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The Italy Angry Immigration

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    ‘Italy tormented, Italy confused, Italy angry, Italy disappointed, Italy mocked and targeted, betrayed by spellcasters who, as if they were virtues, proclaimed ‘promises as a sailor’ never kept. Italy divided in half because there are those who hope and trust and those who, instead, distrust and get angry when they hear lies uttered only to increase consensus. Will it be ingenuity? Sometimes it’s, but, very often, trust is only a consequence of the hope that is placed in some individuals who, through the art of knowing how to speak, know how to ‘catch’ the purer consciences of citizens and, therefore, of those who have rights to go to the vote. A very delicate issue is that linked to immigration, which, today more than ever, has become extremely topical and which sees in the front line, among the Italian political trenches, Matteo Salvini who wants to send everyone back to his country of origin.

    Humanity is a value that must be taken into account and must never be set aside. It’s useful to reiterate that what differentiates us, certainly, isn’t the color of the skin; but, the way we think and see things (even for how we want to see and / or understand them). Italians aren’t racist, they know what immigration is because, back in the day, we Italians too had to abandon everything to look for something stable and lasting, in order to create a future. By now, in this context, it isn’t permissible to speak again of hatred due to the color of the skin, but rather to that which someone wants to inculcate through fears and phobias. The benevolence, the love, the warmth of those close to you, the altruism, nobody can deny all this. Even the latest episode of Italian news sees, as guilty, some immigrants who abused a girl.

    Salvini appears on the scene of the ‘crime’ and is challenged, as if he took advantage of these vicissitudes to give substance to his ‘electoral campaign’ and instil fear to the citizens, trying, in this way, to bring the Italians towards its political orientation and at the same time, deviating from all the others. Phobias are born for valid reasons and, in the context mentioned above, I think it’s quite clear. In this way, answers are obtained, but is this really the right way to act? In any case, each of us has a conscience that allows him to understand and understand what’s right and what isn’t, for this reason it would be useful to share thoughts, talk about it and look for a solution. A handful by the EU would also be welcome; since Italy, although its geographical position reveals the fact of being able to welcome immigrants, on the other hand doesn’t have huge resources that allow it to meet and meet all the needs of every single non-EU citizen. Furthermore, at a time when they re-emerge’.

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