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A Reflection on My Motivation and Path towards Becoming a Veterinarian




Words: 939 (4 pages)

It has been twenty two years of my life, and I never seem to be able to find what I like about myself. What I am sure about though, is that I want to be an animal doctor. A veterinarian, who is able to help the animals around the world, and this, is probably the…

My Dream of College



Words: 1050 (5 pages)

I feel like I have a different opinion of college than everyone else. For the most part, I am not excited to go away to college at all. I wish I could stay in high school forever because I enjoy it so much. My friends are the greatest and I don’t want to make new…

A Rhetorical Analysis of an Article on Euthanasia



Words: 1365 (6 pages)

Dog Days: “We love him; he’s ruining our lives” states loyal caregiver, Louise Aronson, about her family dog, Byron (Aronson, 17). This author faces one of life’s most difficult choices: life or death? While being a controversial topic, Louise does a good job supporting her positive views of euthanasia. She argues that euthanasia is the…

Veterinary Medicine Is the Branch of Medicine That Deals With the Diseases of Animals



Words: 458 (2 pages)

Treating pets is one of the most profitable fields in veterinary medicine. The proper vaccination of animals and the diagnosis of diseases are part of a veterinarians duties. The first step to a career in veterinary medicine is deciding that it is the right path for you. If you like animals, enjoy working with your…

Term and Local Animal Shelter



Words: 1269 (6 pages)

Micaela Diaz Case 1: The Psychology Department is requesting permission from your committee to use 10 rats per semester for demonstrations in a physiological psychology class. The students will work in groups of three: each group will be given a rat. The students will first perform surgery on the rats. Each animal with be anesthetized….

Animals in Testing



Words: 603 (3 pages)

It’s not a new thing. For many centuries scientists and testers in research have used animals of all kinds. Most of the animals are small ones like rodents – rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. Some dogs, cats and a variety of goats, monkeys and rabbits have also been used. The animal rights issue is an…

Second Guarter In The Bronco Game



Physical therapy


Words: 1272 (6 pages)

Case Keenum drops back, he notices Emmanuel Sanders in one on one coverage with a linebacker in the slot. Emanuel does a little stutter and gets passed. Case loads up and throws a bomb. You can hear the crowd gasp for air as the ball soars through the air. And boom Emanuel catches it. He…

Purpose of Expository



Words: 487 (2 pages)

Sample Expository Essay The purpose of an expository essay is to present important information about a specific subject. In the following example, RHS student writer Kellyann Bandusky carefully explains her career ambitions. Notice that the essay follows the proper MLA format. Bandusky 1 Kellyann Bandusky Mrs. Cavallo English I January 30, 2006 A Career to…

Frequently Asked Questions about Veterinarian

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What are 5 things veterinarians do?
Their day-to-day tasks can involve treating wounds, diagnosing illnesses, performing surgery, administering vaccines, and prescribing medications. They also euthanize animals nearing the end of their lives.
What is a good description of a veterinarian?
A Veterinarian, or Vet, is an animal doctor that is responsible for diagnosing and treating animals who are sick, injured or need routine care. Their duties include giving advice to humans on how to properly care for their pets, administering medication and performing surgery on animals.
Why are veterinarian important?
They work hard to address the health and welfare needs of every species of animal. ... Veterinarians also play critical roles in environmental protection, research, food safety, and public health.
Why do I want to be a veterinarian?
One of the greatest benefits of a career in veterinary medicine, such as a veterinary pathologist, is the chance to promote the health and welfare of your patients. You also have the ability to relieve the suffering of animals that have experienced traumatic injuries or chronic illnesses.

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