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Even though he would have a parry every week he never actually partied with the rest of the people. Instead he would just stand Off to the side and kick for someone he was secretly in love with. And once she finally came to one of the parties he quit throwing them. Dream: I chose the word dream because throughout the novel Gatsby dreamt of his young love falling back in love with him. He even bought a house across the river from Daisy, his lover, so he could be close to her without her knowing so. Daisy had a green light at the end Of her dock and every night

Gatsby would go look across the river at it as if it symbolized how close he was to his dream, yet also so far. Love: I chose the word love because there were a lot of love stories in The Great Gatsby. One of which was the marriage between Daisy and Tom. But there was also a twist to this relationship because Tom was cheating on Daisy with Myrtle and Myrtle was also cheating on her husband George. There was also Nick and Jordan who had a little love going on between them as well. And then of course there was Gatsby and Daisy who had loved each other at a young age but were separated when

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Gatsby was sent to war. They later reignited their love when they met again in New York but it was short lived because Daisy and Tom left town and disappeared. Eyes: I chose the word eyes because there was a billboard that had the eyes of Dry. T. J. Cocklebur on them. Those eyes were an important symbol in the novel. One thing they symbolized were the eyes Of God, it was as if God was constantly watching over you. Another thing they symbolized was the loss of spiritual values and corruption of America’s people. Death: I chose the word death because there were a few important deaths in the evolve.

One of these deaths was that of Myrtle Wilson. She died trying to go talk to who she thought was Tom riding by in a car, but really it was Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby and Daisy didn’t see her until it was too late and ran her over and left her there to die. Her husband, George, was so distraught that he then found out whose car it was that hit her, Gatsby, and hunted him down and shot him dead at his own house.

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