The Importance Of Csr In Procter And Gamble And Unilever Business

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This study highlights the importance of CSR and present relevant profile of two elephantine Consumer based merchandise companies Procter & A ; Gamble and Unilever.


Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is a thought that has been introduced and used by concerns good over half a century, Corporate Social Responsibility is all about lending back to societal society through assorted charity undertakings from where companies have earned.

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CSR is how Companies are making concerns in a manner that can standout them from traditional rivals in consumers mind ; it gives companies tremendous sum of benefits such as ;

It helps to construct good working atmosphere among its bing staff,

Brand distinctions through CSR undertakings are besides used to convert organisations and the wider populace, that company take current issues like wellness and safety, diverseness and environmental issues earnestly.

Besides CSR plans divert attending off from companies ‘ perceived negative image e.g. the crude oil giant BP has run run to clean oil spill and besides fix windmills on top of gasoline Stationss in the Britain.

The Procter & A ; Gamble Company

P & A ; G is among of the universe largest consumer goods fabricating companies with US $ 78.9 billion gross ( 2010 ) using over 127000 people. It is 6th most admired company in Fortune magazine 2010 list.

Company is 172 old ages old and has grown through tremendous sum of challenges and Depression. Through all these troubles, one success after another has make P & A ; G to come on, P & A ; G ‘s rule is to touch and better consumers ‘ lives with branded merchandises and services.

Out of more than 300 trade names, some of the celebrated trade names owned by P & A ; G are as follows ;

Ariel laundry detergent, Braun a small-appliances, Crest toothpaste, Duracell batteries and torchs, Gillette razors for work forces and adult females, Head & A ; Shoulders, Rejoice shampoo, Olay Personal and beauty merchandises, Pantene hair attention merchandises, Pringles chip, Oral-B inter-dental merchandises, Wella hair attention merchandises, Always Feminine hygiene, Dolce & A ; Gabbana Colognes, Dunhill Luxury Fragrance for work forces, Herbal Essences Haircare etc

The Unilever Company

Unilever is a Dutch transnational corporation that owns some of the universe ‘s best consumer merchandise trade names in drinks, personal attention merchandises, cleaning agents and in nutrient market.

Unilever founded in 1930 by the amalgamation of the British soap maker Lever Brothers and Dutch maker Margarine Unie, and so become Unilever

Unilever has grown in singular manner touching its grosss to a‚¬39,823 million ( 2009 )

It straight have 163,000 co-workers ( 2010 ) and trades inA 170 states worldwide, besides back uping the employments of 1000 of providers, contractor and distributers.

Out of more than 400 trade names crossing over 14 classs of nutrient merchandises, personal attention and place, no other company affect with that many people ‘s lives in many different ways

Some of the celebrated trade names owned by Unilever are as follows ;

In Food merchandises ; Becel / Flora heart-healthy merchandises, Heartbrand ice picks, Knorr a sure and popular trade name, Hellmann ‘s the universe ‘s figure oneA mayonnaise trade name,

In Personal attention class ; Dove, Pond ‘s, Sunsilk, Lifebuoy, Vaseline, A Lux, Rexona ‘s,

In Home attention trade names ; Comfort, Radiant, Surf, are among the prestigiousness trade names of company

Model of Corporate Social Responsibility

Carroll Model

Beneficent Contributions:

At Unilever Company Corporate Social duty is taken as serious cardinal factor of growing. Company has a history of assisting and reacting towards catastrophes, some illustrations are mentioned below;

Unilever contributed $ 500,000 to United Nations World Food Programme for alleviation assistance to Haiti temblor victims.

Company acknowledge planetary human-centered attempts as a precedence, and showed its dedication antecedently by back uping in major alleviation attempts, such as Tsunami in Indonesia ( 2004 ) and Hurricane Katrina in the U.S ( 2005 ) .

( Unilever, 2010 ) 1.

Unilever besides donate a‚¬1 million hard currency in recent Pakistan inundation devastation

The contribution was distributed among the UNICEF, World Food Programme ( WFP ) , Oxfam Save the Children, and Population Services International ( PSI ) .

Aid besides include supplies e.g. Soap, toothpaste and shampoo. Company is looking frontward to work with same type of organisations in future to assist with development programs.

( Unilever, 2009 ; issuu, 2009 ) 2.

P & A ; G

P & A ; G take its CSR policy earnestly, Harmonizing to company ‘s president of board A.G. Lafley ‘s latest statement he said “ Company must non merely prolong growing. We must lend to the sustainability of the universe we live and work in. ”

P & A ; G and In-Kind Giving

From twelvemonth 2002, P & A ; G have given away more than ?6 million value of goods to a charity known as In Kind Direct. Variety of merchandises was donated from rinsing pulverization to diapers, this aid out 1,454 charity organization.A The charity was established in 1996 and assists 6,000 charities since then.A In Kind DirectsA one undertaking is to re-distribute new goods given by some ofA UK ‘s good known manufacturers and Sellerss to assorted other voluntary administrations.

( P & A ; G, 2010 ) 3.

Ethical Duties:

Despite some unfavorable judgment Unilever has done concern in ethical mode by continue inventions ;

Understanding consumer demands

Unilever has done huge sum of research on concentrating on mundane consumer demand for diet, cleanliness and single attention by doing high-quality merchandises that are safe to utilize

Make merchandises low-cost and approachable to consumers

Working with Suppliers

Unilever tried to follow sustainable ways in supply concatenation. From responsible sourcing, they seek to raise criterions in row with the demands set out in their Business Code and Sustainable Code of Agriculture.

Production & A ; fabrication

Unilever has put rigorous processs in respect to look after the wellness and safety of its workers while at work, safeguard the wellness and safety of clients, and cut down the C emanation of their fabrication sites.

P & A ; G

P & A ; G has announced its new vision for environment sustainability vision that includes ;

Since 2002 P & A ; G have reduced nursery gas strength of operation by 30 % .

Targeting 0 % consumers & A ; fabrication waste go to landfills.

Use of 100 % renewable or recycled stuffs in merchandises and packaging

Runing site fabrication workss with 100 % recycled power.

Planing attractive merchandises for consumers while lending in protection of resources ( P & A ; G, 2010 ) 4.

Legal Duties:

There are several occasions on which Unilever was questioned and was forced to carry through their legal duties in better manner


“ Unilever Fined over Polluting California Air with Deodorant Spray ”

Unilever was fined $ 1.3 m by Californian air resource board USA,

After one of its Deodorant Bodyspray trade name ‘AXE ‘ was found to hold volatile organic compounds, VOCS, Exceeds its allowed bound.

Sale of 2.8 million deodorant organic structure sprays was unsuccessful in fulfilling the province ‘s criterion of clean air. ( Ens-newswire, 2010 ) 5.

P & A ; G

Recently Procter & A ; Gamble was required to pay serious sum of money in footings of VAT after losing a lawful instance with the revenue enhancement governments over its Pringles bite.

The Court of Appeal gives determination in favor of the Tax governments, which has long claim that Pringles are made with a more than 42 % of murphy ingredients, hence, apt for VAT. Revenue farther claim that the VAT due on the sale of Pringles was “ every bit much as ?100m of revenue enhancement for the past and about ?20m a twelvemonth for the hereafter. ”

( BBC, 2009 ) 6.

Economic Duties:

Unilever ‘s is so among the universe giant transnational company and does owe the universe, economic duty to some extent ; Indeed companies like Unilever and Proctor and Gamble have influences over universe economic system.

EU foraies Unilever in price-fix probe

On one juncture Unilever ‘s Four European offices came under probe by antimonopoly inspectors on intuition of price-fixing ; foray was carried out by The European Commission authorization which conducts thorough review at the offices.

Although Commission retain the authorization to ticket companies up to 10 per cent of Group ‘s planetary gross revenues, though in the past those found guilty were fined 2per cent to 3 per cent of gross revenues.

A spokesman at Unilever confirms that inspectors did see the offices in Austria, Belgium, Spain and Netherlands but did non notice on review procedure.

( Times online, 2008 ) 7.

P & A ; G

P & A ; G has secured corporate citizenship awards five times since 2001. P & A ; G has attracted the concentration of the public due to the assorted charity works that the company has done.

P & A ; G remains to be argus-eyed in assisting victims of natural catastrophes or those in inadvertent crises. For illustration, temblor came in Turkey some old ages back. The state was filled with casualties ; hence P & A ; G responded rapidly to assist out. They donated their alleviation merchandises such as imbibing H2O, covers and deliverance installations. That was a immense aid for people involved in the incident and were given the best support possible.

Another contribution related to do-gooder was made to Indian kids. Unilever behavior study and found that many kids were deceasing of malnutrition ; P & A ; G responded and contribute important sum of resources towards managing this job.

( Articles base, 2010 ) 8.

Sethi ‘s Model

Social Duty:


There are occasions on which Unilever was forced to turn to their Health and safety issue in better manner

Unilever ‘exposed ‘ staff to chemicals

On September 5, 2005 around 25 workers from Unilever Port Sunlight works study tegument complains and claim that they were exposed to chemicals without supplying adequate wellness and safety processs

Court heard the instance and Unilever pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay ?28000 mulct within 28 yearss. The company agreed with the determination and pay the mulct within 28 yearss.

( Liverpool echo, 2008 ) 9.

CO2 Emission

Unilever is lending its CSR through sustainable productions.

In old 15 old ages the company has well enhanced the environment friendly agreement of mills. CO2 from energy has reduced near 40 % , entire waste with 73 % and H2O by 65 % per metric ton of production.

P & A ; G

CO2 issue

P & A ; G are really about CO2 emanations. Their scheme is to utilize 100 % renewable or recycled stuffs to fabricate all the merchandises so that the waste which comes out due to production can non travel to landfills and utilizing power workss holding 100 % renewable energy. It is their belef that their scheme will breathe zero C dioxide. They will implement their scheme from 2020. ( Fast Company, 2010 ) 10.

Social Duty:

Unilever has good image in market sing its Social duty despite some contentions, one of them explained below:

Union run marks Unilever

In Jan 2009 Unilever Pakistan become Centre of intelligence when issue of 700 contract bureau workers came up,

The “ National Federation of Food ” , “ Beverage & A ; Tobacco Workers of Pakistan ” claim that Unilever ‘s direction were taking advantage of workers by maintaining them in portion clip occupations for over 10 old ages, they were offered less money and have few benefits.

Part clip employees were given the legal minimal pay of 6,000 Sri lanka rupees, which is merely 33 % of the lowest rewards of the 22 direct employees ( without benefits ) .

Besides in order to have their 6,000 Sri lanka rupees per month they were required to work at least 26 yearss each month. If they do n’t work 26 yearss ‘ in a month, they were merely paid 252 Sri lanka rupees per twenty-four hours – the equivalent of a small over 3 US dollars.

( Businessrespect,2009 ; iuf, 2009 ) 11.

P & A ; G

P & A ; G Suit Alleges Age Discrimination

A federal case was filed against Procter & A ; Gamble impeaching that company tried to cut costs by firing out older employees.

Gary Hagopian worked at P & A ; G for 26 old ages ; he claimed in U.S. District Court that he was demoted from his occupation because the company wanted to replace him with younger and cheaper employees.

Hagopian aged 51, claimed amendss of more than $ 12 million.

( highbeam,2001 ) 12.

The Procter & A ; Gamble Company has introduced its employee holiday program to assist UNICEF ‘s work for kids and adult females worldwide. This program started in 2009 and all P & A ; G employees in Western Europe were invited to take part. It proposes them opportunity to take a 3 month clip off to travel work with UNICEF. Five P & A ; G employees have been chosen to work in the UNICEF Country subdivisions in Mauritania, Cameroon and Macedonia in 2010.

P & A ; G workers in Slovenia besides take portion in the “ National Waste Cleaning Day ” .

Earth hebdomad was marked in Slovenia that includes donating points to an orphanhood, and prosecute in educational activities to raise consciousness of sustainability concerns.

( P & A ; G,2010 ) 13.

Social Responsiveness:

Procter & A ; Gamble ( P & A ; G ) has introduced new hiting procedure to cipher and better the public presentation of its sellers sing C emanation. Supplier ‘s scorecard will cipher the environmental footmark of providers ; it will mensurate entire environmental consequence in footings of energy, H2O, waste disposal and C emanation.

P & A ; G will utilize this scorecard in future to find each provider ‘s sustainability evaluation,

And station it in P & A ; G ‘s one-year providers ‘ public presentation measuring procedure.

( Supply direction, 2010 ) 14.

Procter & A ; Gamble Fair Trade Program

Proctor & A ; Gamble ( P & A ; G ) is among the 4 major concerns in the universe and biggest java seller in the US, Company declared that it will get down “ Fair Trade Certified ” java merchandises from its java division.

( Ethical corporation, 2003 ) 15.


Unilever ‘s Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s, in February 2010, said that all the stuffs will be certified by Fair trade in Europe. This will be implemented by the terminal of 2011and by 2013 throughout the universe.

There are many states in which unilever is working with smallholder husbandmans to develop or better their work and productiveness program to increase productiveness and promote native income.

Their Hellmann ‘s, Amora and Calve trade names have easy met their committedness in western states. ( Unilever, 2009 ) 16.

Conclusion & A ; Recommendation

From above study it can be said that both companies Proctor & A ; Gamble and Unilever are so among the universe giant companies that work on same form to do themselves successful.

If we analyse CSR through Carroll theoretical account ; we can see in Philanthropic Contributions of companies, which is cardinal base to pull stakeholders towards company image, both companies have shown their understanding and generousness towards assisting and reacting catastrophes. Both Companies are besides apparent in regard to their ethical function in bring forthing their merchandise through sustainable channels e.g. Bettering the eco-efficiency in their production procedure every bit good as cut downing CO2 emanation and doing high-quality merchandises.

However in respect to Legal duty both companies were found weak and ended up paying mulcts in 1000000s of dollar. In footings of Economic duty we can happen some instances of Unilever where they found leery and acquire involved in monetary value repair probe, although Unilever was non found guilty. P & A ; G was able to follow strong regulations and ordinances in respect to economical duty as they were argus-eyed in reacting temblor in Turkey and besides reacting to assist kids deceasing of malnutrition in India. P & A ; G donated a important sum of resources towards managing this job.

If we review CSR through Sethi theoretical account ; In footings of societal duty Unilever have something to knock approximately ; Where Unilever found with carelessness in its employee ‘s wellness and safety issue, where workers were exposed to work with harmful chemicals, Company was fined up to ?28000.In regard of societal duty both companies did non travel good ;

In Jan 2009 Unilever Pakistan become Centre of intelligence when issue of 700 contract bureau workers came up, they worked at the mill for over 10 old ages and still were on impermanent contract. At P & A ; G Gary Hagopian company employee worked 26 old ages, he claims in U.S. District Court that he was demote from his occupation because the company wanted to replace him with younger and cheaper employees and in conclusion if we analyse CSR with societal reactivity both companies have worked carefully to place sustainability among their sellers

In the terminal both companies must maintain on acknowledging and aim different market divisions in order to vie. Today companies are highly sensitive – as they must be argus-eyed in political, technological and economic alterations. Addressing Corporate Social Responsibility issues are among most affectional strategic perceptual experience. Therefore, the most successful companies will be those that can cover with these issues more expeditiously.

Learning Contemplation

Kolb ‘s learning rhythm:

Contemplation is a procedure that refers to Feeling, Watching, Thinking, and Doing and to follow these things. Contemplation is about reframing our constructs for different issues or ambiguities, seeking out possible readings and so changing them as and when required. However contemplation is non fruitful unless experienced on the footing of some construct or premise which develops a uninterrupted rhythm as presented by Kolb ( 1984 ) .Kolb defines four phases of acquisition:

Concrete Experience:

In the first few categories ‘ brooding observation remained chief since the basic constructs of Business moralss and development of corporate societal behavior constructs were focused. Practical current scenarios of just trading and employee attention helped developing a existent acquisition experience. It besides encouraged developing and foregrounding constituents and schemes of CSR via active acquisition. It has been seen that this construct is really effectual.

Observation and Contemplation:

Contemplation is necessary to sort constituents and distinguish along with ethical concern patterns, work outing quandary etc. Observing coach ‘s attack towards the subject and selecting illustrations, believing and reframing thoughts such as ‘Channel 3-Under screen foremans ‘ this has made as an grounds that how critical it is to warrant a societal scheme and most of the clip it associates excess cost. Hence, the company should believe about the interest holders while believing about their employees.

Forming Abstract Concepts:

The execution of theoretical accounts was bit hard such as stakeholder function for Marks & A ; Spencer might be a ambitious occupation for a novice. However the brooding accomplishments helped here and somehow a fuzz lineation was approached in most of such scenarios. Research about company ‘s patterns and associating those to theoretical constructs has likely been an interesting undertaking.

Testing in new Situations:

This phase was explicitly determined while fixing this assignment. At first, I made an outline program and so backed them by constructs adapted from the instructor. After the completion of concern profiles, I analysed them in CSR theoretical accounts.

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