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Before the coming of the industrial revolution. the bulk of occupations were in some manner linked with agribusiness. At this clip. communicating was entirely by word of oral cavity or written text. The industrial age bought with it. demands for disposal and paper work. As clip went on. engineering was used to develop machines such as the typewriter. telephone and most significantly. the computing machine. We now live in an ‘information age’ . a society that is to a great extent dependent upon the storage and communicating of information.

Employment Forms

With the debut of computing machine controlled engineering. employment forms have changed well. The usage of automatons allows industrial procedures to run 24 hours a twenty-four hours. whilst salvaging companies money by cutting down on the human work force. Some workers experience greater freedom by being able to take their work place. digitally. The ability to work from place saves on travel costs. in some instances giving the freedom to populate about anyplace in the state. Within the office. the figure of paper based occupations such as filing. has decreased with the execution of computing machine systems. This allows companies to finely concentrate their work force to increase productiveness.

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These altering employments may non ever be welcomed by the human work force. the disadvantages of occupation losingss. and the ability to supervise the worker are illustrations of this. For illustration. some supermarkets can supervise the public presentation of their staff by supervising the figure of clients dealt with per hr. Workers in call centres are frequently monitored in a similar manner.


I shall now turn to the advantages and disadvantages of information engineering on a choice of countries. The finance sector has been changed well by the usage of information systems. The usage of hard currency for doing minutess has reduced well. Alternatively. fictile cards. cyberspace and telephone banking have taken over. what are the benefits of a cashless society?

The benefits preponderantly fall into the security class. The usage of debit cards in concurrence with fraud bar schemes significantly reduces the opportunities of larceny. There is small demand to transport big sums of hard currency on ones’ individual. There is less of a demand to line up at a bank or edifice society when one can pull off their fiscal state of affairs online. or over the telephone. Recognition cards have increased the populaces passing power. and so must hold increased gross revenues across many markets well besides. One can now purchase goods by paying in monthly installments. for illustration.

Coincidentally. the disadvantages of these fiscal progresss besides preponderantly fall into the security class. Information systems are a mark for hackers. who may hold the ability to work cyberspace banking apparatuss. Computer systems are able to hive away big sums of personal information. which could besides be jeopardized by a hacker. Although. as antecedently discussed. it could be thought as more secure to transport fictile money. than hard currency. there is still the possibility of credit/debit card larceny and subsequent fraud. On a personal note. it could be harder for persons to maintain path of how much they have spent. particularly as purchasing points with fictile cards is a really speedy and simple procedure that requires small thought. Those who may non pay close attending to their fiscal state of affairs. may overspend with cards. and easy acquire into debt. In instances. people may be denied recognition for a figure of grounds. including the deficiency of a steady income. doing some a great disadvantage.

Crime Prevention

Information engineering has impacted on offense bar in many good ways. For illustration. camera systems which have the ability to observe hurrying and the jumping of ruddy visible radiations have been successful in discouraging drivers from piquing. Computer controlled camera systems in metropolis centres have helped to cut down violent offenses. In the last twelvemonth. camera systems set-up in London have aided in cutting such offenses by over 35 % [ 1 ] .

Other countries of offense bar benefited include:

*Burglary – Taging systems used within the place have helped to retrieve stolen belongings rapidly and expeditiously. Computerized house security systems work to discourage burglars even before come ining the house. by agencies of a seeable Siren.

*Crime Detection – The Police National Computer ( known as the PNC ) is used to keep the inside informations of all offenses committed and by whom. It besides shops the records of all felons. These inside informations are besides used within the National Criminal Intelligence System. which is used to patch together and analyse information about single felons and their condemnable behaviour. This computing machine system interacts with Interpol. the PNC. Customss and Excise. the Inland Revenue every bit good as Bank and Building Society computing machines. In this regard. the constabulary computing machine system can assist forestall many public sectors from being attacked by offense.

Disadvantages of these systems to forestall offense include concerns that the running of the PNC will be passed over to a private company. The PNC contains condemnable records. inside informations of wanted or unsafe people. disqualified drivers. stolen autos and guns and besides the records of 30 million automobilists. Some files indicate that a individual is HIV positive. In add-on to all this there are inside informations of 70. 000 people of ‘long-term interest’ held [ 2 ] . The concern is that a private company running the PNC would non be trusted every bit much as the constabulary and people could be loath to go through information to the PNC. Inaccurate information held by the PNC could do person to be denied a occupation. or be wrongly arrested for a offense they may non hold committed.


Driving licences are now to be in recognition card format and have a exposure of the driver on them. Finally the authorities would wish to add a micro chip to these cards. therefore doing the card into a ‘smart card’ . Stored on the bit will be inside informations of any indorsements for driving offenses. whether the driver was willing to donate variety meats and wellness inside informations such as allergic reactions. The card might besides hive away National Insurance inside informations. which would enable wellness inside informations to be located. Many people are disquieted about this card. since they see it as an individuality card under the camouflage of a impulsive licence. Some people argue that an individuality card would assist contend offense and Britain is the lone European state non to hold one.

In Conclusion

The linking of the Si bit. the freshly emerging engineerings sing fibre optics and orbiter communications has led to the construct of the information expressway. ‘This is a planetary web of computing machines capable of traveling immense sums of information via orbiter and overseas telegram. ’ [ 3 ] The digital revolution is likely to alter all our lives well. By pressing a key at any clip of the twenty-four hours you will be able to acquire information in a suited signifier on demand anyplace in the universe.

The information is non restricted to concern: community information and acquisition informations will be provided. At the minute your telecasting set is restricted to a few channels. In the close hereafter your telecasting will be the gateway to fiber ocular web. This will convey 100s of channels. picture on demand. place shopping. place banking and entree to 1000000s of informations Bankss. In decision. I believe that the impact of ICT on society has been preponderantly advantageous. the debut of many new engineerings has aided in doing our lives easier to populate. Servicess such as cyberspace banking. and recognition cards have saved us clip. secured ourselves against larceny. and allowed us to populate more comfy lives with the merchandises we need available when we need them. Progresss in offense bar have allowed us to populate our lives with much more reassurance of our ain personal safety. We can go forth our houses with the reassurance of the burglar dismay. walk place at dark with the comfort of lowered offense rates.

Although. some will ever differ. there will ever be some signifier of disadvantage to a minority. for illustration. those who get caught rushing on the roads. or possibly to a bulk. illustrations include the feat of our personal inside informations by hackers and the cyberspace. Possibly. even the fright of an emerging big-brother figure. bought about by the execution of public surveillance. Will the information expressway turn upon us?


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