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Gatsby’s letter to daisy



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    On the other hand Nick is also friends with Tom, Daisy’s husband, and watches him lust over another woman named Myrtle. An examination Of limitability will show the reader how limitability plays a role in each Of the characters choices and how the reader can learn from the characters mistakes. Like death valley, each of the characters are in a lamina state. A character who is stuck in a lamina State is Jay Gatsby himself, he is stuck in the past to recover the love he shared with Daisy , who is now married, and in tying to achieve this goal he disregards his Jewish heritage.

    A perfect example is when Gatsby speaks of his past with Nick. He utters ” God’s truth” when he insists that he is the son of some wealthy people [ … L educated at Oxford” and how ” it is a family tradition” (65). Gatsby is faking the social status of his family which symbolizes resentment and fabrication of his true family lineage to show he is worthy to be with a woman of high social statues, Daisy. Moreover, Gatsby reinvents himself further by changing his name from James Gate to Jay Gatsby.

    His disordered image Of love brings him to a lamina stage, Gatsby is so consumed in a image of love that he” revalue(sells everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes” [112]. This quote explains how Gatsby is stuck in a world revolving around an illusion of Daisy which does not remain. Rather than changing what his life has become he chases a past which no longer exists which ultimately leads to his death. He is stuck recovering a piece of himself he will never grasp because his desire of bringing balance to his life is coming from another human rather than looking within himself.

    Another character who is lamina is Nick Caraway, he is lamina for a short erred of time because of corruption of the social environment he has surrounded himself with. He was not always like that , at the bringing of the book he is quoting advice his father gave him whenever you feel like criticizing anyone just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had” (1). He is loyal to the advice, and has States his honesty and reserve Of judgment. However, the more he observes the people around him, the more he is sucked into a lamina State.

    Judging Jordan as being ” incurably dishonest”(1 58) or calling Daisy and Tom as ” careless people” (175). Nick is absorbed into this lamina world, the more he is around unprincipled individuals the less reliTABLE he becomes as a narrator . Nick has his share of a lamina life, and after returning west he recognizes the world of glamour and wealth is no for him, rather wanting ” a world to be in uniform and at a sort of moral attention forever” (34). This quote shows how Nick looks within himself and figures out that the world he desires is a high minded and principled society.

    He has learned from his experience, which is to Stay true to one’s own virtue. The last character who is lamina is George Wilson. He is Toms mechanic as ell as the one who Myrtle, Georges wife, has an affair with. Mr.. Wilson can be described as a lifeless individual who’s joy comes from keeping his wife happy. He is oblivious or rather refuses to believe his wife is having an affair, in a sense he keeps his emotions at a minimum but it all comes out on the day of his wife’s accidental death.

    He comes to the realization that ” Myrtle had some sort of life apart from him in another world, and the shock had him physically 60) George feels betrayed by the one whom he exchanged vows with and it triggers uncontrollTABLE anger which leads to a lamina stage. George resorts to killing the one responsible for his wife’s death assuming the owner of the vehicle is the one who Myrtle had an affair with. He walks to Gatsby mansion shoots and kills Gatsby as well as himself.

    George is paralyzed and does seek guidance ultimately caused Gatsby death along with his own. This is a perfect example of what being in a lamina stage can do to an individual. In the spur of the moment people become a product of their circumstance , people react to what is thrown their way resulting in choices which impact life negatively or positively, in this case adversely. Death Valley is a very mutual ground in many ways ; it connects New York with Road Island as well as having a lamina persona.

    Death Valley has the potential to be developed into any landscapes, it represents a lamina place full Of creation. In the same way the characters reflect Death Valley when they enter a lamina stage , the choice they make to exit the stage symbolizes their own creation of Death Valley. Some end horrifically and others end advantageously.

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