My Aim In Life Is Serve My Country

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The author believes that everyone should strive to make their country a great place, and their personal goal is to serve Pakistan as an engineer. They have a keen interest in engineering and want to become successful in this field to improve the lives of people all around the world by creating better, safer methods of engineering. The author’s aim is not wealth or fame, but to use their education to help others and make a positive impact on society.

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Different people have different aims in life. Some aim at wealth, some at power, some at fame, some at business and some at education and knowledge. My aim is neither wealth nor fame. I wish to serve by country with best of my talent. I love Pakistan and I really believe that everybody should think to make it a really great country. I want to become an engineer. It is a noble profession. This is my personal choice. My parents have not compelled me to select it. I wish to become a very successful engineer in future. So I am studying hard to achieve my target. I have keen interest in engineering line, so I do not feel any trouble in studying at all. After obtaining the engineering degree, I plan to work in Pakistan where there is much shortage of engineers. My father is well off man and I do not have any financial problem. I do not have the lust of money.

Engineers work very hard to solve problems in order to produce better working products and processes. The reason that I want to become an engineer is so that I can improve the lives of people all around the world by making life safer. My goal is to become educated by going to an institution for higher learning in order to improve the safety of others. By creating better methods of engineering, we as a society can become a safer place. I would like to use my education in order to help the well being of others. we as a society can do things to help. My claim is to fame that they have the most advanced technologies and up to date culture in the entire world. The authenticity of their image as a superior society just goes to show how even the best of the best are susceptible to the worst of circumstances.This is my aim of life.

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