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The importance of networking term paper

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The importance of networking term paper


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The importance of networking term paper
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            Networking helps in connecting people establishing relationships that result in career advancement, industry updates and enhancement of knowledge. Establishing of network for diverse people is helpful idea for any business. This helps in conducting people from different groups helping in possibility of greater opportunities. Food service managers have to stay connected to the industry. They can do so through attending trade shows and interacting with those attending. They can also network by attending designated networking sessions during conventions, conferences and seminars.

Managers should participate in community events and share information concerning their industry. They should participate in community career days, charity events and forums. They can even visit areas of competitors and other businesses to establish rapport and business opportunities.

            Networking is valuable since it aids in keeping people in the current trends of industry. This networking establishes both internal and external relationship. Online networking is mostly used in industries. It involves use of websites which are known as social sites and these websites works like online community of internet users.

People from different industries form online communities through website with common interests like business. Once one has been offered with a social networking website can begin socializing through conducting people or reading people’s profiles. Networking in food service industry has impacted on the organization, individuals and the society at large. This markets the industry improving on its performance and services thus high profits (Taulli, December 28, 2007).

Fraser, 200 argued that, networking through Information technology enables organizations connect and collaborate through a computer mediated forum and through form of online communities. Networking enables mapping of cultural emphases on knowledge sharing activities which are against increment of institutional compliance and personal agency. It supports development and enables culture that necessitates knowledge sharing within an organization driving an organization to culture management. Sustainable management knowledge is a result of networking through Information Technology. Culture of compliance through social networking in food service industry allows innovation of new technologies that supports knowledge sharing hence creating tension because people view an organization as innovative and creative. Through network managers are in a position to reciprocate opportunities whereby they can share their best practices with certain individuals in the network (Fraser, 2001, p. 27).

Food service managers who use networks are in a position to seek help in complicated situations. They get help through network in which their colleagues can give an insight and views on the challenging situations they are encountering. Networking in food service industry helps in connecting the industry with similar non profit organizations and society at large. This publicizes the industry. Such industries face some challenges through networking. Online communities have their own unique user base making it difficulty for organizations to reach all potential sympathizers, volunteers and donors unless the organization is willing and ready to invest its efforts and time in managing the profile on every website. Networking sites helps foods service industry to enhance awareness on certain issues, find petition signatures and encourage supporters (Taulli, December 28, 2007).

Networking in food service industry helps managers expand their recruitment programs to capture those qualified employees who visit their websites. Through networking, these managers are able to connect with different qualified people on a more personal level and they are able to locate passive job seekers. Within the industry, social networking enhances collective knowledge on the organization and it sharpens the potentiality to act on what is earlier known by people for better results. Networking has improved human resource department not only in food service industry but also in other industries. This is because use of corporate networks whether closed or open in screening and identifying candidates has established a relationship and promoted use of human voice in organizations (Rheingold Associates, 2002). Networking has enabled knowledge management by allowing people to contribute, share, build upon and access information. It helps in identifying who are the key owners of the knowledge and it supports in knowing who instead of knowing how. It enables contribution of ideas and knowledge and suggestions from employees thus enhancing communication, engagement and involvement through ability of people to communicate through informal means and establishing meaningful relationships that are virtually rather than face-face (Fraser, 2001, p. 30).

Networking in different food service industries helps in establishing early warning systems online and they are able to ensure that this information reaches people in time in which they can act immediately to the situation. Networking connects people and establishes relationships across geographical boundaries and offers an ongoing context for knowledge exchange which is more effective than a memorandum. Network attunes all people in an organization to their need giving people the opportunity of being in a position to know needs of each other. In an organization, networking necessitates intellectual capital multiplication reducing social disagreement and encouraging social cohesion. It enables an industry to establish a constant shared social space for geographically dispersed people and amplify innovation. Businesses go beyond problem solving and invents together when they tune on what they can do online (Karlsson, et.al, 2003, p. 132)

Networking helps managers in expanding their contact list which helps them expand their service. It also brings managers in touch with different requirements helping in diversifying their industry. Networking helps in establishing lasting first impression on people they meet when they attend those conference and fair trade. This impression which is created brings greater business opportunities and managers should always keep in touch through the contact they have established.  They have to assist people in their network creating a good will but also business. If one person has a product to sell, then having contact with other people through network helps in running the sales because he can contact them online. Networking and establishment of relationship should be a continuous process. Networking helps in growth of food service industry and expands managers’ horizons. It helps in creating new products and expanding manager’s knowledge (Hillinger, February 27, 2006).

Networking in food service industry forms community memory that deliberates and brainstorms groups stimulating capturing of ideas facilitating information when required. Networking improves how people think in a collective manner whereby they move from sharing knowledge to collective knowing. Training in an organization is turned to a continuous process by networks and they are not divorced from normal business process. Food service industry retains and attracts best employees by offering access to social capital available only within the organization (Fraser, 2001, p. 34).

Networking within food service industry encourages and facilitates and encourages employees’ voice through external and internal blogs. Relationship establishment through networking within the industry extends beyond communication and knowledge management as a quantity and quality of social relationship either externally or internally to the industry. Food service industry is in a position to identify people who are able to contribute to the organizations without even being organization’s employees. Networking connects people with a low cost which are benefits to small food service industries and entrepreneurs who are in mission of expanding their base of contact. It acts as a customer relationship management for the industry. Food service industry can use networking in advertising themselves by use of ads and banners making it easier for them to keep in touch with other contacts globally. Professional networking sites act as a meeting place for industry professionals, business and virtual communities facilitating individual accessibility to the industry. Through this networking, individuals interact and shares different business experiences (Rheingold Associates, 2002).


            Networking in food service industry helps the industry and keeps the industry on top of key developments. You can create a network of people giving managers hot tips on services offered. The main idea and aim of networking in such industry is to give managers solid information on how the industry can work within specific industry and establishing and legitimately being commercially viable. Networking in industry has improved information accessibility enabling people to have new and more effective point-to-point communication facilitating effective access and information distribution. Through electronic networks organizations and individuals are able to tap directly to the varied amount and types of information from online databases and different organizations websites.

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