The Horse Dealer’s Daughter – Mable’s Сonflict Analysis

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The conflict in the story is derived from Mable’s loss of everything, including her three brothers and her lack of a place to go. This results in conflicts with other characters as well as inner turmoil. The complication is twofold: initially, it begins with the demise of Mable’s father, which leads to the loss of their horses and home that she had inherited following her mother’s passing. Secondly, without her father, Mable feels unwanted and abandoned, leading her to attempt suicide in order to be reunited with her mother. However, the turning point occurs when a passing doctor intervenes and saves Mable from taking her own life.

Upon waking up, the protagonist realizes that her clothes have been forcibly removed, leaving her vulnerable and exposed to the gaze of someone who should only be her “husband”. Despite feeling violated, she assumes that this person must truly love her because he has seen her in such a vulnerable state. In desperate need of love and support, she throws herself at him. Interestingly enough, he turns out to be a doctor and feels obligated to help the girl due to his friendship with her brother and understanding of their difficult circumstances.

The climax occurs when Lawrence allows the doctor to express his affection for Mable, even if it originated from his desire to save her life and prevent suicide. By doing so, he rescues her from facing darkness and provides an opportunity for her to find happiness with someone who genuinely cares about her well-being. Ultimately, this gives Mable a sense of security and a place she can call home.

Despite the doctor’s fondness for Mable, there was never any romantic involvement between them. However, he ultimately resolves the conflict within the story.

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