Does the Internet Stregthen Communities

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Does the Internet Strengthen Community? To answer this question I must explain the difference between the words “does” and “can” as to most people they can mean the same thing. “Can” means to be able to; “Does” means to make or perform. Therefore, can the internet strengthen community? Absolutely! It has the potential and is able to introduce people which could become strong companions, friends, partners, etc. However, does the internet strengthen community? No!

The internet does not make communities stronger. People make communities stronger. No matter what kind of communities there are, i. e. neighborhood communities, work communities, school communities, or so on, it is people who interact and connect with that group that gives the community its strength. Jonathan N. Cummings, Brian Butler and Robert Kraut (collectively referred to as “Cummings”) states the traditional face-to-face and telephone conversations build strong social relationships.

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Though people can meet others online, relationships where a person can call or see a friend face-to-face is a stronger relationship than any that is strictly online because being able to hear their tone of voice, see their smile, feel their touch creates a stronger bond than typing on a keyboard. Encouragement coming from a friend who can actually pat you on the back or cheer for you from the bleachers is better than getting a congratulations in an e-mail or on a message board.

A relationship in person is an interactive relationship where you both can actively participate in each other’s lives, which is where the bond and strength comes from. Strictly online relationships are just watching each other’s lives from the side lines. give an example of how “actively participating requires face-to-face interaction, and how online relationships are necessarily limited to “watching”. In fact, some people who have internet relationships never truly bond or connect at all.

They may consider themselves friends and talk every day, but really they are more like acquaintances because there is always a question mark in the back of their minds wondering if this person is for real. The person may say or give the impression they are a man or woman but actually be the exact opposite and being that you will never meet them, you will never know for sure. people can’t deceive each other in person? Online, a person can be anyone they want to be, work where they want to work, but in reality, they are nothing they are trying to portray.

Some people get so bored or embarrassed of what they are or do in real life they use the internet to become a way to escape and create a fake identity. In addtion, there are so many felonious individuals online, a person who is trying to befriend you could be a theft or a pedophile, rapist, murderer, etc. This suspicion and uncertainly sticks a wedge into any developing bond in the online relationship and it will never be as strong as one face-to-face. explain the relationship between online deception and community strength Online relationships can actually limit social interaction and weaken communities.

Online interactions do not always have to be a two way street. Anyone at any time can turn their computer off and decide they don’t want to talk to you anymore, and BOOM! just like that, the relationship has ended. No one has to listen to or be subjected in any way to any other point of view but their own. This can cause people to become introverts and can potentially (if they don’t already) develop problems dealing with everyday life which isn’t good for any community.

If someone has a face-to-face relationship it is extremely more difficult to block out what the other person is saying, plus it keeps each person in a reality check they are in public or around another person and they must conduct themselves with the proper social etiquette or otherwise they will only have online communities and never leave the house which will leave them without any close bonds or friendships and they will die alone. this is a big leap from being rude in public. certainly not all rude people die alone Any person that puts themselves in this situation is not productive or useful in any community. here is no possible contribution to a community that can be made online? They are in their own little bubble with no concept of reality, which is a characteristic of a mentally disturbed individual so this person would more likely than not end up in prison or an institution. this is a really strong assumption; the kind that no one is going to just believe just because you said so. i don’t require citations, but if you’re going to make accusations this strong and this inclusive, you will have to give some kind of evidence.

In conclusion, the internet can be a means to connect people together but it does not strengthen community. Online relationships have so much doubt and distrust in the relationship the individuals can never truly bond. what makes the face-to-face bond “true” that online bonds lack? Therefore, I agree with Cummings. Face-to-face relationships have a much stronger bond than any relationship that is strictly online because having a person physically interact with your life and be with you through every step and see their face, hear their voice, feel their touch creates a bond so tough a keyboard cannot compete. xplain the connection between “true bonds” and community strength It is the people themselves who give communities its strength. This paper needs an example here and there, and some of your claims are suspicious because they are so extreme. Also, in some places, you need to show the direct connection between some particular claims and your thesis. Overall, it’s a good paper. 18/20

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