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The Horse And Two Goats

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Nary with a distinct plot that covers themes such as clash of cultures, barriers in communication and colonialism. Throughout the story, Nary uses language to Illustrate the disparaged state of Mini and the horse statue. Mull Is described as being struck by poverty from the beginning of the story, even stating himself that ‘l am the poorest fellow In our caste’, and that ‘everyone else In the village had more money than him’ as they were ‘professed to be high up’.

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The Horse And Two Goats
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He understands that on the scale of social ranking he is especially close to the bottom, one of these reasons being that fertility brings (brought) merit’, yet him and his wife had no ‘progeny. Mini perceives that having numerous children brings wealth and happiness, and is ashamed by having none, the author portraying this by describing how ‘everyone in the village whispered behind their backs that Mini and his wife were a barren couple’.

Walking through the streets, Mini would pass everyone with is ‘eyes downcast’ in order not to meet anyone’s eyes, slightly penitent about his diminished state.

He would lift his head ‘only on the outskirts’ when he was alone, and would ‘urge and bully the goats’ who appeared to be Minim’s only company. The author depicts Minim’s reclusive side by showing how being away from the mocking voices of the people In the village ‘gave him a sense of belonging’, as Mini knew no one would judge him if he was on his own.

Although Minim’s belittled state is clearly shown by R. K Nary, his is not the only one, for the author also describes the diminished state of a horse statue on which Mini sits every day in the outskirts of the village. The statue used to be majestic and splendid before, having been White as a dhobi-washed sheet’ with its ‘head reared proudly and his forelegs prancing in the air’. However, now the horse has lost its elaborate and impressive state, with beads which used to ‘sparkle like gems’ now ‘blobs of mud’,

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