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The franchise concern has been around a long clip ; in fact they go back every bit far as the 1850’s. The impression of selling off a concern or a portion of a concern in order to spread out into new countries normally came from the deficiency of investing financess from the concern proprietor. While the concern of franchising has grown over the old ages it all had to get down someplace. The construct of franchise concerns started with the Singer Sewing Machine Company in the 1850s. Isaac Singer had two jobs that were maintaining him from being successful. One. he didn’t have the capital to construct a gross revenues force. two. no 1 would purchase a machine unless they were trained to utilize it. Singer’s solution was to bear down a licensing fee to concern people who would have rights to sell and develop in certain geographical countries.

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“Franchising can be defined as a system based on a stopping point and on-going coaction whereby a company. the franchisor. gets into partnership with one or several companies. the franchisee ( s ) . Its premier purpose is to develop a franchise construct designed in the first topographic point by the franchisor. ” A franchise is a concern system in which private enterprisers purchase the rights to open and run a location of a larger company. The franchising company. or franchisor. marks a contractual understanding with the franchisee. explicating in item the company’s regulations for runing the franchise.

In the United States. franchises are typically organized under province Torahs. although the Federal Trade Commission requires that franchisors provide full revelation of franchise contracts in progress. to let franchisees the chance to do a good concern determination. Franchise concerns come with a figure of pros and cons that franchisees must take into history before subscribing the contract. Today. franchising is assisting 1000s of persons be their ain foreman and ain and run their ain concern. Franchising allows enterprisers to be in concern for themselves. but non by themselves. There is normally a much higher likeliness of success when an person opens a franchise as opposed to a ma and dad concern. since a proven concern expression is in topographic point. The merchandises. services. and concern operations have already been established.


“SIOMAI CO” was foremost established in the Philippines in the twelvemonth 2007 specializes in fabrication and distribution of a assortment of traditional Chinese Food that are convenient and modern plenty to take merely proceedingss to function. SIOMAI CO’S rigorous quality control criterion is the cardinal ingredients of their merchandises. Their quality control starts from the choice of natural stuffs from certified panels of providers to fabrication of the finished merchandises ; merely the finest quality of ingredients is used. Siomai Co. Branchs:

* Siomai Co. BinangonanSta. Ursula St. . Binangonan. Rizal* Siomai Co. KatipunanKatipunan Avenue cor. Aurora Blvd. . Quezon City* Siomai Co. Gil Puyat LRTGil Puyat Cor. Taft Avenue. Manila* Siomai Co. Blue Wave Mall MarikinaSumulong Highway Cor. A. Tuazon St. . Marikina City* Siomai Co. Riverbanks MallRiverbanks Center. 84 A. Bonifacio Ave. Marikina City* Siomai Co. Riverbanks TianggeRiverbanks Center. 84 A. Bonifacio Ave. Marikina City* Siomai Co. Binan ( National Hi-Way Sto. Nino St. . Binan City )


Siomai Co. aims to fulfill the gustatory sensation and demands of its consumers in the Filipino society. The attempts of Siomai Company are focused on conveying the most typical and advanced dimsum merchandises to the Filipino market. The chief concern of Siomai Company is the wellness of its clients and thereby it strives to function hygienic and healthy nutrient along with gustatory sensation and quality.


To fulfill their clients and to remain in front of the competition by introducing new merchandises and services based on the demands of their clients and market demand.

Merchandises:* Pork Siomai. Nipponese Siomai. Sharksfin. Chicken siomai. Quail Egg Siomai. Mushroom Siomai* Siopao ( Asado and Bola-Bola )


Siomai Co is the type of franchising called Business Format Franchising which is the most popular type of franchising and the attack where a company provides a concern proprietor with a proved method for runing a concern utilizing the name and the hallmark. The company has to supply aid to the proprietor of the concern at the beginning. and the concern proprietor has to pay a fee in return. In this type of franchise. the franchisee is purchasing the right to more than merely bring forthing and administering a franchisor’s merchandise as in the maker type of franchise. and more than merely selling a franchisor’s merchandise as in the merchandise type of franchise.

Alternatively. enterprisers who choose the franchise concern format are truly buying the franchisor’s strategic concern operation theoretical account. which has proven to be effectual ; and the right to bring forth. administer and/or sell the franchisor’s goods and/or services comes along with that purchase. Our group conducts a study to happen out the needful replies for our term paper. We use study questionnaires distributed to every employee to inquire them about the franchise Siomai Co. until we came up to their replies that satisfies our inquiries.

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