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Biblical Parallels in The Lion King


Lion King

Words: 2684 (11 pages)

Walt Disney and his brother Roy, made it a firm policy that their animated films were designed to appeal to a mass market. In order not to offend any group, Disney did his best to keep religion and God out of his enterprises. 1 Those who have inherited the Disney legacy are tying to live…

Visual Analysis of The Incense Burner



Words: 795 (4 pages)

The Incense Burner of Amir Saif al-Dunya wa’l-Din ibn Muhammad al-Mawardi Ja`far ibn Muhammad ibn `Ali, is an Iranian bronze; cast, engraved, chased, pierced Overall. H. 33 1/2 in. (85.1 cm) L. 32 1/2 in. (82.6 cm) W. 9 in, currently present in the Islamic Art section, in the Iranian area on a two foot…

Skin Of A Lion By Ondaatje


Words: 1226 (5 pages)

In The Skin Of A Lion by Michael Ondaatje,  the utmost diarrhea of the construction of all objects is carried into the subjects, characters and into the nature of the fresh itself. Ondaatje uses a diarrhea in the manner of the novel – station modernism, and diarrhea of construction in the manner that people are…

Panchatantra Stories


Words: 5549 (23 pages)

[pic] The etymology of term ‘Panchatantra’ suggests that it is a combination of two words, ‘Pancha’ (five) and ‘Tantra’ (practice/ principle). So, the five principles or practices illustrated by Panchatantra are ‘Mitra Bhedha’ (Loss of Friends), ‘Mitra Laabha’ (Gaining Friends), ‘Suhrudbheda’ (Causing discord between Friends), ‘Vigra ha’ (Separation) and ‘Sandhi’ (Union). Here are provided some…

The Lion King Hero’s Journey


Lion King

Words: 559 (3 pages)

Adapted from The Hero’s Journey: a Guide to Literature and Life by Reg Harris and Susan Thompson The Lion King was one of the most successful films of 1994. The film owes much of its success to its mythic impact. It is a metaphor for human experience and growth which touches us on a profound…

Study of the Coat of Arms of England


Words: 389 (2 pages)

What does the lion represent? Why would the rulers of England include so many of them on the Coat of Arms? The lion represents royalty, majesty, power, strength, bravery, courage, ferocity, and valour. The rulers have so many to make it clear to everyone that they are in charge. What does the fleur-de-lis represent? Why…

Disney’s the Lion King: Sundiata in Disguise? Analysis



Lion King

Words: 1685 (7 pages)

Over the course of this semester many of the literary works that have been read contained some source of message designed to both teach and improve either the reader or society. Amongst this collection of enlightening literary works, there have been a particular few that have illustrated this idea as well as highlighted particular historical…

School Bully vs. Country Dictator




Words: 867 (4 pages)

There’s a thin line in what defines a bully and what defines a dictator. The same line is often crossed back and forth. By definition a bully is a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people and a dictator is a person who uses absolute, unrestricted control to rule…

My Last Attempt to Explain What Happened with the Lion Tamer



Words: 983 (4 pages)

Brutal training and practice, near death experiences night after night, the ability to make or break a night where everything you are your fellow circus mates have been working for day after day is finally displayed. All these are things that should and probably would bring most people together and allow them to generate respect…

The Lion King: Analysis of Development



Lion King

Words: 868 (4 pages)

 In The Lion King, a young lion cub undergoes a deep and powerful lesson of life while developing his morals and personality along the way. This young cub is in line to be the next ‘King of the Jungle. ’ The name of the cub is Simba, who leaves on a journey after his uncle,…

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