The Horse Dealer’s Daughter Essay

Conflict: Mable’s conflict is what she is struggling with inside.

The simple fact that she is losing everything and has no place to go like her three brothers creates conflict between her and other characters in the story along with conflict with herself. Complication: The complication is in parts, first off in the story it begins when Mable’s family (her brothers and herself) have to deal with the death of their father and the simple fact that they are losing everything, their horses, their home where Mable had taken the place of her Mother after she passed away.

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The Horse Dealer’s Daughter
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Second, now that her father was gone also Mable felt unwanted because she had no place to go and no one to turn to, and third where she then tried to commit suicide so that she could in a way be with her mother again. Moment of Change: The moment of change in the story was when Mable tried to commit suicide and the doctor driving by saves her life.

She awakes to her clothes being ripped off as being exposed as only a “husband” would see her exposed and assumes that this man loves her since he has seen her this way.She throws herself at the man and with him being a doctor he felt a kind of duty to save the girl. He was in fact a friend to her brother and knew their situation. Resolution: The resolution is when Lawrence allows the doctor to confess his love for Mable even though it was to save her life, saving her from suicide, allowing her to have a life with someone who is caring, and have a home.

He did in fact have love for Mable, but he was never in love with her. The doctor resolves the conflict in the story.

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