Gatsby and daisy relationship analysis

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Daisy’s relationship with Gatsby and Daisy relationship with Tom. Although Daisy is fictional she seems to be inspired by Zelda. He does this by having Daisy be from a wealthy southern family, by having Daisy be popular with the young men, and by having Daisy be a little bipolar. Ben Philae states, in “The Legend of Zelda (Assayer Fitzgerald)”, that Zelda Assayer was born into an upper-class family in Montgomery, Alabama and was, “by all accounts, the pre-eminent belle Of Montgomery” (Philae). By pre-eminent belle Philae is saying that she was beautiful and the boys in town wanted to be with Zelda.

Daisy mirrored this idea because she was born in to a wealthy, southern family and was popular with the boys when she was eighteen. This shown on page seventy-nine in The Great Gatsby when Fitzgerald writes, “The largest of the banners and the largest of the lawns belonged to Daisy Afar house… She was just eighteen, two years older than me, and by far the most popular of all the young girls in Louisville” (Fitzgerald). By saying that Daisy’s house had the largest of lawns, Fitzgerald implied that she was from a wealthy family, just like Zelda.

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BY saying that Daisy was the most popular girl n Louisville, Fitzgerald was saying that, just like Zelda, the boys in Louisville wanted to be with Daisy. A second example that shows Daisy was inspired by Zelda is that they were both a little on the loony side. Zelda was diagnosed as schizophrenic when she checked herself into a sanatorium outside Of Paris in 1 930 and it has also been speculated that Zelda may have been Bipolar (Philae). Daisy presented this side of Zelda by being a little bipolar herself. In the book, this is shown throughout pages 138, 139, and 140 when Tom, Gatsby, and Daisy exchanging blows with one another.

Throughout these pages Daisy does from saying Tom is revolting and she never loved him to saying that Gatsby wanted too much and ended with saying that she loved both Tom and Gatsby (Fitzgerald). Another example of Daisy being bipolar is in Bag Allurement’s rendition of The Great Gatsby. Daisy goes from hysterically laughing to crying from sadness in the Scene when Gatsby is throwing his shirts at Daisy (The Great). Both of these moments for Daisy show how she is prone to being bipolar. Through having the same origins and being bipolar Daisy was inspired by Fitzgerald wife, Zelda. F.

Scott Fitzgerald also connected Daisy’s relationship with Gatsby back to his own marriage with Zelda. 30th Zelda and Daisy made their loved one we until they were wealthy before they got serious but they both ended up together at a time in their lives. It is known that Zelda made Fitzgerald wait because in Howard Greenfly’s biography Of F. Scott Fitzgerald, He stated, “Zelda knew what she wanted, and she believed that eventually Fitzgerald could provide the life she had envisioned for herself. But that life required success?financial as well as social?and Scott first had to prove himself’ (Greenfield).

This shows that Zelda wanted to be with Fitzgerald but he was not wealthy enough to be a suiTABLE spouse for Zelda at that time. Once Fitzgerald was wealthy after the first book of his was a hit, he went back to Zelda and they got married (Greenfield). Fitzgerald showed this aspect of his marriage in the relationship between Daisy and Gatsby. Daisy had made Gatsby wait until he was wealthy to think about getting serious with him. The is shown when Tom had called Gatsby a “common swindle” on page 140 Of The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald). This shows that Gatsby was not good enough for Daisy when he did not have his money to throw around.

Gatsby throwing his money around and having his lavish parties is his way of showing Daisy that he is wealthy enough to deserve her. After Nick reunited Gatsby and Daisy she started spending afternoons at Gatsby house. This is shown on page 120 of The Great Gatsby when after Nick questions about Gatsby letter his servants go, Gatsby responds saying, “Daisy comes over quite often?in the afternoons” (Fitzgerald). This shows that after Gatsby proved he had money Daisy accepted him as a partner. This is the same thing Zelda did wit Fitzgerald. By relating Daisy relationship with Gatsby to his own marriage,

Fitzgerald connected Zelda to Daisy. The final way Fitzgerald connects Daisy to Zelda is by connecting Daisy relationship with Tom to his marriage with Zelda. Fitzgerald did this by heavily Daisy and Tom to have a daughter and having Daisy cheat on Tom. Zelda AR Fitzgerald had a daughter who was born on October 26 (Greenfield). Their daughter was named Frances Scott Fitzgerald and was to go by ‘Scottie (Crossroads). This connects Zelda to Daisy who has a little girl as well. Daisy daughter is introduced for the first time in person on page 123 of The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald). This shows that both Zelda and Daisy had a daughter.

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