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The Organization We’ve Come to Know as the “Nazis”

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In a time of peace and prosperity one of the most brutal organisations ever known to man was formed. An organisation made up of murders, theives, and rapists. The organization we’ve come to know as the “Nazis”.

On January 2,1919, two men by the names of Karl Harrer and Anton Drexler founded a group called the “German Workers’ Party”. It started out as nothing more than a few blue collar workers getting together to gripe about the government. Anton Drexler was described by Robert Leckie in his book delivered from evil as a toolmaker in the munich railyard a working man.

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The Organization We’ve Come to Know as the “Nazis”
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He was a tall, spare man, as undistinguished as his dab of mustache and rimless glasses.(38) But this harmless simple group was about to take a turn for the worse. On september 19,leured by the possibility to make hisself known, Adolf Hitler joined the german workers’ party. Moving quick Hitler soon became the public speaker for the party. With obtaining this position Hitler could finaly let the people hear his views.

When he outlined the parties platform he put the german workers’ party in a positon to become a political power in germany and capitalizing on this oppertunaty they changed their names from german workers’ party to the National Socalist German workers’ party, which would soon become known as the Nazi party.(lace 9)Nothing more was heard from germanys Nazi party for another three years untill the morning of november 8, 1923, when a column of three thousand Nazis marched toward Munich’s central plaza. Arm-in-arm infront were Ludendorff, Goring, Hitler, and max von scheubner-Richter the four leaders of the Nazi party. At the odenplatz they found their way barred by a hundredd police armed with bayonets fixed to their rifles. As the two forces were about to come together, a shot rang out no one could tell from which side. In an instant there were volleys of gunfire from both directions. Goring fell, shot in the thigh, scheubner-richter was fatally wounded and, in falling, dragged Hitler to the pavement and separated his shoulder. Nineteen Nazis were killed and dozens were wounded. Only lundendorff continued to march forward and was arrested on the spot. The so-called “Beer Hall Putsch” had failed. Two days later Hitler was arrested. Goring and Hess fled to Austria. Rohm and the other top Nazis were rounded up and arrested. The party was declared banned by the government. to all apperances the Nazi party and the career of Adolf Hitler were at an end. Infact, they had barely begun.(lace 37)After Hitlers trial he spent a year in prison. And while he was in prison he made the statement that once he was released from prison, his mission was to rebuild the Nazi party into an organization that would take power legally.(lace 43) And rebuild is what hitler did. By the end of 1928 there were more than 100,000 members. Steadily the Nazis became more visible throughout germany and yet with germany sharing in world prosperity the growth of the nazi party was slow.

Hitlers strongest asset was his ability to formulate the aims of his movement so generally and yet in such diversity that there appered to be something in his program at some time, for nearlly every german.(black 56) And with Hitler rising to fame the arms cheifs gradually realised that the strength of the nazi party was such that Hitler was the only possible successsor to Hindenburg as the head of the german nation. So on january 30,1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor of the german government.

once appointed chancellor Hitlers plans and actions would lead to the beginning of WWII and the Holocaust. When Hitler gained control of germany, germany and the soveit union where the major powers in europe. and if Hitler had been a little more patention he could have fullfilled his dreams of ruling the world. Hitlers decision to attack the soviet union would lead to his defeat. On April 29, 1945, with the allied forces closing in on his bunker, Hitler decided to take his on life and with a pistol shot to the head he did. in suit all of hitlers closset compainains followed. Goring dided at his on hand to demonstrate that he was still the master of his destiny.(manvell 7). while undergoing an examination by a british medical officer himmler bit down on a vile of potassium cyanide, that he keep between his teeth, he died twelve minutes later.(rice 37)the biggest changes occurred in germany since Hitler was not displaced by hi army or his people. The surrender of germany and the collapse of nazism occurred simultaneosly.(calvoressi 555)Winston churchill put it the best when he said, “As facism sprang from communism, so nazism developed from fascism. Thus were set on foot those kindred movements which were destined to set the world in even more hideous strife.(34)So you see for the world to be able to keep another group such as the nazis from surfaceing again, one must ask who should of stoped Hitler. Better yet who could have stoped the “Nazis”.

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