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When it comes down to the main purpose of hiring new employees, all the effort is made on evaluating the KSAOs of the applicants. Knowledge, skills, abilities, and other factors are the key performing characteristics of the worker. Do you have the knowledge to use all the utensils and kitchen appliances to run a kitchen? For hosts and hostesses, can they organize the customers to the right tables? For waiters and waitresses, can they organize the tables they oversee? Anyone considered being hired as a waiter/waitress must have proper customer service techniques. Most of their work is communicating the orders between the customer and the kitchen staff. Then they must train on how to properly carry out for tables. Balancing food and drinks for the customers, as well as being attentive to your tables. An attentive eye on the tables your waiting gives consistent communication and reassurance they are being taken care of when being serviced by our restaurant. The key characteristic to look for when hiring for a waiter/waitress is their communication ability. The most important task for the candidate to have is the ability to speak clearly, express concern for their tables and keep a consistent updates between you and your kitchen staff.

Candidates applying to be cooks must have prior skills when running a kitchen. There are more hazardous conditions that are at risk in the kitchen, then in any other location in the restaurant. Which is why more importance is placed on knowledge and skills when applying to be a cook. The main key characteristic for cooks is coordination between which actions on the kitchen floor need more attention than the other. Monitoring the situation, you’re in and the time differential between cooking different foods at the same time for multiple tables. Anyone can take their time and create wonderful dishes that can equal if not exceed typical restaurant quality. The more successful restaurants are found to have the most organized kitchens. Every dish is made at the highest quality and is organized correctly to serve multiple customers.

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When searching for new talent for my business as HR I will make it my responsibility to oversee the process. When conducting interviews, I will be present as well as the general manager of the restaurant. I will use any resource available to let the local public know that my business is looking for new hires. My job posts will vary from newspaper to community center billboards. I will also use any online resource available via: (Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, Facebook, etc.), with more emphasis placed on online recruitment. Newspaper posts would attract the local community attracting regular occurring customers to your business, also attracting more experienced applicants who would have worked at a restaurant before. Though more people are online looking for jobs then they would be from a newspaper advertisement. As technology advanced so did the standard of searching for a job.

After advertising that my business is hiring applicants, I would make those hiring for a waiter/waitress position to take an employee personality test. I have researched a few tests online and the one that impressed me was the CSAP or (Customer Service Aptitude Profile). This specific test when taken measures your personality traits that are important for customer service positions. Waiters/Waitresses are the people who will make the most contact with customers throughout the dining experience. Which is why throughout the interview an emphasis must be made on the manner and appearance of each applicant. A well-dressed applicant shows honor and respect for himself and the business he/she is applying for.

Some examples of questions I’ll ask would be:

  1. Can you name a specific incident that occurred at your last job where a customer came to you with a complaint and how you solved the problem for them?
  2. Can you explain a bad dining experience, what went wrong? How could they have improved/corrected that experience for you?
  3. If I was a customer stuck between two choices, explain how you would help me decide?
  4. How would you deflate a customer upset about his order?
  5. When taking an order, how do you stay organized between multiple tables?
  6.  If you catch a co-worker stealing any item, what would you do/ how would you handle that situation?
  7. At your last job what were some positives and negatives when working there? Any improvements you think they could’ve made?

Some questions to stay away from is any questions that approaches them in a personal matter. No question should be asked that points out to their gender, race, age, marital status, or sexual orientation. Never question anyone’s life plans as it becomes too personal to inquire. Questions should have a focus on the candidates’ skills and mannerisms. The goal is to find the best quality workers, questions should be on work ethic not poking at their personal lives.

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