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The Meaning of Sure Thing by David Ives

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  • Pages 2
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    The Meaning of Sure Thing by David Ives

                Sure thing by David Ives is a short play about Bill and Betty meeting in a café. Their meeting is constantly being reset by a ring of a bell. It is one of the most unique piece of literature that I have ever read.

                It has been said, time and again that the meaning of literature (in whatever form) is judged by the readers. The author may have intended for his work to mean something but when he sells it to the public, it is subject to different interpretations. For me, the meaning of Sure Thing is the infinite number of possibilities that can happen at any given moment. The title is a paradox, nothing in this world is really a “sure thing.” Uncertainty is the only certain thing. This is clearly shown in the play, in the span of the play, Bill and Betty met for the first time for a lot of times, kind of like the movie 50 First Dates. What Ives is trying to say is, Bill and Betty could only meet once but how they end up is anybody’s guess.

    The connection of the two depends on a barrage (maybe infinite) number of reasons, their mood, civil status, similarities, differences…anything. It isn’t a one way thing, the connection of Bill and Betty does not depend solely on the answers of Bill, there were situations in the play that it was Bill who turned down Betty and gave answers that would drive her away. Another message that Ives might be conveying in his play is timing is a major factor for people’s relationship, not only does a person have to play the cards right, people should also play their best cards at the right time. A popular phrase is similar to Ive’s probable message: “Right place at the right time.” I think Ives also answered the argument about luck. There really is such a thing.

                After a variety of possible (even weird) scenarios between Bill and Betty, Ives spared the audience from a hanging ending. He decided that despite the odds, there is still a chance, even between two different people, to have some sort of connection. In the case of Bill and Betty,  seemingly, were already exchanging bows in the end. This could be another meaning of the play, despite differences, a resolution in the end is still possible.

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