The life story of Joseph

What would you think is the best thing in that story?

            The life story of Joseph speaks about love and hatred among siblings; thus showing forgiveness, too, to the ones who incur pains and troubles in your life. This is a common scenario up to now where siblings wrestle for parents’ affection. In Joseph’s life story, it shows that his father (Jacob) gives him more favor compared to his other siblings because he is an obedient child and this causes trouble and builds up hatred within the hearts of his brothers. Jealousy and hatred bring Joseph’s brothers to make an evil plan; a plan that would harm their younger brother, Joseph. Now, the best thing in this story is that Joseph releases forgiveness to his brothers in spite of what they do to Joseph. Joseph never counts their wrong doings against them but instead opens his heart and show mercy when his brothers are in need.

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What is the strangest thing in that story?

            The strangest thing in this story is how come his brothers have a nerve to sell him to merchants and make his father believe that his dearest child has been attacked by animals.
What is the benefit you can get it from that story?

            There are a lot of things we can get from this story. Personally, I realized that releasing forgiveness to those who have caused us pains is a great relief within ourselves. It gives inner peace and restores relationship as what shown in Joseph’s story. If Joseph retaliates and revenges his brothers, there will be no restoration amongst brothers’ relationship that would eventually lead his life miserable. It is also the same thing to us, if we keep grudges and nurses hatred in our hearts, there will be no peace at all within ourselves. Joseph’s faith in God makes him obedient in spite of the fact that he faces a lot of difficulties that we can never imagine that would happen to us. It only shows that God will give us courage and strength to face the hardships in life.

            In addition, I believe that in everything that happens to Joseph’s life has a purpose and that is God has arranged it for a divine purpose. God allows things to happen to prepare Joseph for greater things in life that no one could ever expect even his brothers that are very surprised to learn that the governor they are talking to is their brother Joseph. It is also the same to us, God has a divine purpose. We may not understand it for a moment but in due time, God will reveal why he allows those things to happen in our lives. We can never fathom God’s ways as his ways are not our ways nor his thoughts are not our thoughts.  What we need to do is to obey him, just like Joseph, because obedience brings blessings but disobedience will lead us to destructions.

What is your opinion about JOSEPH brothers?

            Joseph’s brothers are totally lost and blinded by their ill feelings toward their younger brother Joseph. They think negatively because their hatred has choked and pushed them to do evil. They need deliverance and a Savior that would melt and mend their hardened hearts.
Talk about the relationship between JOSEPH and Pharaoh?

            Because of Joseph’s gift of interpretation, a gift which he can interpret dreams, the pharaoh gives him favor. Their first encounter is when Joseph interprets the Pharaoh’s dreams which there will be years of abundance and consecutive years of famine. Since then, Joseph and Pharaoh have a great relationship as Pharaoh has entrusted Joseph to manage ¾ of his kingdom. He sees Joseph’s ability and faithfulness that gains his trust.

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