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Why pop chips are so successful!Katy Perry’s pop chips ad is a good one. Although there are ads all over the world for different foods and healthier foods, this ad is successful because how well it uses its motivational words to try the snack, credibility, and style. It’s very persuasive in motivating people to try this snack.The person in the ad is famous, many of her fans may look up to her as an inspiration. When fans or just regular people see her on there, they may think it’s a better advertisement.

Anyone can point out her flat stomach and skinny thighs, so it shows some evidence how they are better for you. She’s also on a workout ball so it could draw people that are interested in that lifestyle’s attention to it. She is also is very pretty so it can make the ad very attractive looking. angel she is in shows no imperfections, everyone has their own imperfections, but it makes the snack look like it doesn’t give you that extra weight you don’t want.

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A lot of men and women have an insecurity of weight gain or their weight so this snack could be a step to a healthier lifestyle to them. How she mentions on the ad that it doesn’t make you gain weight should automatically draw people’s attention. The coloring in the ad and her pooka dotted sports bra even makes it pop a little more, so it makes you want to look at it if you were scrolling through social media or passing it in a store. Most people can’t just find a good healthy snack just anywhere they go. Any snacks that people can find that is healthier for your body will draw people’s attention because it’s so rare.

It’s all about your own personal improvement that you want for yourself that the pop chips ad can lead you to.When it comes to pathos it’s drawing your attention for sadness or pity. This ad uses pathos when it says, “love without the handles.” A lot of men and women struggle with love handles. It could be looked as offensive to some people and hurt their feelings if they have those love handles. It may could mess with other people’s emotions. But it could also draw their attention better because they want to lose those love handles and to be inspired to have Katy Perrys body.

Katy Perry quotes “I curl pop chips to my lips. Good thing they don’t go to my hips,” she letting people know it won’t make you gain the weight you don’t want. She puts relevant information on there so it can draw people attention a little better. Depending on the person her quoting that it doesn’t go to her hips can also be humorous. She’s trying to persuade people more that it’s not a weight gained snack. People crave snacks when their bored or just to have a little something to eat and when she mentions that she’s showing people they won’t regret eating them.

The way her body is angel it shows she is in shape and doesn’t have a lot of fat to her hips. To viewers it should draw their attention more when they see that subtitle to let them know it won’t make them gain that extra weight that nobody wants.Ethos is credibility. It backs it up using ethos when it has Katy Perry in it. Katy Perry may be someone a lot of people can look up to. She’s famous and has a lot of fans. It gives the ad more credibility. She is trying to say in her ad how the snack isn’t unhealthy for others and it won’t make people gain that weight no one wants. She shows proof with her imperfections and perfect body. Since a lot of people know her being that she’s famous it can make them trust thead more.

They have people that look up to her as a person. To viewers it could help them try it because everyone wants to be able to try that healthy snack that doesn’t make you gain weight.When it comes to me it draws my attention. Me personally wants to lose weight, but I’m like most people and love snacks and junk food. Anyone in general must sacrifice a lot when it comes to losing weight and learning to live the healthy lifestyle. When I viewed this ad and seen her on the workout ball, it interested me because my hobby is to workout.

The healthier lifestyle is new to me and trying new snacks and foods instead of having to the same old diet is a new thing I like to do. I think that’s why most people struggle with the losing weight and getting fit like they want to because no one wants to be on a diet. I personally thought it had a sense of humor when she says it doesn’t go to her hips because that is something I struggle with. They have a great taste to them and It’s great being able to eat a healthy snack that taste just as good as a normal high calorie snack.

Men and women want to just be able to eat whatever they want and keep the bodies how they want to. But with this advertisement and snack you can make it happen. When it comes to a good ad, the pop chips ad has it all. But using pathos and ethos made the ad more affective. It used emotion, angels, style, wording, coloring, humor, and the person advertising all pieced into one a good ad. Pop chips have become a popular snack and it has a lot to do with the advertising of them. There is nothing wrong with the ad and I think it’s very successful. It could catch anyone’s attention to it. No matter your lifestyle I think it can catch anyone’s eye. It is a very persuasive ad.

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