The main aim of HR planning

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The HR planning is one of the basic tasks to be performed in any organization before start of business. The main aim of HR planning is to provide long term and the best human resource needed by an organization to achieve its goals and targets. Besides the planning it also involves development of HR for the purpose of career growth. It comprises forecasting future needs for employees of various types, comparing these needs with the present workforce and determining quantity and quality of employees to be recruited.

I work in a small size commercial bank and in my organization the HR planning is performed at the top management level which includes HR Head the Chief Executive in consultation with Segment Heads. The Planning functions are performed by HR in the following area for which advanced preparation is done to keep things moving smoothly and to avoid chaos and in our organization:- Recruitment and staffing The HR department together with the group heads keeps on assessing the personnel requirements for the present and future needs of the company.

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They tend to fill in the positions preferably from in house if there emerges any job in any department. The planning of HR also involves of what is future needs of the company segment wise and area wise around the country. The recruitment also checks the cost of employees to be borne by the company and market value of employees presently working in the company as well as in hiring. The HR also plans to fill in the new jobs from the present staff available in the organization for their promotion, up gradation and to check the interest of staff in their present jobs.

Training and Development After recruitment the main task is to train the staff according to the job needs and for this purpose we have in house training department. The training also includes the continuous job related as well as general training of the staff. External agencies as well as experts are engaged for the staff training sessions. Training also includes motivational and recretionary sessions to fresh up employees and to motivate them. Payroll One of the major tasks performed by the HR is payroll for which a group of staff is dedicated with software support system.

Tax calculations are made at the start of year and are updated every quarter to check any changes. Compensation and benefit In order to pay employees for the benefits as per HR policy and job entitlements the insurance companies are hired in advance and their contracts and policies are checked in advance and renewed before expiries of term to keep the payments moving throughout the year. Besides a manager for this purpose is available to address the complaints of staff. Performance appraisal Once a year the performance appraisals are being conducted based on specially designed formats for performance appraisals.

This enables the higher management to look in the weaker side of employees and to assess where the training is needed. This helps to boost the morale of hardworking staff and to address the weak staff needs. Rewards HR planning includes the suggestions to the highest management for the procedure of giving staff rewards and prizes performance based or on other events. Organizational Development One of the major roles of HR is the overall development of the staff as well as of the company. In our case the HR has not played any significant role in this regards, however the top management occasionally takes steps for the development.

Employees safety Health and Development Difference between the HR planning of my organization and a well run Organization Although the HR planning in our Bank is quite reasonable and is based on scientific studies yet the major difference in the HR planning of my organization and a very well run organization is the planning and thinking to retain the staff and to think as an asset of the organization. In our organization the HR planning is more focused on benefits to the organization and less inclined to protect the staff and their career development.

However, the organizations which have long standing history or those who tend to strengthen their base always make equilibrium between organizational development and human development and consider the staff as their assets. Besides, our organization is considered as a smaller unit as compared to other banks and financial institutions thus a fear factor of stability of the organization always prevails among the staff. HR has failed to motivate and retain the staff. Thus the turnover is quite high as compared to other financial institutions.


My suggestion for the HR management planning is to put more focus on employees for their career development instead of focus on their training for the betterment of organization only. There needs to be continuous communication system among various levels of employees to make a strong sense of team. The above steps will make the staff motivated with their loyalties bend toward the organizations. Along with above the recognition of brand name of the institution and it development of its good image in the financial market in order to make the employees feel inspired and motivated for their organization.

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