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of the museum and its collection of humanity’s unsuccessful endeavors. The narrator spends a day in the museum and observes the meaningless actions of humans. The museum’s purpose is to display these futile attempts, but even cataloging them seems impossible. Virginia, one of the characters, becomes obsessed with the museum’s exhibits, believing them to be meaningful. However, the narrator points out the absurdity of this belief. The museum represents humanity’s arrested development on human failures and bad lucks, which lead to uselessness instead of accomplishments. The story is set after a devastating war, and the museum serves as a reminder of humanity’s mistakes.

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In the short narrative.

“The Museum of Vain Endeavors. ” the writer sardonically points out humanity’s arrested development on human failures. Besides. he suggests that bad lucks instead than paying testimonial to successes and accomplishments.

Humanity’s arrested development on human failures is based on one’s seeking to something with the best of purposes. but is truly nonmeaningful. In the beginning of the narrative. a adult male as a storyteller shows how much he is engaged in passing a whole twenty-four hours in the museum and analyzing man’s undistinguished enterprises.

1s all in vain. That’s why the museum is a conceited enterprise in itself. for illustration.Virginia stating.

“I’m tired of all this coming and traveling. ” “We’ll ne’er get it all classified. They’re merely full of Vain Endeavors. ( pg.

27 ) ” One is unable to accomplish cataloging all the vain enterprises. Besides. Virginia goes from nil from nil in her publicities. an semblance that her actions are meaningful even though they are nonmeaningful.

What people believe. including the museum sees as its intent. is mostly absurd enterprises.How serious people can be in their enterprises but can’t see the worlds of it all.

Virginia becomes chesty in her earnestness. For illustration. the quotation mark “I tried ask foring her to come for a walk…she’ll merely talked to me within the Grey. dust-covered walls of the museum.

( pg. 27 ) ” reveals with an sarcasm which refers that people take some purposes earnestly. but don’t know Ho to cover with them. Human’s mishaps explicate that people try to happen their intents and significances.

but ends with nonmeaningful things.The museum of vain enterprises extends to museum itself. people. and Virginia to believe meaningfulness earnestly.

but conclude with uselessness. So. it implies that humanity’s arrested development on human failures and bad lucks which doesn’t lead to accomplishments.The narrative sets after the entire devastation of a war with a quotation mark.

“They were the cicatrixs of mammoth bombs. ” And. there are last four subsisters in the universe after a incubus. These are the significance

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