The Important Goal of Being Knowledgeable and Educated

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In my short nineteen year old life I have found that the importance of education varies like crazy in our American society. People want to base their education on things like becoming extremely wealthy and impressing their friends and parents and not enough on self-rewarding things such as becoming educated for themselves or getting a dream job that they are actually passionate about. I have a few reasons I am going to college to gain an education. I really wish to be extremely educated, I want to be able to support my future family and I want to achieve the career I have been most passionate about since as far back as I can remember. All things that ultimately have to do with the society that we live in today.

I am furthering my education most importantly for myself and my own personal pleasure. I strongly value education for a lot of reasons. Education is important to me because in society I think educated people are always a lot more pleasing to be around. It is also extremely valuable in my opinion to know things that maybe others do not that could be useful in day to day life and I especially want to expand my knowledge for my own personal gain of simply being intelligent.

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I love to study and read even on my days off of school, I feel this helps me with my formal education at college. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power. Being knowledgeable is also a gateway to passing on knowledge to others whether it be colleges, children or just strangers that spark a conversation with you in day to day life.

Furthermore, a huge goal of mine is to have a beautiful happy family. Of course, I can not do this until I am done with school and pursuing a good career! This can also tie along with money. Without a decent paying job, supporting and keeping a family happy would not be easily achievable. I will need to make good money to put food on our table, bring us on vacations, throw good birthday parties for my kids, live in a nice house etc. When I have a family, I want to be a good role model and I want my kids to look up to me and hopefully feel inspired to pursue an education of their own to accomplish their own dreams and live a good life themselves.

Lastly, the career I plan on pursuing has been something I have been extremely passionate about for as long back as I can remember. I want to study aerospace engineering and astronomy to pursue a career at NASA and study Mars. I have been fascinated with space since as far back as my eyes can remember. I remember when I was little always having questions about the moon and stars in the sky, always curious about which constellation is which and what it meant. To achieve a career at NASA it requires that I extensively further my education.

While there is no wrong answer to why one might be furthering their knowledge and getting an education, I think mine is different from the averages reasons to pursue a degree. I am interested in becoming educated and expanding my knowledge, I plan on having a loving family as soon as possible and I am extremely passionate about the degree I am going for. Further education is not something my family has pursued but I am passionate about it and i plan to expand my knowledge deeply and for as long as possible. One of the biggest goals in my life is to become knowledgeable and educated to the furthest degree possible.

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