The Importance of Being Ernest Setting Analysis Sample

Oscar Wilde adds a alone manner to his drama The Importance of Being Ernest by contrasting the play’s different scenes. The scene of a drama can be a cardinal component in developing the secret plan. The Importance of Being Ernest is set in the late 1800s in the bustling metropolis of London. The background of the drama contrasts the differences in the characters Jack and Algernon every bit good as farther developing the secret plan line.

The Importance of Being Ernest is developed within two contrasting topographic points. The scene that opens the drama takes topographic point in the metropolis of London. London is described throughout the drama is a busy metropolis full of blue metropolis inhabitants. The scene in the first act chiefly focuses on Algernon’s sign of the zodiac complete with pantrymans. Ag services. high terminal nutrient and vino and the formality that these elements create.

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The 2nd scene in Act 2 is set in the countryside of Hertfordshire where Jack presides. His house is surrounded by nature giving the country a more placid feel. Both scenes are necessary because without it there would be no secret plan. Both characters utilize the scenes for an flight of their worlds. Both work forces use alter self-importances. Jack’s alter self-importance is named Ernest and he is described as a troublesome metropolis inhabitant that enjoys the bunco and hustle of the metropolis. On the other manus Algernon’s alter self-importance Bunbury is described as a adult male who lives in a simplified life in the countryside and gets ill frequently. The contrasting topographic points allow these two work forces to temporarily acquire off from their lives.

The contrasting scenes besides develop the secret plan farther by constructing the flood tide. The two topographic points clash when Algernon decides to come visit Jack in the state presenting as Ernest. He so proposes to Cecily. Jack’s niece. under the name Ernest. This creates a job when Gwendolyn besides comes to see Jack believing his name is Ernest every bit good. Gwendolyn and Cecily both think that they are engaged to a adult male named Ernest. This finally unravels Jack’s alter self-importance. Without the different scenes they wouldn’t be able to make their alter self-importances.

The contrasting scenes allowed the two characters to hold an mercantile establishment off from their lives but besides lending to a secret plan by making struggle and besides contrasts the differences in the characters. Puting can be merely every bit of import as the secret plan because it sets the phase of the plot line.

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