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The Impact of ICT on Records Management in an Organisation

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Chapter ONE


Background of the Study

Over a one-fourth of a century ago, Ben Russak ( 1975 ) noted that traditional theoretical accounts of scholarly communicating would be undermined by the photocopy machine and the computing machine. His anticipation has held: the coming of new information engineerings that have wholly and irrevocably transformed the ways in which stuffs are created, structured, stored, transmitted, distributed, communicated, and accessed, have likewise transformed the agencies and manners of scientific communicating.During the past decennary, planetary communications have changed dramatically, as a consequence of the increased usage of information and communicating engineerings ( ICTs ) .

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The Impact of ICT on Records Management in an Organisation
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ICTs are going necessary if states are to vie on a planetary graduated table.Oliver ( 1999 ) sees ICT as the scientific discipline that investigates the belongingss and behavior of information, the force regulating the flow of information and the agencies of treating information for optimal handiness and serviceability. In the past few old ages Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) has spread through the whole universe in a large manner.

Computers are happening their manner into schools and higher acquisition establishments, authorities and the private sector, and other administrations.

In many instances, ICT has penetrated work and larning environments unplanned. Many authoritiess and users recognize the potency of ICT and the chances it provides, peculiarly for economic and societal development where distances and traditional systems have tended to halter advancement. ICT besides presents chances for recordkeeping in developing states.Bamiro and Liverpool ( 2002 in Akwegwu et al 2011 ) observe that the computing machine ( ICT ) has already invaded and dominated universities in the developed universe.

It has besides been widely acknowledged that ICTs have the potency to play an immediate function in the pursuit for sustainable and just development in Third World states.In Ghana, over the past few old ages at that place have been attempts by authoritiess past and present to better Ghana’s information main roads because of the realisation of the usage of ICT as a tool for sustainable development, which is so important. This has led to some betterments in ICT substructure though there is still room for farther betterment. The private sector has besides been really instrumental in developments in this sector, constructing some signifier of substructure on their ain with great success.

Records direction as a field of work and as a agency of guaranting productiveness has non been given the necessary attending that it deserves in Ghana until late when both public and private establishments have started to pay attending to good records direction systems and patterns. Although International Standard for the direction of concern records ( ISO 15489 ) emphasizes the demand for good records direction as an effectual manner for states and organisations to carry through their duties and fitting outlooks of their stakeholders, this demand has suffered a major recoil in Ghana.Records and record maintaining represent the life wire of organisations ( Egwunyenga, 2006 ) . It would be really hard to be after and administrate any organisation such as the school efficaciously if records are non kept and managed decently.

School records are paperss, books, floppies and files which contain information on what goes on in the school ( academic and non-academic activities ) , school forces, pupils every bit good as other school resources such as instructional stuffs ( Olagboye, 2004 ) .Record maintaining and direction ought to be taken as a critical duty by school governments because of the indispensable function records play in the effectual daily running of the school. However, most school governments do non hold a good civilization of record maintaining. The few records that are kept are normally non decently stored, therefore making the job of retrieval to users when needed.

The few school governments that have adopted the electronic record-keeping pattern in the record direction system of their establishments have risen above such jobs of storage and retrieval, as ICT affords the chance to hold a speedy and easy position of all the records on school activities. Technological promotion had contributed to the effectual storage and direction of school records.ICT and record direction have a strong grade of commonalty and many complementary accomplishments. ICT and record direction are both concerned with the creative activity, storage, handiness and security of digital information.

The ultimate purpose of both record direction and ICT is to back up, protect and enable the concern of the administration in a cost-efficient mode now and in the hereafter.Information and Communication Technology is the major alteration perceived in the universe of record direction.However, where ICT applied scientists and maintains systems to pull off an organisation’s information assets, the focal point of record direction is on protecting, sorting and keeping the genuineness of records, so they remain accessible and map as grounds of the concern conducted for every bit long as they are required to be kept.With Information and Communication Technology, Record Management should be simple as compared with the complexness of traditional record maintaining.

The usage of ICT for school record maintaining and direction gives an overview of the figure of pupils that registered, accurate information on students’ fees payment position, and a comprehensive database of staff, pupils and teachers with merely a chink. However in most of the third establishments in Ghana the instance is different where about all their records and record direction are done manually and Ho Polytechnic is non an exclusion.1.2Problem StatementProblem StatementIn the past few old ages Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) has spread through the Pacific part in a large manner.

Computers are happening their manner into schools and higher acquisition establishments, authorities the private sector, and other administrations. In many instances, ICT’ has penetrated work and larning environments unplanned ( Setareki Tale and Opeta Alefaio, National Archives of Fiji 2005 ) . Example, in the past old ages, typewriting was done with typewriters, so there was a transmutation to the usage of computing machines, now, non merely are computing machines used to type, but one can programme it to take commands of notes and type them. However, Ho Polytechnic since its origin is now seeing some degree of ICT inventions where a plan called topas was introduced to bring forth students’ record.

This was doing job of updating students’ records by itself and identify in informations could non be changed. Lectors and pupils are non comfy with this plan, so new plans are being introduced but there are still oversights in the record maintaining and direction systems which need to be addressed.Recovering or acquiring information or records on pupils, staff and people in polytechnic community is hard. In the General Office, there are still bulky files which are presumed to be records of the engineering school and the usage of computing machines ; does it intend that filing is done both manually and with computing machines? Besides pupils Transcripts, attestation and consequences takes a long clip before they get them.

Why does it take so long a clip? Looking at the population of about a 1000 and above, pupils still line up for several figure of yearss to hold their enrollment done per caput on paper.Consequences of pupils need to be processed every bit fast as possible that is why there is the demand for the usage of ICT to rush up the procedure of recovering files when needed. This job needs to be checked before the establishment lose its clients ( pupils ) because there are other establishments out at that place which have a well-planned record direction systems and pupils records are retrieved on clip. It looks upseting that a large organisation like the Ho Polytechnic appears to hold jobs with record direction in this epoch of ICT.

This research seeks to sketch the necessity of the governments of the establishment to migrate at all cost to the usage of the ICT and the assorted benefits which comes along with it, which will travel a long manner to ease the work of the disposal and the pupil organic structure as a whole. Thereby replying the inquiry when will we of all time halt disbursement yearss in a waiting line to register at the beginning of every semester.1.3 JustificationSince the incursion of ICT into the 3rd universe states, there have been several surveies on the impact of ICT on record direction, instruction systems and the development of Ghana as a whole.

( Adebi, Teye Emmanual, 2012 ; George Amanortsu et Al, 2013 ; Albert Kwansah et Al, 2012 ) . Adebi, 2012, in his survey on the appraisal of ICT in senior high schools, found out that deficiency of preparation, cognition about computing machines and experience in the usage of computing machines are the factors impacting the usage of ICT in schoolrooms. George et al 2013, conducted a survey on the entree and use of ICT in the Polytechnics, uncover that experience of presenting more and different ICTs in schoolrooms and other educational scenes suggest the full realisation of the possible educational benefits of ICT. Albert et Al, 2012 researched into the usage of ICT in front office operation of concatenation hotels in Ghana.

It was found that ICT has positive impact on the front office of concatenation hotels by cut downing waiting lines to the hardly negligible. However there has been no extended survey on the impact of ICT on record direction in establishments in Ghana. Ghana’s population is increasing and for that affair the addition in student population in third establishments which means more administrative activities doing retrieving or acquiring information or records on pupils, staff and people in polytechnic community hard and so the demand for better and more rigorous manner of record maintaining and direction.


4 Research Questions

In position of the aims set for the survey, the survey is guided by the undermentioned inquiries: –

  1. What is the importance of records direction in Ho Polytechnic?
  2. How and what method will be adopted for ICT to hold a positive consequence on Record Management?
  3. What signifier of informations base direction system does Ho Polytechnic utilise?
  4. Is Ho Polytechnic system of record maintaining automated or manual?
  5. What ways would ICT be used to better records direction system.

1.5Aims of StudyThe chief aim of the survey is to look into how ICT has contributed to the sweetening of records direction in Ho Polytechnic.

  1. To find the importance of Records Management in Ho Polytechnic.

  2. To find the consequence of ICT on record Management
  3. To happen out if Ho Polytechnic has a information base direction system.
  4. To happen out if record system is automated or manual.
  5. To find ways to better record direction systems utilizing ICT


Significance of the StudyThis survey is expected to supply a footing for comprehensive information on information and communicating engineering and its impact on record direction in establishments in Ghana. The survey will set up the bing spreads in the acceptance of information and communicating engineering in the record direction of Ho engineering school in the Volta part of Ghana.The consequence of the survey has the possible to lend vastly to the strategic determination devising of the top direction of Ho Polytechnic. This will enable them to give much attending to records direction utilizing ICT and automate most of their procedure such as pupil enrollments, fee wage and consequence among others for effectual and efficient direction of the establishment.

The survey would besides be good to policy determination shapers to take concrete determination on how the third system in Ghana should be ran and how to maintain records for speedy and timely determination doing through the usage of ICT.Besides the consequence of the survey would assist persons particularly enterprisers, directors, concern organisations who are yet to come in into concern to see all the relevancy of ICT in records direction of an administration. The survey would besides function as a mention stuff for farther probe by interested research workers who might desire to cognize more about the impact of Information and Communication Technology on records direction1.7Scope of the StudyThis survey will concentrate on issues surrounding on entree to and usage of ICT in establishments record direction.

The focal point of this survey will be on the extent to which entree to and usage of ICT by direction, staffs and section as whole in an institution’s record direction and the impact it has made on the record direction. The range of the survey is limited to Ho Polytechnic, as it will be easier for the research workers to make their topics.Ideally, it would hold been appropriate to include other third establishments in the survey in order to be able to compare entree and usage of ICT in assorted establishments record direction since this is an issue in most third establishments in Ghana. However, the cost involved in such enterprise and the clip available for the research has non made this executable.

1.8Limitation of the Study

As it is with any research that will necessitate findings, the research will be limited by assortment of factors which include: clip, fundss and entree to information on the subject. Time will be a restraint due to the fact that the period allocated for the research is short to let equal aggregation of information on the survey. Fundss pay a major function in researches of this sort.

This is so because the researches need to purchase stuffs, print paperss and travel to the topographic point of informations aggregation. Without finance the survey will non portray the true image it supposes to bring forth.The initial involuntariness of the school decision makers in leting the research workers to utilize their establishment for the research survey and the proviso of requested information. The involuntariness of some of the respondents to return the questionnaires is another restraint to this survey.

It is anticipated that some respondent will non collaborate during research informations aggregation. Others will merely click the responses without thorough reading and apprehension of the inquiries good.

Organization of Study

The survey has been divided into five chapters.Chapter one ( 1 ) outlines the debut of the survey, the job statement, justification aims, research inquiries, significance of the survey, range, restriction and organisation of the survey.

Chapter two ( 2 ) entails the literature reappraisal of the survey, sets the theoretical base of the research and to put the current research position to demo the province of the art and it is the reviewing of secondary informations. Chapter three ( 3 ) covers the methods of informations or information assemblage. It includes the definition of the survey country, , its population, research design, sample size, the trying techniques, the manner of informations aggregation and analysis. Chapter four ( 4 ) trades with informations presentation and analysis.

Chapter five ( 5 ) addresses drumhead of the major findings that is the decision and recommendation.1

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