Divorce is Becoming the Norm in Society

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Divorce is becoming more acceptable and normal. This is a problem and divorce should be decreased. All couples should be required to attend marriage counseliong before they are married. Couples attending marriage counseling could decrease this problem. Divorce then may stop becoming such a problem, and only happen when absolutely necessary after other steps have been taken and failed. Divorce means different things to different people, It can be defined as spousal separations, parental separation, or even separated families. Many different things can cause divorce. Some of theses causes may be financial issues, religious beliefs, sexual issues, educationl background, or even bad habits. Theses are just a few causes and definitions of divorce. Divorce affects all different types of people in different way. It can occur in any family, no matter what the background is. When divorce does occur, it effects everyone involved. Children are torn between parents, They often grow up with unresolved issues and tension toward their parents. Many children of divorced parents grow up thinking that divorce is acceptable and use it asa way out of any marital problems. Spouse are also affected by divorce. Some become vert depressed, and others may even try to kill themselves. Many spouses are shocked when a divorce is finalized and they do no tknow how to go on without the other “half”. It is almost like a devastated spouse is in mourning. On the other side the spouse that asked for the divorce also may feel heartache. Yet relief comes in knowing that he or she will not have to put up with the othe spouse. This person may still remeber those happy times the couple had, but he or she has gained some freedom.

Some people do praise divorce and would completely disagree with this discussion. They are the one that make a living off of divorce. These people have industrialized divorce. So, of course, those people that make their living off divorce see nothing wrong with two kids bouncing between parents and even a ex husband trying to kill himself after twety years of marriage. Those that agree with divorce want it to become normal. They are the people that want it to be used as a way to end all marital disagrements. afterall their livelihoods depend on it. Divorce could be decresed it couples attended marriage counseling sessions, where they got to know each other better. Through this counseling a couple could understand each others’s wants and needs. This counseling would also help couples deal with conflict better, and help them to end their marital disagreements on a bettr note. This counseling should be requried before marriage. This way divorce would decreses and happy two parent familied would one again become the norm,

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