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The goodness of the internet

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The goodness of the internet After our country Malaysia achieve its independence day on 31 august 1957 until now our country has achieve many magnificent achievement not only in educational field also in technologies field, this is because in today world we can see almost all household can afford to have their own internet service. This is a positive achievement because internet is one of the most important things to have. However many people misunderstanding about internet by saying it bring more badness than goodness.

I honestly reject this kind of idea because this kind of negative thinking can also affect our country in a negative way. If we really know how to use the internet we can found out how important and useful it is. Firstly, the internet has made a lot of information available to many people in the world in just a split second. There is a lot of example we can choose for this point, like how the students want to find the information that their required to finish their assignments? The best answer for these questions is by using the internet.

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The goodness of the internet
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With internet we can access to almost every single information there is available in this world. Not only that we also can have the information from any kind of source that we want and the only rules is to pick any information that we think suitable for what we looking for. For example many universities students who did not understand what have their lecturer had teach their can easily go to YouTube and watch the video about what had their lecturer teach over and over again until their can understand it. This is one of the reasons why internet brings more good than harm. The second reason is the internet has become an important part of our entertainment. Nowadays we cannot have fun just playing outside because with internet we can have so much fun. For example we can listen to many kind of music for free and help us to relax while having fun without have to pay anything’s. Not only that we also can have a free games in the internet. If we want to play a video games at the arcade we are required to spent a lot of money but with internet money are not required because we can having fun with the video games for free.

For the conclusion this prove that internet bring goodness not badness. Finally, the internet has brought communications to a whole new level. For example we can do a survey especially in the middle of the city and ask who do not have a social a Facebook accounts and I can guaranty 90% of them have Facebook accounts. This is because a social networking has become one of the most important medium for people to communicate to each other because it is free. Not only that we also can update our current activities in the social network accounts to let our friends know what we up to especially for the weekend. With this we can tighten our friendship because these social networking accounts do not have limit for distance as long as there is an internet connection at where we are. That means we still can communicate with our friends no matter if the distance is many million miles away. That why internet is well known for its useful and goodness that it’s provide. For the conclusion, with all the prove that have already state above we are sure that internet can brings more goodness than badness. That’s why we need this internet service because we live in a modern world that required fast information or we will be left behind. We can always try and use book but unfortunately with internet it is also contains book without going to the library. So I urge everybody to provide this internet service at their home and if their afraid it is misuse by their children their can always observe and check their children notebook regularly.

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The goodness of the internet. (2016, Dec 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-goodness-of-the-internet/

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