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The Kung, Shoshone, And Mbuti Tribes: Hunting And

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Gathering SocietiesThe Kung, Shoshone, and Mbuti Tribes: Hunting and Gathering SocietiesAs in many societies different groups of people are connected by similartraits. People of hunting and gathering societies also share similar qualities.

Although the Kung, Shoshone, and Mbuti live in unique environments they stillshare numerous common characteristics because of there life styles.

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The Kung, Shoshone, And Mbuti Tribes: Hunting And
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The Kung San and Shoshone make critical decisions in similar ways. Thepeople of the Shoshone and Kung are much like a modern community in that theylive together but for the most part live separate lives.

They come together tohunt, like we to work, but when the hunt is over they get paid, in the form ofmeat, and go home to their families. If they should choose to any group mayleave the whole at anytime. The Mbuti choose to live as a whole. They act asone family. All decisions are made by the community as a whole. If the groupcannot reach consensus on a problem then the group may split for that time butwill rejoin once the projects are completed.

Unlike the Kung and Shoshone theMbuti stay together, for the most part, throughout the year and do not diffusewhen supplies become more plentiful.

The two most important things a person needs is food and water. Manydifferent foods are consumed by the Mbuti. There diet consists of meats, fruits,berries, roots, fungus and insects. The Mbuti’s food supply is always plentiful,this is due to the habitat they live in and the small number of people livingoff of any given area. The Shoshone on the other hand live more like ascavengers because of their environment. Meat is rare, they tend to live offthe plant life in the forest. A large portion of the Shoshone’s diet is plantlife. The Kung have a fairly balanced diet of plants and animals but water is alimited resource. For the Kung the reason for moving is to stay where the wateris. In the dry season the Kung will all live in close quarters near thepermanent water holes. But as the rainy season comes they will be able tospread throughout the region.

Foraging societies share three major traits. All of these societies sharethe work that must be done in the camp. They all live in camps, meaning theynever stay in an area for an extended amount of time. The Kung come back to thesame places but they don’t stay there for very long periods of time. Finally,the people of these groups do not echo technologically driven societies, ratherthey depend upon the land and it’s many attributes.

Although these societies have many differences they are connected by acommon trait. They are able to live off of themselves and the land. They donot need to trade with anyone for what they need. Foraging societies are theonly people alive that are truly independent.

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