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The Patriot: The American Revolution



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    The American Revolution was a big part of the American history. The movie, The Patriot, was the impact of the American Revolutionary war on one family is examined in this film chock-full of battle re-enactments and excellent period scenery.

    The movie lets us examine closely at South Carolina militia group composed of American misfits. They are led by a reluctant warrior named Benjamin Martin, a seasoned veteran of the earlier French and Indian War. He still regrets his participation in his uncontrolled savagery that occurred back then.

    Benjamin Martin turns out to be an exceptional warrior; when he retaliates for the murder of his young son by a British Colonial William Tavington. Tavington believes in war without limits and will kill any American, regardless of age, when it suits his purpose.

    In the movie, The Patriot, it shows us warfare, 1700’s style. When neat columns of men stood face to face and blasted away at each other with hand held canons called muskets. If when they couldn’t get a shot off, they hacked away at each other with swords and bayonets for good measure.

    Americans quickly discovered that face to face compact with the most powerful army in the world. Fighting in an open field was not a good idea at all. They resorted to quick hit and run attacks by home-grown bands of militiamen who knew every nook and cranny of the land were fighting on, which of course was their own. They were quite effective at harassing the British and evening sending them on exhausting wild goose chases.

    When we read about the American Revolution in history class; it says that the American fought hard and brave with British. In the movie, The Patriot, it shows us an excellent first hand view of the Americans fighting with heart, shedding blood, and giving it all they got to defeat the British and to gain their independence from them.

    Toward the end of the movie, we see the victorious victory of the American Colonies. This was an amazing event; who ever thought that the militia from some thirteen colonies would be able to defeat the most powerful army in the world at that time. In our textbook it tells us that British weren’t so brilliant on where or how to travel. In the movie, it shows us that the militia uses special tactics that helps them defeat the British.

    At the end of the movie, we see that the French helping us. What we don’t see is that the French does helps a lot more. They were shipping helpful material like guns, foods, or other useful material. In fact the French starts getting more involve as the war starts to favor the American Colonies. Even throughout history; the French and the Italians are always on the side of the ones who are winning. They are also willing it change sides when it is convenient to them.

    Although, it is fascinating to read about the American Revolution, it’s also amazing to be to go in specific detail. The movie, The Patriot, gives us the opportunity to watch closely on how the Americans lived, struggled, and fought against the British. It gives us a firsthand view that eventually leads to the victory of the American Colonies.

    This movie was fairly accurate. The film does help me better understand the American Revolution. The Movie could improve if the movie wasn’t just focus on one family. It would be able to go into more detail. I would rate this movie three flags. I would recommend this movie to others.

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