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Gatsby loves daisy quotes

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What impression do you have Of the narrator, Nick Caraway, from his narration and actions? He seems like a very intelligent, smart, peaceful, but interesting man from the way he talks, describes things and interacts with Daisy, Tom & Miss Baker. 2. What do you learn about Daisy Buchanan from her dress, dialogue, and body language? That she might be very classy, but really she seems sensual and like a flirt. Chapter 2 3. How does Tom treat people in this chapter?

TO be quite honest, Tom is being a bitchy in this chapter, treating people as if they don’t deserve any respect.

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Gatsby loves daisy quotes
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He’s trying to act like he’s the boss Of everyone, making rude comments and kind of like mocking the other people he was with. 4. Describe the violent act Tom committed against Myrtle. What does this reveal about him? Myrtle kept on repeating Daisy name to Tom and Tom hit Myrtle in the face and broke her nose. What this reveals about Tom is that he abuses of women, he’s disrespectful and he’s a cheater.

Chapter 3 5. Describe Gatsby the first time Nick sees him.

The first time Nick saw Gatsby, Gatsby is described as elemental, profound, significant, elegant, formal, young, polite and friendly. Chapter 4 6. Why did Gatsby want Daisy to see his house? Gatsby wanted Daisy to see his house because he didn’t want to arrange a meeting. Also because he wanted to see her because he hadn’t seen her in years and he really liked her. Gatsby wanted to know if Nick invited Daisy to his house some afternoon so Gatsby could come over. That way Daisy would e his house because it was right next door. 7. Explain what happened with their relationship after Gatsby and Daisy met.

After they met, their relationship started to fade away because she was going to get married with Tom Buchanan and eventually lost contact with Gatsby. Bonus points: 8. What is your impression of Jay Gatsby? He is not telling the truth about his life. Can you find any parts of his story that make you suspicious? Support your answer / give examples. Jay Gatsby seems to be like a friendly, honest, young gentleman who’s just ere shy sometimes and doesn’t know how to express some things because of this, so that’s why when he tells some stories about his personal life, I am suspicious about Gatsby not being very honest.

I think that he’s not actually lying, he’s just not telling everything. One part of his story that makes me suspicious is when he says that he wants Daisy to see his house, but he didn’t arrange any meeting or anything; he just told Nick that he should invite her over to his house and let Gatsby come over and from Nick’s house, Daisy could see Gatsby which is right next door.

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