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The Ideal Democracy in a Government

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  • Pages 3
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    The main purpose of the work is to make evident the nature of democracy. He compares it with other forms of government that depend on autocracy and the leadership of the few rather than the many. HIS concrete definition of democracy Is “democratic government has always meant one In which the citizens, or a sufficient number of them to represent more or less effectively the common will, freely to act from time to time, and according to established forms, to appoint or recall the magistrates and to enact or revoke the laws by which the community is governed. The Work of Carl Becker and his views on Ideal Democracy relates closely to the way our government and society works. Backer’s views also depict the wrongs in our way of conducting democracy. Throughout the text I found some parts personal because of the way it spoke about defining democracy. Becker points out that there are two ways of defining democracy, one ideal form in which everything could be exactly the way he would see fit, and the other realistic. Becker states, “(… To define It as of the people, by the people, for the people; or to define It as government of the people, by the pollutants, for whatever pressure groups can get their Interest groups taken care of. Backers view off “realistic” definition of democracy Is what we as united States colleens see our own government as. The definition of democracy in the real form, as the text states, is disturbing to me, being that it is the form of government we all follow. Democracy is explained to the citizens in ideal form, that the text described, which leads them to think that they have more of a role that they really do.

    This clashes with the morals and ethics that any human being should have, being that I feel the government should be more honest with the people they are leading, if for nothing else than the basis of trust. Every citizen, or human at that, should have the right to trust and believe in their leaders, otherwise they live in an inhumane environment. If we, the citizens, do not rust our government leaders then how/why are we supposed to follow them? While reading Becker I related many of the things he salad about democracy. He text strengthened my views about democracy by giving examples of other countries and states that had success, and others failure, while under democratic rule. He mentioned many things that caused democracy to fail ad what it takes for democracy to flourish, in any state or country. I agree with Becker when he talked about general requirements of citizens under democratic rule, Becker says- “The primary assumption of democratic government is that its citizens are capable of managing their own affairs (… , are rational creatures(… ) men of good will (… ) and sound Judges of good policy. ” paragraph 14, pig. 110. Economy Is mentioned quite a bit as well In the success of democracy, and agree with the means of which It plays into democracy succeeding. Becker goes as far to say “Democracy Is In some sense an economic luxury’ meaning when an economy Is striving the government can allow citizens to play more of a role In making their sections because they have stability.

    To an extent I find this statement true, but, that Norse a depression. I almost feel as if that is what is going on with the United States today. By reading Becker I have a broadened my views of democracy as a whole, instead of being confined to what I already knew. Becker explored in depth issues with democratic systems and similar forms of government that I wasn’t familiar with. Such as Career’s power of popular mandate, Napoleons democratic empire, and Postmistress’ majority of the people.

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