s father made it more interesting by stating them the FBI was following after them. Autonomy: “…but you can’t cleaving to the side your whole life. what one lesson every parent needs to learn a kid is if you don’t want to drop. you better figure out how to swim. ” Jeannette and Rex ( Jeanette’s father ) went to swim at the Hot Pot. However. Jeannette does non cognize how to swim. so Rex attempts to learn her a lesson of autonomy by heaving her into the H2O and allowing her sink. so salvaging her. and throwing her dorsum in once more until she learned how to swim. Fearlessness: “I yanked the handgun out of Lori’s manus. aimed low. and pulled the trigger. ” Billy Deel was huffy after Jeannette refused to be his girlfriend. When Jeannette’s parents are non home. Billy takes a BB gun to Jeannette’s house and starts to shout at the household.

However. Jeannette stood out and uses his father’s handgun to frighten Billy off. Alcoholism: “No one tried to contorting dad’s cervix or cry at him or even indicate out that he’d ruined the Christmas his household had spent hebdomads be aftering. ” Jeannette’s male parent was addicted to alcohol. If he was rummy. Rex goes brainsick and treats his household violently. During Christmas. Jeannette’s male parent returned place rummy and set on fire the Christmas tree. which ruined their Christmas. Forgiveness: “She added that you should ne’er detest anyone. even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. ” Jeannette confronted her grandma about non being prejudice toward black people and naming them niggas. Then. Jeannette’s ma told Jeannette to forgive grandmother. by stating her that she ne’er tries to detest anyone and that no 1 is perfect and to seek to happen good in others. Religion: “I listened to Dad’s programs and tried to promote him trusting that what he was stating was true but besides reasonably certain it wasn’t. ” Jeannette ever keeps her religion in her male parent.

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Her ma describes her as “Dad’s last defender” because she ever believed in her pa. even when he was incorrect. But now she started to doubt her male parent and finds it harder to swear him. Duty: “On forenoon toward the terminal of the school twelvemonth. Mom had a complete meltdown. ” Rose Mary ( Jeannette’s ma ) was irresponsible as a instructor and a female parent. Her kids helped her to rate documents and woke her up in the forenoon and she stop traveling to school when school was about over. Besides. as a female parent. Rose Mary ne’er intended to do money to salvage her kids from hungriness. Lost Dreams: “I braced myself. anticipating to hear a shriek. but there was merely silence and so a little. broken whimpering. ” Lori ( Jeannette’s sister ) and Jeannette were be aftering to get away from Welch.

They worked truly difficult to salvage some money. but their male parent took the money. This meant Lori will ne’er be able to acquire out of Welch and travel to New York. Rearward Functions: “Part of me wanted to make whatever I could to take attention of Mom and Dad. and portion of me merely wanted to rinse my custodies of them. ” Jeannette was fighting to assist her parents or non. She doesn’t privation to assist them because she wants her parents to go self-sufficing. but at same clip. she doesn’t want to see her parents homeless. Besides. her parents refused to have aid from her. Responsible: “I’m sorry. Maureen. I said when the clip came. sorry for everything. ” Jeannette felt like it’s her duty to take attention of Maureen. She thought she had broken her promise to protect Maureen when Maureen displayed eldritch behaviour and knife their female parent. After Maureen got out from gaol. she instantly goes to California without stating anything to her household.

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