The Impact of ICT on Records Management in an Organisation

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Over a one-fourth of a century ago, Ben Russak ( 1975 ) noted that traditional theoretical accounts of scholarly communicating would be undermined by the photocopy machine and the computing machine. His anticipation has held: the coming of new information engineerings that have wholly and irrevocably transformed the ways in which stuffs are created, structured, stored, transmitted, distributed, communicated, and accessed, have likewise transformed the agencies and manners of scientific communicating.During the past decennary, planetary communications have changed dramatically, as a consequence of the increased usage of information and communicating engineerings ( ICTs ) .

ICTs are going necessary if states are to vie on a planetary graduated table.Oliver ( 1999 ) sees ICT as the scientific discipline that investigates the belongingss and behavior of information, the force regulating the flow of information and the agencies of treating information for optimal handiness and serviceability. In the past few old ages Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) has spread through the whole universe in a large manner. Computers are happening their manner into schools and higher acquisition establishments, authorities and the private sector, and other administrations.

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In many instances, ICT has penetrated work and larning environments unplanned. Many authoritiess and users recognize the potency of ICT and the chances it provides, peculiarly for economic and societal development where distances and traditional systems have tended to halter advancement. ICT besides presents chances for recordkeeping in developing states.Bamiro and Liverpool ( 2002 in Akwegwu et al 2011 ) observe that the computing machine ( ICT ) has already invaded and dominated universities in the developed universe.

It has besides been widely acknowledged that ICTs have the potency to play an immediate function in the pursuit for sustainable and just development in Third World states.In Ghana, over the past few old ages at that place have been attempts by authoritiess past and present to better Ghana’s information main roads because of the realisation of the usage of ICT as a tool for sustainable development, which is so important. This has led to some betterments in ICT substructure though there is still room for farther betterment. The private sector has besides been really instrumental in developments in this sector, constructing some signifier of substructure on their ain with great success.

Records direction as a field of work and as a agency of guaranting productiveness has non been given the necessary attending that it deserves in Ghana until late when both public and private establishments have started to pay attending to good records direction systems and patterns. Although International Standard for the direction of concern records ( ISO 15489 ) emphasizes the demand for good records direction as an effectual manner for states and organisations to carry through their duties and fitting outlooks of their stakeholders, this demand has suffered a major recoil in Ghana.Records and record maintaining represent the life wire of organisations ( Egwunyenga, 2006 ) . It would be really hard to be after and administrate any organisation such as the school efficaciously if records are non kept and managed decently.

School records are paperss, books, floppies and files which contain information on what goes on in the school ( academic and non-academic activities ) , school forces, pupils every bit good as other school resources such as instructional stuffs ( Olagboye, 2004 ) .Record maintaining and direction ought to be taken as a critical duty by school governments because of the indispensable function records play in the effectual daily running of the school. However, most school governments do non hold a good civilization of record maintaining. The few records that are kept are normally non decently stored, therefore making the job of retrieval to users when needed.

The few school governments that have adopted the electronic record-keeping pattern in the record direction system of their establishments have risen above such jobs of storage and retrieval, as ICT affords the chance to hold a speedy and easy position of all the records on school activities. Technological promotion had contributed to the effectual storage and direction of school records.ICT and record direction have a strong grade of commonalty and many complementary accomplishments. ICT and record direction are both concerned with the creative activity, storage, handiness and security of digital information.

The ultimate purpose of both record direction and ICT is to back up, protect and enable the concern of the administration in a cost-efficient mode now and in the hereafter.Information and Communication Technology is the major alteration perceived in the universe of record direction.However, where ICT applied scientists and maintains systems to pull off an organisation’s information assets, the focal point of record direction is on protecting, sorting and keeping the genuineness of records, so they remain accessible and map as grounds of the concern conducted for every bit long as they are required to be kept.With Information and Communication Technology, Record Management should be simple as compared with the complexness of traditional record maintaining.

The usage of ICT for school record maintaining and direction gives an overview of the figure of pupils that registered, accurate information on students’ fees payment position, and a comprehensive database of staff, pupils and teachers with merely a chink. However in most of the third establishments in Ghana the instance is different where about all their records and record direction are done manually and Ho Polytechnic is non an exclusion.

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