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Personal Ethics Statement:Ideal Work Culture

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  • Pages 2
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    Reviewing my work culture preferences activities, I must agree with the results. It certainly coincides with my ideal work culture. Having spent the last twenty plus years of my life working for the military and other working environments similar to the military that are teamwork centered, ethical and well resourced. I believe there is a relationship between effective study habits and techniques as well as being successful in my ideal work cultures.

    For example; working in a close-knit team, having friendly and supportive colleagues can be very effective for study habits and techniques. My Ethical perspective identify by the ELI on how to look at ethical problems, Rights and responsibilities lens, this lens captures the work of Plato and Immanuel Kant and the ethical theories known as deontology (doing one’s duty). Both of these theorists focused on ideas (whether through nature or god).

    Relationship lens: This lens captures the work of John Rawls and others in the prophetic tradition that call us to justice and care for those less fortunate. My blind spot is as follows; over confidence in process or Unrealistic role expectations, because I believe that a consistent process results in a just outcome for all, I sometimes trust the process too much. I forget that unequal access gives rise to unjust outcomes, even when the process itself is fair. My strengths are coping with pressure, following instructions as well as organizing.

    My weaknesses are innovating, and strategizing. Values; I prioritize the value of equality over autonomy, My primary concern is the well-being of the whole community and I believe that assuring the community’s well-being is the best way to assure that individuals are treated fairly. Personal ethics play a very important role in academics as well as in the workplace. Ethics begins with our families, developing the norms, rules and principles by which we will live and establish over time. The connection etween my ethical perspective and my ideal work culture is ethical behavior. The work culture ethical is emphasis on fairness Active promotion of equal rights and justice for all, the chance to contribute positively to society and make a difference to people’s lives emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. In ethical perspective you define an ethical person as one with sound character traits and habits of thoughtful reflection who seeks justice and fundamental fairness in the community.

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